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    Thread Help needed with android studio project.

    i am trying to develop android chat app. i am getting this weird error. can anyone help me? i have attached video file to explain my error. please have a look at it.
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    Thread Superuser mod

    Can anyone please provide me superuser mod flashable zip.. I am in great need of that. Sent from my C6802 using xda premium
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    Thread help....!!!

    hey people i today noticed that my z ultras usb flaps rubber has been teared off due to which the usb flap is opened all the time and coz of this my phone is no more waterproof...!!! Please help me...!!! What should i do?????? Sent from my c6802 using xda premium
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    Thread [help] sudden death issue.

    I am using xperia z ultra with. 510 latest firmware i am facing a serious issue my phone screen is switchin off and then it is not oning there is black screen backlight is on but nothing appears i have to reset phone by pressing 3 buttons simultaneously . (i.e volume up., volume down and power...
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    Thread How to root xperia z ultra???

    I have xperia z ultra c6082 i want to root to backup its DRM keys. Can anyone please guide me? It is on latest firmware.(. 510) Please help me. Sent from my C6802 using xda premium
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    Thread [ROM][A110][24/6/13]XR650 V14 Gaming Rom|PERFORMACE BEAST|Smooth UI

    BEST GAMING ROM IN XDA. GUARANTEED AWESOME EXPERIENCE. This is my first rom for our Micromax A110. Please give it a try.Please all spare me if any problem is there as this is my first rom.I will try my best to solve your issues. STABLE AND BUGLESS. PERFORMANCE + LOOKS BEST AUDIO...