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  1. golfgtiedition30

    Thread [Q] First thing you would do after unlocking

    I'm going to unlock the bootloader. My question is what would be the first thing you would change after the process.... I'm thinking unlock Flash custom kernal Flash CM What was the first thing you guys did? Sent from my Zed
  2. golfgtiedition30

    Thread Unfortunately settings have stopped

    I just flashed a theme zip file from themes and apps section . The phone boots but when I enter into settings I get the error unfortunately settings have stopped. Not sure if I should maybe wipe cache or something? I'm running Monxdified rom and don't fancy doing a fresh install. Any help with...
  3. golfgtiedition30

    Thread XZ...T-mobile UK

    So I pick up my new XZ on saturday. The first thing I'm going to do is route this bad boy. I have read lots of info regarding the various methods used. My question is can the bootloader be unlocked on a T-mobile uk XZ??
  4. golfgtiedition30

    Thread How do I flash a rom in a .rar file

    Yes Iv'e used the search button but I still can't find an exact answer. I would like to flash another rom > but it's contained in a .rar file and not a .zip file. How the hell can I use this file and flash it?? Ant help is appreciated.