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    Post Qualcomm QPST carrier_policy modify Carrier Aggregation?

    Hey, interesting post. I have the same phone (LG G7 ULM) and I'm also interested in modifying CA combos but for LATAM. Did you have to root to do all of this?
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    Post Can any SM-N986U1 owner provide me with their UE Capability Information?

    Were you able to get it for the SM-N986U1? It's the unlocked version (different from the SM-N986U)
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    Post Unlocked on T-Mobile

    Can you confirm that the unlocked version picks up Band 71 LTE on T-Mobile?
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    Post Enabling LTE Bands from the LG Secret Menu?

    The ULM version definitely does have Band 12. How do I know? I followed this guide: I extracted the qmdl log and followed the steps to extract the actual supported bands as well as carrier...
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    Thread Can any SM-N986U1 owner provide me with their UE Capability Information?

    To get it, you need to follow a process here. It's very easy, all you need to do is save a log file and then send it. I just need to use it to confirm the carrier aggregation band combos for this particular Note 20 Ultra 5G device (US unlocked) and this is the only way to know 100% for sure. I...
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    Thread Now you can view LTE/UMTS band on Z3+ with Nougat with LTE Discovery/CellMapper

    One cool thing about the new Nougat update is that you can now view the current LTE/UMTS band you're connected to using LTE discovery and Cellmapper, since the UARFCN/EARFCN information is now exposed as an application API, meaning apps can directly calculate what LTE or 3G band your phone is...
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    Post Xperia Z3+ Nougat Review.....

    Nougat makes my device feel like a whole new phone..I like it.
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    Post The Xperia Z4 confirmed for 7.0 by Sony

    Yeah, I would expect them to update the Z3+ to Nougat...although I am not holding my breath for a quick update either.
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    Post [Q] Nexus player ubuntu

    Because you could then get a fully-functional, low-cost Linux computer for the cost of Nexus Player hardware ($49).
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    Post [Official] 32.1.A.1.163 Android 6.0 Marshmallow for Xperia Z3+ Released!

    That's because Android Marshmallow has "Doze", which acts the same way, limiting application background activity, and it's something that Google required their OEMs to include, and so I guess Sony is still working out how to implement both STAMINA mode and Doze.
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    Post How is the m4?

    If you live in the Americas, you can get the 16GB version, which is better than the 8GB version. As others have said, it stutters stock, but I personally think it's an excellent mid-ranger for what I use it for (browsing, chatting on Whatsapp, making calls, checking e-mails etc.) But honestly...
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    Post Mythical e5606?

    Where exactly? I can't find it.
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    Post E6553 T-Mobile Band 12 support

    It only switches to Band 12 if you are inside a building where it can't pick up a Band 4 signal or if you are in an area where there is only a Band 12 LTE signal.
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    Post How to root my Xperia M4? And how to use external memory as internal memory?

    Another thing worth mentioning is that Android Marshmallow has support for merging your SD card and internal memory into one, meaning that the SD card will literally become an extension of the internal memory. However, you'd have to wait for the Marshmallow update for your Xperia M4 aqua for...
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    Post How is the phone?

    My LG G4 died but before that I had a Galaxy Nexus and that phone was at least able to run game smoothly that makes this Xperia m4 aqua stutter! It's amazing. I think the CPU governor is too damn conservative. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
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    Post [Q] [Radio] Enable LTE APT 700Mhz (Band 28) on D820

    I tried but couldn't get LTE working on Claro on prepaid. I switched to +Movil, which has excellent 700Mhz coverage, and haven't looked back.
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    Post "Currently, no models of Xperia M4 support unlocking the bootloader."

    This is what my variant says.
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    Post Thinking of buying Z3+ or S5. Does Z3+ really overheats with newest updates?

    Oh ok, that's very good to read then, since I am considering this phone as a replacement for my broken LG G4 (which is going to be sent for warranty repairs, then sold once it comes back). How about lag? I have read that it lags during everyday it buttery-smooth when browsing the web...
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    Post Thinking of buying Z3+ or S5. Does Z3+ really overheats with newest updates?

    Have you downloaded and installed the latest OS updates for your Z3+?
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    Post My experience with Sony Xperia M4 AQUA so far...

    I just purchased my Xperia M4 aqua to replace my dead LG G4.....yes it is a significant downgrade...I am still getting used to the performance...but after installing the latest firmware, I have to say it's a decent device...and I love the style of the body. And even though the model I have...
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    Post Xperia z3+ for $350 shipped?

    I don't trust the site. Too low-key
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    Thread Xperia z3+ for $350 shipped? Check it out. It seems to be a US based online retailer but that's the lowest ever I've seen the Xperia z3+ be sold.
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    Post T-Mobile ONE free sim unlock test promotion

    If you have the SIM card, you can do it online, but you'd need to call MetroPCS to complete the activation because they tie your IMEI to your SIM card which I think is an inconvenient hassle.
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    Post T-Mobile ONE free sim unlock test promotion

    You don't need to unlock a T-Mobile LG G4 (or any branded T-Mobile device for that matter) to use on MetroPCS, since MetroPCS uses the same physical cellular network. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
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    Post LG G4 Canadian Thread

    I also upgraded to an LG G4 from a Galaxy Nexus. That was a good phone but it's showing its age already. The LG G4 will feel like a quantum leap. Enjoy! Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
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    Thread International LG G4 does not connect to LTE after drop to 3G

    I have an international LG G4 H815 on T-Mobile and the LTE works perfectly, but after it drops to 3G to connect to an incoming phone call, it won't want to connect back to 4G LTE even if I manually select LTE in the select networks menu. Only a restart or selecting "LTE only" in the...
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    Post FM Radio coming to AT&T

    Have you tried connecting headphones to your phone to see if it would work? You need them connected since they function as an antenna. Otherwise, I can try to get the apk but I don't know if I can extract it since my phone is not rooted.
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    Post FM Radio coming to AT&T

    Good thing I already have it enabled on my International LG G4 :). I really don't listen to FM radio that much, but it's still nice to have.
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    Post Disappointed with Z3+ and going back to my Z3

    Really? Heat issues are gone too? What about when you use it for GPS navigation or extensive web browsing?
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    Post [Q] [Radio] Enable LTE APT 700Mhz (Band 28) on D820

    Que va. Vas a tener que vender ese teléfono y conseguirte uno con LTE de Banda 28
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    Post Sony Xperia Z4 Thread

    Thing is, the Z3+ supports all the bands I need (2, 4, 5, 12, 17, 28)...the Z3 does not. If I buy a new smartphone, it would make sense to get one with all the LTE bands I need.
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    Post Sony Xperia Z4 Thread

    Dammit. I hope that the CPU is really not as troublesome as it is made out to be in the media. I personally like the Z3+ a lot and would not mind seeing its price drop so I could snag it. It's the only option for someone like me who's looking for a high-end flagship that supports both all of...
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    Post Sony Xperia Z4 Thread

    wat. Why are they continuing to use that processor?
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    Post Guide: Enabling LTE Bands

    Were you in a confirmed Band 12 area? Or did it say "fail" and not even scan it?
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    Post LG G4 No Issues

    I have the H815 verison and besides double tap to wake sometimes needing 3-4 taps to wake up, the phone is flawless (as it should be for what I paid for it lol).
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    Post LG G4 AT&T

    The international version supports AT&T's LTE bands (2, 4, 5, 17). You will probably lose VoLTE support though.
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    Post Z3+ vs. G4 - My comparison and opinions

    Thank you for your review. I ended up getting the LG G4 because I was eager to upgrade from my Galaxy Nexus, but I also seriously considered the Sony Xperia Z3+, although the fact that the battery is non-removable (plus the overheating) were deal-breakers for me. Batteries DO wear out after...
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    Post [Poll] Does Your G4 Miss or Unresponsive to Touch?

    I mean, day-to-day usability like scrolling through web pages, e-mails, navigating menus etc does not really feel hindered or impaired in any way. If it bothered me that much I would have sold it already. I hope at least that a future OTA will solve the issues the rest of you guys are having.
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    Post Firmware OTA update arrived for international G4 H815 (V10B, June 23)

    I can also confirm that it works properly with AT&T. I have the International H815 version and it picks up all of AT&T's bands (4, 5, and 17)..sometimes even in the same switches between all three...but it's nice to have the band 17 for indoor coverage.
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    Post [Poll] Does Your G4 Miss or Unresponsive to Touch?

    Dude, I've had the phone for a little over two weeks already and I am STILL not experiencing any touchscreen issues on my unlocked G4 H815. The only thing that occasionally doesn't respond immediately (after its been asleep for a long time) is double tap to wake (have to tap four times) but...
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    Post Did your G4 come with a browser other than Chrome?

    My phone came with the stock LG browser, but I downloaded Chrome because I like it.
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    Post [Q] Xperia Z3+ Dual - US - T-Mobile Compatibility

    No, they are refarming the 1900Mhz spectrum from their 2G EDGE network to LTE. Band 12 is a different frequency altogether (700Mhz A block).
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    Post [Q] Xperia Z3+ Dual - US - T-Mobile Compatibility

    T-Mobile is phasing out their 1700Mhz 3G band soon so it won't really matter.
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    Post T-Mobile Horrible Download and Upload speeds at home

    Are you using the T-Mobile variant or the international variant?
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    Post T-Mobile with band 12 or H815 International?

    It really depends if Band 12 is deployed in your area. I also got the international version and used it on T-Mobile. I picked up their Band 4 LTE just fine, but the signal was too weak at my house, so I switched to AT&T (since this phone has more support for AT&T's bands, 2,4,5,17) and...
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    Post LG G4 AT&T vs. H810 (International)

    Maybe it's because the radio is more optimized for the AT&T on the att 810.
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    Post [Poll] Does Your G4 Miss or Unresponsive to Touch?

    I have now owned the phone for about three days and I still do not experience any touch issues. I left the screen protector that the phone came with on. Only minor issue is double tap to wake occasionally not registering but it is a minor issue at best
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    Post [Poll] Does Your G4 Miss or Unresponsive to Touch?

    I totally understand your frustration. I would also sell my device in a flash if that were to happen to me too. I have the International H815 (not H815T), so I am hoping the same doesn't happen to me. I will report back in a week to let you and everyone else in this thread how it's working out...
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    Post [Poll] Does Your G4 Miss or Unresponsive to Touch?

    Did you own the International version of a US carrier version?
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    Post LG G4 PRO Coming in October

    That device is already well into tablet territory. I'll stick with my LG G4. Owning an LG G4 Pro would not justify me owning a Nexus 7.