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  1. ultimatepichu

    Thread Weird sound when shaking your Mi 10 Ultra

    Has anyone tried to shake their Mi 10 Ultra shaking in left-right direction? I can hear some "ball" stuffs hitting edges. Something like "liquid paper correction pen" sound when you shake it. I didn't notice this until now. Is it okay?
  2. ultimatepichu

    Thread Mi 10 Ultra and Mi 20W Wireless Car Charger

    In my case the phone is not charging wirelessly. Anyone has the same issue? EDIT: Nvm found the solution. Apparently the coil is slightly off from the car charger position. Just need to insert the phone from top and it will have contact. 20W charging.
  3. ultimatepichu

    Thread GPS Issue on the 3XL

    Hi guys, I need help with the GPS on my Pixel3XL. Since first Android 10 (and even in Q betas) I observed issue but I mostly ignored it. Then I realized it messed up my location history so I'm posting here so that anyone can help me before I try reach out to google. The situation is: If I am...
  4. ultimatepichu

    Thread GT-19228 = SGNote?

    NVM delete this. How careless i am.
  5. ultimatepichu

    Thread [Q] Desire S USB Brick

    Hi all, I have a friend and he came to me with a problem with his "Desire S" that I assume as "USB Brick". Here's the symptoms: When I plugged into any computer, the phone doesn't come out with options about Disk Drive, HTC Sync, USB Teethering, nor Internet Pass-through, but just charge only...
  6. ultimatepichu

    Thread [Q] ES File Explorer + Sandisk 32Gb

    hi all DHD users, Just got myself a Sandisk 32Gb sdcard. I notice that ES Explorer is not working if I enable the root options in Settings. I see a folder without name. I cannot access it, nor I can do anything about it. I notice that once I disable the root options I can see my files again...
  7. ultimatepichu

    Thread [Q] what files to keep/removed?

    Hi people, attached is the list of files in my sdcard of my DHD. And since I'm new to Android, I don't want to mess things around. So my question is, which of the files can be deleted? And which of the files must present if I were to change to another bigger sdcard? I'm sorry if this question...
  8. ultimatepichu

    Thread typing Chinese in WWE Roms?

    Hi all, I've been digging in xda-developers for some time for a software to input Chinese characters, let it be in SMS, or even composing emails in WWE rom. So far I learned that Droid can only read but cannot write. this link here is...
  9. ultimatepichu

    Thread Applications and Software for Dutty V3

    Yea, as the title suggested, I'm looking for nice applications that Dutty v3 can support. Anyone has any list or if possible screenshots with the links to the cab/zip/whatever, please attach it as well. This is kinda troublesome because I noticed some programs are not working in Dutty's rom and...
  10. ultimatepichu

    Thread Synchronising contacts

    I just want to know where my contacts are stored in my PC, and in my HD. I wanted to try Dutty's Extreme v2.3 And another extra question: Anyone can let me know how to install Dutty's? Cuz I dun really find any sites providing steps for it. I'm new to HD btw.