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    Post Question worth the upgrade?

    Not worth the upgrade besides the camera. It is heavier and thicker. It is more like a downgrade if anything. No microsd, smaller display, same battery. Will wait for next year's
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    Thread Samsung might start putting ads into One UI

    You think this will happen? because those days will be the final days for Samsung.
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    Post Loose Camera Components?

    why are you typing like if you were actually speaking to him in person? "not trying to laugh" "deep breath" seriously lol
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    Post Not a bad phone but not great either.

    Stop living in the past and start keeping up with the program. Changes is always good.
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    Post ✦ —• Post your S20/S20+/S20U home screens • — ✦

    it is the red+ widgets for kwgt and redline icons pack
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    Post Green tint on dark background low brightness

    3/20 as in 3/2020. but to be more precise, it is March 12
  7. hello00

    Post Green tint on dark background low brightness

    Install phone info Samsung from the store. it will tell you exactly the manufacture date.
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    Post Autofocus camera fix update News (3/17/2020)

    unless he works for the software development department, he doesn't know anything.
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    Post Green tint on dark background low brightness

    When did you guys buy your s20u? there should be build date. Mine is 3/20. No issues. Bought my phone last week.
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    Post No PRO mode in 108 MP??

    This phone just came out. Give it some time dude
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    Post Anyone else having horrible GPS issues?

    I'm with tmo and sometimes I have these issues on my s10+. Tmo in Miami sucks. I'm also switching to at&t since they have better coverage in South Florida than Tmo.
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    Post RIP updates

    who keeps their flagship for more than 2 years?!
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    Post Bugs found in Oneui 2.0 Android 10 Beta

    facebook crashes after you open the app
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    Post Official Android 10 Download 975U T-Mobile USA 12-16-2019

    Are you guys using this in a daily basis? Do you have to factory reset? I'm on G975USQS2BSIX One UI 1.1
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    Post Buyers remorse?

    i would only get it because of the bigger screen but some say the s11 will have a bigger display and higher refresh rate and better fingerprint sensor/face id
  16. hello00

    Post Buyers remorse?

    I own the s10+ i think i will just wait for the s11 next year which is around the corner. not worth getting the n10+ if you own the s10+
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    Post Share your S10+ Home Screen

    For those asking about my widgets. These are widgets for the KWGT Pro app. Below you can find some of the nicest widgets made by some people. Wolfie for KWGT Foxie for KWGT Minomet KWGT Magma for KWGT
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    Post Share your S10+ Home Screen

    like it simple
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    Post The screen protector , take it off

    glad to see you around galaxy
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    Post S10 PLUS software update in coming!

    Nah, I'm with Tmo and got the March 1 19 update
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    Post Root solution???

    If you have been rooting since the s3's then you should know that if you root your phone without flashing a custom rom you will still get ota updates from your carrier and they will break your root and you will not be able to gain root for a while after updating although there is an app like...
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    Post Picking up phone doesn't light up screen

    sadly, this phone doesnt have this feature
  23. hello00

    Post I broke my screen on day 1! Yay!

    but not the way he cracked his screen
  24. hello00

    Post I broke my screen on day 1! Yay!

    $900 for a phone that easily cracks?
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    Post Pixel XL or keep Note 7

    not really..they said it comes down to personal opinion regarding which is best and as much of an iphone hater as i am..the ip7 seems to do much better at taking pictures with brighter defaults for light areas and more vibrant colors
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    Post Pixel XL or keep Note 7

    where is the link for the pictures?
  27. hello00

    Post Cancelled My PreOrder: Here's Why

    save yourself a are paying $900 for a phone that will be old soon after they start releasing phones with snapdragon 830..the iphone looking phone has nothing to offer, other than a better camera and a slightly faster chipset
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    they gotta say something to get you into the store so they can try to upsell you their crap & services they offer while buying this phone.. it’s Verizon, can’t trust them at all till you see it happen...i remeber when the HTC Rezound was promised ICS "shortly after launch" and didn’t get it for...
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    Post Nexus 6p or the Pixel XL!!

    it wouldn't be much of a difference..still no waterproof, speakers on the bottom, no expandable storage, smaller screen, same battery capacity and thats all I can think of
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    Post played with a Pixel XL today

    if you live in south miami in coral gables, there is a best buy right after the palmetto expy, they already have the phone on display..i played with it for 10m and it seems like a good phone..the note 7 feels more premiun than the xl..maybe because of the edges, the glass and being a little bit...
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    Post Note 7 version for future Cyanogenmod builds

    please show me the cm build thread that have all of these working without bugs? because samsung has not released the necessary tool and without it..those bugs will never be fix and thats why they end up abandoning their project
  32. hello00

    Post Note 7 version for future Cyanogenmod builds

    it is not that..they are able to boot into cm but things that will never work are the camera, gps, 3d graphics and some other things..not enough to keep it as a daily driver
  33. hello00

    Post Note 7 version for future Cyanogenmod builds

    you will never have a working cm build for the note 7 or for any samsung phones for that matter..the only phone that had google experience was the galaxy s5
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    Post Hi! just two questions!

    no google assessment? never heard of that
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    Post That bezel size though - comparison pic Moto X Pure vs Note 7 vs Pixel XL

    for that price, id rather get the iphone 7 plus
  36. hello00

    Post Pixel XL or keep Note 7

    if you want a phone that does not is called iphone