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  1. Rippieus

    Thread Recovering firmware on A P40 Pro from a backup.

    I have a P40 Pro that is currently running EMUI 11 ELS-NO4 (C792E3R3P3) that got there by utilizing Googlefier. The Play Store stopped working at the same time Huawei's Firmware Finder stopped supplying firmware leaving me stuck on the current firmware with a basically...
  2. Rippieus

    Thread STUMPED on how to downgrade after GMS failure

    Like to see if anyone may have a solution on how to downgrade back to EMUI 10 after a successful play store installation that eventually failed, I can not run any apps on the phone and can not upgrade. The p40 pro is an ELS-N04 C992 with EMUI I tried HiSuite with no luck, just the...