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    Thread Unlock lock screen after clicking on notification

    Hi guys, I'm using a fingerprint scanner to unlock my phone and I'm used to going directly to the application after clicking on the notifications from the lock screen. Now, with screen built-in fingerprint scanner, when I click on the notification from the lock screen, it will first ask me to...
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    Thread Is 4GB ram enough?

    I'm thinking about finally buying a new phone to replace my old nexus 5x... Pixel 2 XL is definitely on my list, as well as V30. But I've looked at the speed tests on YouTube from the phonebuff guy and it struck me that all the Android phones with less than 6gb ram struggle greatly with the...
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    Thread Lollipop XT1092

    Anybody got the OTA update for XT1092 already? Also do you know if I can accept the OTA (once it comes) even though I'm rooted? Or will it fail and I have to do a clean install / revert to stock? Thanks Sent from my XT1092 using Tapatalk
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    Thread XBMC Airplay support

    I was trying to enable the Airplay support on XBMC v13 (version recommended by the XBMC wiki) but as it appears, it won't work because there is no support for zeroconf on Anrdoid. Do you know guys what does it mean exactly? Is there any other way to enable it? On my Android phone I can use Yatse...