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    Thread [Android 2.2+] Wordstack! (I heard you like word games...)

    A nice casual word game to challenge your brain, feel free to try it out! Screenshots: Links: Free version: Full version:
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    Thread Say hello to Jetpack, a better app drawer [Updated!]

    My first Android app, mostly to fix a lack of vertical launchers in the Market. I'd love to know what you think of it! JetPack is an app launcher that is scrollable like Contacts: slide to the right letter and pick your app! Simple, efficient and much easier to read than a grid layout...
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    Thread Let's slow down on forum games, alright?

    Could we please stop posting forum games? We already have a bunch and it would be cool to have actual discussion on that board.
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    Thread I need your help (no effort needed :D)

    Hello! I'm working on a website for cooks to submit and host their ROMs. It's fully powered by PHP/MySQL and can handle submissions with little maintenance. Now I need a list of Windows Mobile devices so I can fill the "target device" dropdown menu. Please help me by just posting a few...
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    Thread Need opinions from MyTouch 3G switchers!

    So, how is the Nexus One compared to the MyTouch 3G? I absolutely loved Android over any phone, but the slow MT3G killed the fun and I decided to get a 3GS. How fast is it compared to it? Is the browser faster?
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    Thread How do I erase all data on a MT3G w/ CyanogenMod?

    I just sold the phone and need to erase all data while keeping CyanogenMod
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    Thread Finally, an ORGANIZED place for cooks to put their ROMs

    I am working on a website where XDA cooks along with others can post their custom ROMs. I always tought this site is a disorganised mess if you are a newcomer. I built this solution from scratch and it's fully dynamic (PHP+MySQL). I'm almost done with the basics (registering, submitting...
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    Thread What grinds your gears?

    Let some steam off and tell us what makes you go crazy. That buzzing sound speakers make when someone calls you or when you receive a text message. Cars that jump right in front of you then accelerate slooooooowly when you arrive at 90 km/h
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    Thread Rogers cuts data to Dream users that won't update. What about my imported myTouch 3G?

    I got a text message from Rogers talking about a 911 problem, like other Magic users. However, I have a MyTouch 3G with CM, so I'm not concerned by this cluster****. Will my data be cut? I'd like to know if there are other MyTouch 3G users on Rogers
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    Thread What website would you like to see exist?

    I am looking for a web development project to refine my skills. I'm short on ideas after completing the surprisingly unpopular yet unbelievably useful I will work only on anything useful to many people that can at the very least earn 15$ a year for the domain name. No need to monetize...
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    Thread Need to activate MyTouch 3g on Rogers (I used the search button)

    There is absolutely no way I can get a SIM card with data and I need to have my 300$ flashlight go past the Android activation screens. What are my options? I'm growing desperate here! (P.S: What the f*** Google?)
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    Thread Unlocked stock MyTouch 3G on Rogers: "ROGERS - No service"

    The problem is in the description. The phone boots, sees my SIM card and recognize it is with Rogers, but I get a No service warning. I'm new to Android, so here is what the bootloader screen says: I got the phone from eBay. Could it be that it is not unlocked as claimed by the seller?
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    Thread Getting a MyTouch (32b) in 30 minutes, need advice!

    I'm getting it in a few minutes at the post office and I'd like some quick advice... FIRST STEPS What should I do in order after the unboxing? ROOTING Best way to do so? Tips and tricks? RECOMMENDED ROM Best stable ROM for an Treo + iPod Touch switcher? GAMES Picked my top software, a lot of...
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    Thread No job, bills keep coming in, need advice!

    Hello! I left my night shift job last month and still don't have a job. I'm actively looking for a job, but even then I won't make it to my first pay at this pace. Is there any way I could make a few bucks at least for gas in the meantime, just so I don't reach the negative balance?
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    Thread Android QWERTY phone?

    I bought a Magic (MyTouch 3G, actually) on eBay almost by accident. It's a great phone, but the lack of keys are problematic for emulation. What phone should I get that has a QWERTY keyboard? The Dream is cheap, but also ugly. If I can get a deal I won't mind, but I'd like something more...
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    Thread is online, rocks your socks

    I've made something you will like: It's simple, it's minimal and it's incredibly powerful. Click the help button to see everything this compact wonder has to offer. You can also add the plugin to Firefox and Internet Explorer for optimal usefulness. Any opinions? EDIT: Oh and it's...
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    Thread New to Android, did the search, need suggestions

    Hello! I bought a MyTouch 3G and I'm shopping for a new ROM. There are so many and I'm truly confused. What is the best Sense UI for the 32B and is it really worth it? This forum has always been a hard to use source of information, so I'm asking your help and I will write a guide in return :)
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    Thread The Kinda Late Gift Idea Help Thread (TKLGIHT)

    Need help finding a gift for that special Joe Schmoe? I know it can be tough at times, so here's a thread to help each other find the right gift. Here's a proposed layout as to keep the thread nice and easy to read: Budget: Person's description: As to know who we're dealing with Comments: To...
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    Thread Name this website, get 25 bucks. Simple!

    I made this, and I am stuck at naming it. It works absolutely great, but lacks a name and thus a domain. To get things going and move to something else, I'll give 25$ via Paypal to whoever names this one. Submit your idea here, via twitter (@n1c0_ds) or on my...
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    Thread What do you think of this homepage?

    I made this little something to refine my webdev skills and I would like to get some opinions and suggestions. It's mostly for myself, hence the missing IE features, but who here still uses it? It's basic, it's got rounded corners, and it works great! I also added important website shortcuts...
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    Thread Steering away from Windows Mobile...

    Hello. After over two years with WinMo, I've had it. I don't need to rant, because everyone knows what it would all be about. I figured out all I really use is the web, the horrible calendar and the tasks. All of these are buggy and generally suck. I'm in need of a replacement device that can...
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    Thread Send an SMS from my web browser?

    I know there are quite a few websites that allow you to send test messages froom the web, but have you people used any that really work? I'm affraid to have my girlfriend receive spam because of it.
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    Thread Need FTP hosting space?

    Hello! I realized most bandwidth on my server is left unused since I dropped the Gecko project. I only have a blog now and have plenty of bandwidth to share with those who wish to host their applications outside of XDA-Developers. What you get is a single page under or...
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    Thread Is the Diamond that bad?

    I own a Rogers Diamond since around christmas and I'm seriously fed up with it. I switcjed from an elfin expecting an improvement and what I got is the slowest, most unstable piece of crap I've owned. It freezes atevery opportunity, it's unbelievably slow even when loading the freakin programs...
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    Thread Working on my tricky Curriculum Vitae, any advice?

    As the holidays are over, they barely have any work left for me at my current job and I must start looking for another job to make some money for college. I've made a CV before, but it wasn't exactly a great one and I've gained lots of new experiences since then. I have some experience in...
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    Thread Post your favorite mobile websites/webapps

    There are so many mobile website nowadays. I'd love to know what mobile websites you are using. Simple rule to post: use the same formatting Website name, A small description to introduce people to the website. My personal favorite: Wapedia, The best Wikipedia for mobile devices. I'll use...
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    Thread Need help with PayPal

    Hello! Recently I moved and changed my Paypal account address. Since then I'm completely unable to buy anything over (5-40)$. They ask me to confirm my previously confirmed address with a credit card. I had already verified my address with my bank account earlier and I can confirm my bank was...
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    Thread What web host should I choose?

    Hello! I got some money for Christmas and I want to use it to buy myself some hosting. I wanted to pick HostGator or HostMonster but what I want to do with the space is against their policy. I need some server space to host all our family pictures with FTP access for everyone to upload their...
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    Thread Nevermind, close this thread

    Gecko Core 3.1 will appear at in the next hour.
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    Thread A few small questions about the Diamond

    I migrated from an Elfin to the Diamond and so far I love it but a few questions remain and I'd love to know an answer to them. Nothing too crazy, but it's hard to Google this kind of stuff. 1-When you don't use the GPS in an application, is it turned off? Does it take a lot of battery once I...
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    Thread [Q] The Rogers Diamond

    I am about to buy a Rogers Diamond. Having owned 2 different Windows Mobile phones from them, I know they probably managed to limit the heck out of their Diamond so I was wondering if anyone that has a Rogers Diamond could tell me (us?) if they decided to limit software installation, GPS...
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    Thread [FIX] HTC Audio Manager freezing at launch?

    For some reason, the HTC Audio Manager will not launch and will slow down your device to the point of requiring a reset. It sucks, it's annoying but fortunately there's a fix. Simply go to this folder: \Application Data\HTC\Audio Manager\ And delete ALL the files. You will lose your playlists...
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    Thread [APP] Confetti v.1.0

    When you have to sketch something quickly without the need for fancy features, this small application is fit for the task. All the application does is to display a full screen white page for you to draw on. The down button will erase the doodle and the center button will close the application...
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    Thread Getting Wikipedia on Windows Mobile (without an internet connection)

    I did quite a bit of research before starting this thread. I found many results, but most if not all of them were incredibly old. So here's my question: What is the best way to get Wikipedia to work on our Windows Mobile devices without an internet connection? I'd be ready to get a 16GB...
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    Thread From an HTC Touch to an iPhone?

    I bought a "brand new unlocked HTC Touch" on eBay and got a refurb Rogers HTC Touch. While it's the greatest WM phone I've used, I played with an iPod Touch a couple of times and fell in love with it. Since I'm getting a refund from the guy who sold it to me, I might trade it for an iPhone...
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    Thread [DEV] Gecko App Manager - Source now available!

    Gecko Installer Current status: Working on Beta 3.2 (more updates on The Gecko project now has a brand new website where you can see the latest developments, download the latest betas and vote on new features. Go to[/CENTER]
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    Thread Selling my TyTN...

    I (finally) received my Elfin and I LOVE it. I listed my TyTN on eBay and the starting price is 100$ (really low if you ask me!) and shipping is free for Canadians, 10$ for Americans. It's in perfect condition, really.
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    Thread Just received my Touch, I'm a bit confused...

    I just switched from a TyTN and while it's charging I'm downloading my applications again and backing up my TyTN's PIM. There's only one problem now: I'm a noob again! I got used to the Hermes tool (went through 3 TyTNs) but now everything is different. I don't need to change carrier, but I...
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    Thread [6/10/08] Tippy v.1.1 [Open Source] UPDATED!

    I made a little something for you! :) Tippy is a bill splitter and tip calculator for Windows Mobile. It was designed to work on all resolutions and to never require use of the stylus. I improved many things with v.1.1. Lots of bugs were fixed, UI was made easier to use and a big button SIP...
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    Thread Data plans with Rogers?

    I don't need mobile internet but I'd like to have a small data plan when I'm on the go. I have Wi-Fi at home but I would love to get weather, Gmail, Hotmail and Wapedia (wikipedia mobile, try it!) when I need it without having to worry about breaking the limit. I'm a student and I don't earn a...
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    Thread Bought a phone on eBay, still havn't received it... (need advice)

    Payment was completed on August 30, shipping label was apparently printed on September 10 (according to tracking number) and I still havn't received it. This is the item, I live in Quebec, Canada. My tracking number says this: It has been 26 working days since the payment was completed and 17...
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    Thread Selling my Hermes/TyTN on eBay and need your advice

    Before I list it, I want to make it look like the nicest phone on the market. I already unlocked it but now I'm looking for the best ROM to make it stand out of the crowd. I was thinking about Schap's but I don't know many ROMs. Can you guys give advice? Thanks in advance! -Nick
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    Thread Need help translating or want to help others?

    Since I don't speak Spanish or German but know French very well, I figured out a translation thread might be needed. I don't trust Google Translate enough but some XDA members might be useful. I have the following sentences I'd like to translate in German and Spanish. If someone is nice enough...
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    Thread Getting a hw6925, any software suggestions?

    I currently have a TyTN/Hermes and bought a cheap HP hw6925 (aka Sable) on eBay. Right now it's on its way so I'm gathering some apps for it. I didn't bother messing much with my TyTN (without a data plan it's only for PIM, games and late night internet browsing, sadly) Since it has a square...
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    Thread Fun and random facts

    I'm working on a Windows Mobile version of Random Facts and I need you people to help me. Just show me some cool facts, tips and tidbits you know. :D
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    Thread [Q][REF]Popular 240x240 applications

    I didn't see any other thread for 240x240 apps so I decided to start a new one. I'm getting a square screen device soon and I'd like to help other owners to find software for their devices. Here's software that are supposed to work with square screens according to their developers or the...
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    Thread I got THIS! I suddenly went on a rush and decided I needed a new phone. I wanted either frontal keyboard and GPS or powerful and small. I love my TyTN, but it's big and I am not too fond of the slide out QWERTY. Any toughts?
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    Thread Is the Touch affected by the driver problems?

    I want to buy one, but is the touch affected by those driver issues that plague HTC devices? I tried to find info on the HTC Class Action website but this page is blank. (I signed, BTW)
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    Thread Could you suggest a device for me?

    I have been using a TyTN/Hermes with WM6 for a year now. As my warranty is ending, I'm thinking about switching to another device and letting this one on eBay while it's in good condition. I liked the TyTN but if I have to cope with a slide out keyboard I'd rather have no keyboard at all. I'd...
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    Thread Anything to do with BAD ESN phones?

    I accidentally made a generous bid on a 800w on eBay (I am stupid). While the phone is still really useful without the phone functions (GPS, Wi-Fi, frontal keyboard, better speed than TyTN), I was wondering if I could make it work with Rogers in Canada without having some undesirable people to...