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  1. xsteven77x

    Thread Any news/rumors on an update?

    Just curious if anyone has seen any news related to a new Verizon OTA being in the works to fix some of the bugs introduced with 5.01. Haven't personally seen anything about it but one can make a pretty easy assumption that at some point we will get another OTA.
  2. xsteven77x

    Thread Why can't I shut off the lock screen security?

    On stock 5.01. I have it on pin unlock right now but the options to shut it off are greyed out. The only other time I have ever seen that is whenever encryption is enabled which I do not have enabled, why can't I remove it?
  3. xsteven77x

    Thread Lollipop enables band 4 XLTE

    Not sure if this information has been posted... Verizon has begun rolling out the long awaited HTC One M8 Android Lollipop update to owners of the smartphone this week and in the process...
  4. xsteven77x

    Thread Countdown to official 5.0

    According to Mo Versi, the update is on track to be approved and hopefully released within the next couple weeks. Yes we already have lollipop roms but none of them work like a proper ROM with the correct firmware. If nothing else, the release will be a boon for custom ROM makers too! Anyone...
  5. xsteven77x

    Thread ART 4.4.4 vs 5 - versions and differences?

    I'm not asking about performance or improvement comparisons, in as much as that I'm asking about the actual differences between the actual version they are. The 5.0 art is a different/final version right? Are there things that are obselete and/or not included in the 4.4.4 release that is now...
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    Thread OTA update or leaked firmware?

    Does anyone know if we have an official update in the works? I know a lot of phones are able to get leaked firmware, is there anyone on our forum that has access?
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    Thread (ODIN)(ICS)(LE1) SGH-T989_TMB_1_20120608172207_ugy1nehf4g

    100% factory. Pulled straight from Samsung's servers and decrypted for your flashing pleasure. .zip CRC32: A3A8BBC9 MD5...
  8. xsteven77x

    Thread TMO Galaxy S2 "Not part of our replacement program"?

    Well i went back to stock (at least tried to) for the preperation of ICS and the maintenance update. That was a disaster. I have had over 25 android phones but i guess i thought it would be a good idea to check re-partition in ODIN cause i thought it would be an *extra good* flash. Ya now i have...
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    Thread Get ready, the Prime is about to take off!

    If anyone was waiting to buy a prime because of the lack of dev, we got a bootloader unlock, a cwm recovery, and an almost fully working cm9! IN ONE DAY. Make the jump! Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using xda premium
  10. xsteven77x

    Thread Possible to enter unlock code without alternative sim?

    I got my unlock code from Tmobile so that it is just done in case i ever need it, and also so it will have a higher resell value. Is there a way to unlock without another operators sim card?
  11. xsteven77x

    Thread Anyone else losing faith in Tmobile?

    I have had them for over ten years and ALWAYS been happy with them and been proud to be with them. Lately I have really been thinking about the whole LTE situation. I don't really care that we don't have it right now, i'm worried that we have no plans at all for it. Every carrier has a plan...
  12. xsteven77x

    Thread Do we have a binary flash counter like ATT GS2? *YES* READ BEFORE FLASHING

    I was just reading a sticky in there forum on ways to reset the flash count to zero so that if you send it into repair they can't void your warranty since they know if you ever flashed a custom rom EVEN THOUGH you Odin everything back to stock. Is that built into our phones too? If there is...
  13. xsteven77x

    Thread Did i just brick my phone?

    I think i just bricked my phone. I am trying to return to S-on and after following all the instructions in the main sticky, i wrote the SUPERCID back to tmobile, and put in the writesecuflag 3 command, and rebooted the bootloader. Now the phone will not turn on at all. Won't power on regular and...
  14. xsteven77x

    Thread Who has a Nexus S limited edition and where did it come from?

    I got mine off someone on craigslist cheap cause they didn't even know it was limited edition. Are there alot off these? Where did they come from? Sent from my Nexus S using xda premium
  15. xsteven77x

    Thread When will the Nexus S (not 4g) be getting 2.3.7 ota?

    I have not seen any news about it anywhere on the internet. I want it mostly for a fully working native google wallet. I know I can install cyanogen (and have) to have 2.3.7 but want to use stock right now for various reasons including but not limited to google wallet. Sent from my Nexus S...
  16. xsteven77x

    Thread G2x user in need of a knowledgeable dev assistance

    Long story short we have many issues of people losing mobile data and or GPS. Once it breaks it is broken across all roms they flash. I am a previous g2 owner and I remember we came up with the efs wipe+ that alleviated most of these problems. Nothing of that sort exists in our forums, and to be...
  17. xsteven77x

    Thread Wiping efs/radio partitions

    With other phones I had, there were scripts to wipe the eds/radio/GPS partitions in between roms and it made sure that you would not have data problems and it kept everything fast. Has anyone or could anyone make us one? Sent from my LG-P999 using xda premium
  18. xsteven77x

    Thread How to delete categories/dates in Gallery?

    I hate how I used Google plus for awhile and now it always has an "instant upload" section. And how there is various other categories from other things i have used over the years. I have tried deleting everything in the picture folder except for the actual pictures themselves and reinstalled...
  19. xsteven77x

    Thread Some noob (to this phone) questions :)

    I am a newbie to this phone and have some questions. I have had quote a few Android phones but there are done things about this one i'm not sure on. If we use a kernel with voodoo support are there any apps that need to be used to take advantage of it? I seem to remember with my galaxy s that I...
  20. xsteven77x

    Thread Titanium Backup: Can restoring DATA wreck a rom installation?

    Whenever I install a new rom, can restoring the saved data from apps bring along bugs and problems from the previous rom? The TB site says that is not the case, but would like to hear the opinion of other people. I almost always restore the data, is it better to restore just the apps once in...
  21. xsteven77x

    Thread Who else is looking forward to G2 official 2.3 so we can get some new AOSP roms!

    I can't wait! I know we have 2.3 already but am very excited bout some new roms based off of it using the proprietary drivers and stuff that was made specifically for this phone! I know the desire z finally came out but not a big fan of sense. Love my CM but ready for a change of scenery :) I...
  22. xsteven77x

    Thread CM recovery update?

    I know there is nothing wrong with the current version so please do not flame me to hell and back. I notice there is a 3.1 and some devices are even on 4.0. Any reason were not getting updates? I noticed there was a huge gap between 3.0 and and other devices got incremental updates in...
  23. xsteven77x

    Thread What profile does everyone use on the stock cm7 kernel? And why?

    I generally stay with on demand but sometimes use conservative. While I like conservative it seems to sometimes take too long to bump up the processor and will cause a bit of lag after wake up. Sent from my HTC Vision using XDA Premium App
  24. xsteven77x

    Thread Best method to remove/dull LIGHT scratches on the screen?

    Have read toothpaste, baking powder or baby powder mixed with water, can remove or dull them. Has anyone had any tried and true methods they use? Just worried ill try one of those and it will make new scratches! Sent from my HTC Vision using XDA Premium App
  25. xsteven77x

    Thread New gapps 0613/updating a current rom installation or have to flash with a new one?

    I have installed them over the latest cm nightly and on a fresh nightly install yet it seems to bring up the same apps to install and the same versions at I missing something here? Doesn't our google apps installer just point to the market and not actually install any apps? Why would...
  26. xsteven77x

    Thread Have to send phone back to tmobile for warranty exchange...

    I have read the guides about returning s-on and going back to stock. But from everything i read, this does not apply to gfree. How do I get s-on with gfree? There are many a people in the remove permanent root thread that have complained of the same thing. Can someone help me :( Edit: Seems I...
  27. xsteven77x

    Thread Tmobile 4g switches to 42 mbps hspa + Got a g2, hope it affects all devices!
  28. xsteven77x

    Thread Tmobile switches on 42mbps HSPA+...Does that affect us? Our phones capable of taking advantage of that at all?
  29. xsteven77x

    Thread What is that second vibration on startup about?

    When I first got my phone like many others, it vibrated when the phone first turned on and that's it. After flashing a few radios, I now have and have for awhile, the second vibrate about five seconds after the first. I think I read somewhere what it was, but can't seem to find it now. Did we...
  30. xsteven77x

    Thread Is anyone actively working on roms?

    I'm not trolling, and not being a smart ass. I see we have made great progress with the clockworkmod, and i know even getting that done was a feat in itself. Now that we have the tool, is anyone actually making any roms(not talking about stock roms with tweaks)? Thank you in advance for not...
  31. xsteven77x

    Thread Dual Core = Overkill

    I know i'm gonna get burned at the stake for this one, since this is a tech forum, but dual core is just overkill AT THE PRESENT MOMENT. It's like computers. They are all now dualcore, most come with almost 4 gigs of ram. What in the hell would 95% of the population need AT THE MOMENT with...
  32. xsteven77x

    Thread Tmobile/Free Wifi Calling (REAL),or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=fb5bbcd66868c58a I have found out through several posts and news articles that wifi calling as of...
  33. xsteven77x

    Thread Free Wifi Calling (REAL!),or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=fb5bbcd66868c58a I have found out through several posts and news articles that wifi calling as of...
  34. xsteven77x

    Thread Can OCLF be used on SGS4G?

    I see it in the market and want to try, but dont want to brick. Anyone have info on this?
  35. xsteven77x

    Thread Are the best vibrant development days behind us?

    I cant help but feel that they are. With projects being abandoned left and right, I feel as if the domino effect is starting to take place. Devs are getting "bored" therefore us end users start jumping ship also. Then more devs leave etc etc. Feels like that process has begun. I, like many have...
  36. xsteven77x

    Thread Why does my market not show everything?

    Using bionix. Why is it that on some rom installs of the SAME rom it will show everything in the market, and other time it will not? When i first installed bionix i THOUGHT i had no problem viewing what i should be able to see. My example is gonna be Mega Jump, it downloaded through market and...
  37. xsteven77x

    Thread Best modem for tmobile?

    I know the first answer im gonna get is that it's trial and error...what i want to hear is what worked best for YOU. What was the best as far as speed, and what was the best as far as gps? What was your rom/kernel also if you think it made a difference!
  38. xsteven77x

    Thread Android symlink errors system/xbin/su PLEASE HELP

    I have been trying to for over a week in the captivate forum to get ANYONE to try and help me and so far no one will. So i'm really hoping someone will take the time, i will PAY YOU UP FRONT over paypal to help me. I am DEAD SERIOUS. Have a captivate, but this problem is not exclusive to this...
  39. xsteven77x

    Thread Every custom rom gives a symlink error on install

    My phone has/was working fine for the longest time. Was running cog 3.04. Ever since trying to update to cog4, i get symlink error EVERY time i try to install. I am flashing back to stock, and doing a master clear every time. Thinking it was the cog4 rom, i have tried serendipity, and paragon...