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  1. Bejjo

    Thread Do I have to root before?

    I am on Gingerbread 2.3.4 and I tried to instal custom rom 5 times ...It iwas not successfully. Ask : ~Do I have to root my device to install custom rom? ?
  2. Bejjo

    Thread Can I flash firmware ?? Guy ..My Galaxy mini has stuck on bootanimation...Can I flash this Firmware to make it booting ???
  3. Bejjo

    Thread stuck on bootanimation ??

    Hello guys...I am Experia User,I have flashed Gingerbread firmware 2.3.3 and installed cwm successfully. Then I tried to install EmanoNRom v7,and got stuck on bootanimation ...I have tried to wait and put batry but still stuck. Help me...What must I do ???
  4. Bejjo

    Thread have i change a kernel ??

    Hello Guys..I am Experia user,.now I want to learn about how to mod Galaxy mini. questions : ~Have I change a kernel to upgrade or install custom rom ?? ~which one of stable rom ?? based Cm7, Cm9 or Cm10 ?? ~which rom will give me more free ram and perfomance ?? Any one would help me...
  5. Bejjo

    Thread Is it possible to install SuperCharger & Swaper in the same way? ?

    any body can tell me, Can we use Super Charger V6 and Swaper in the same way? ? Thanks for respect! !
  6. Bejjo

    Thread (REQ) Launcher for Mini CM 10 Jelly Bean

    is there launcher that compatible mini cm10 jelly bean ?? I just want to change trebuchet . Thanks !!!
  7. Bejjo

    Thread How to use super charger on minicm10 ?

    I tried to install supercharger v10 and v11,but permission was denied . any body can tell me how to solve it ??
  8. Bejjo

    Thread how to change launcher and android keyboard on mini cm 10 I am using mini cm10 4.0.0 by nobody atall. I tried to change trebuchet launcher with touchwizz 5...bur it was failed.Any body can give me an idea ?? how to change android keyboard too ?? I just try to reduce ram consumtion .
  9. Bejjo

    Thread how to make bootsound for ics rom ?

    Hello.....anybody can learn me about how to make bootsound on Ics room ??? I've tried to do it ....make bootsnd then I move it in the folder system/media,but it didn't work . anything wrong ??
  10. Bejjo

    Thread sorry

    sorry...double post
  11. Bejjo

    Thread What must i do with xml file ??

    Hello...I want to learn about edit xml file on the frame work res.apk. I have tried to open it in to Notepad+++...but I don't know what must I do with this file,cause I don't understand all of code in this file.Can anyone teach me please ???;););)
  12. Bejjo

    Thread losing RAM on ICS

    can somebody tell me how to reduce consumtion ram in ICS rom ? I have tried to use supercharging v6 and kick ass kernelizer but i fell its not different ??
  13. Bejjo

    Thread [Q] What happened about Ginger bread ?

    Since my x8 uses Ginger bread likes xgin v7....ginger fast v2 and v3...ginger ex rev v3 etc,sometimes I had a problem with my device cause it's bootloaps suddenly... Why ???