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    Thread delete please, double thread

    delete please, double thread
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    Thread [ROM] [7.1.2] Mik-el Android for Takee 1

    Device and Project Presentation In 2015 the Chinese company EStar launches on the market the Takee 1. An octa-core smartphone with an astonishing Holographic 3D technology developed by the german Seereal. Despite the cutting-edge hardware, a low price and the big innovations in the field of 3D...
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    Thread [Q] Mi Account is ok but Mi unlock is stuck at 50% "couldn't unlock"

    My brother is facing issues unlocking his Redmi 4 Prime (miui 10.2). The Mi account is associated with his device and he completed the request to unlock the bootloader about a year ago. On Windows drivers are installed and abd correctly detects the device. The Mi unlock process is stuck at 50%...
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    Thread TONS of apps for WinCE units, did you know that?

    Millions of WinCE units are still around. (GPSs, radios, mini netbooks...) I don't own a WinCE device but I know many things about a WinCE "brother" called Windows Mobile. I noticed that people are still interested in theming and updating their WinCE devices but they struggle doing it since...
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    Thread [Solved][Help Request] Are you Russian? I just need 1 minute

    Hello there! I'm an italian boy who is developing many custom roms thanks to Xda (I'm working on a Takee1, a galaxy ace and a Mediacom tablet) I need to download several files from the (Mod Edit: link removed) but unfortunately I can't register an account :crying: I even tryed translating the...
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    Thread How can we Improve Touch Screen Sesitivity?

    Hello there! Do you know any method to improve the Touch Screen Sesitivity of a rooted device? (I'll want to include some tweaks in my custom roms) the old "SGS touch screen booster" app can't work on new android versions since too many things has changed in android in the last years
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    Thread [Q] Add link /symlink to Home Screen

    Hello there. I'm developing a custom rom and I want to add a link to my website on the Homescreen / Launcher (so users will be able to check infos and updates about the rom) 1st Method: chrome I searched on google "how to add an .html file on Android launcher /home screen" and every website I...
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    Thread [2019] New Rom for Ace, is anyone interested?

    I can share with you a simple and minimal Android rom that could make the ace completely usable in 2018... Would you be interested? I think that the best idea is to use Android 2.3 as base (no bloatware, no TouchWiz, and no Android 4.4 that just crazily drains battery) I' ve tested less known...
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    Thread [Solved] I can't find official ROMs for my redmi note 4!

    Where can I download official miui ROMs for my redmi note 4 (snapdragon 626)? I really don' t know how it could be possible as xiaomi phones are very popular but I didn't find anything searching on Google :o
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    Thread [Q] Play Youtube videos into a video player

    Well sometimes I still use Windows Mobile 6 on my pocket pc :) If I need to watch a Youtube video I just surf on, I click on the video and then an external video player called Coreplayer automatically starts and I can watch the video (like any video stored in memory) Is it possible...
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    Thread [Takee 1 by EStar] 1st Custom rom based on stock rom attempt

    Hi guys! I've just cooked my first custom ROM for my Estar Takee 1 (octacore chinese smartphone with mediatek mt6592 CPU 2ghz) I used dsixda kitchen on Linux and a stock JellyBean ROM as base. I tryed to flash the .zip file from my custom recovery (TWRP) but I have this error error executing...
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    Thread [Solved] Redmi 4 pro DEAD (apparently no reason)

    Yesterday I took off my Redmi 4 pro from my pocket and It didn't boot. It seems dead. I tryed to connect the phone to the charger and I tryed to do the key combinationation to enter in recovery mode but nothing happens... Even the led doesn't turn on when I connect the charger. What can I do?
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    Thread Boot from USB (Windows 10 Tablet PC )

    Hello, I have a Windows 10 Tablet PC. (Dell Venue 10 Pro 5055 / Cpu is an Intel z3735) I can boot linux distros and Clonezilla but I can't boot Windows installations from my usb pendrive. This tablet can be booted only in UEFI mode (no legacy/ standard bios...) I have a Windows 8.1 iso. I...
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    Thread [Q] Camera doesn't work on ANY custom rom

    Hello, I have 3 different mediatek phones. I replaced the stock android ROMs with some custom ROMs and everything is ok,but I ALWAYS have the same problem. (3/3):crying: I don't know why but these roms don't include all the drivers for the cameras. On the first phone it works the front camera...
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    Thread [Q] Camera and Softkeys don't work on my ALCATEL (android)

    Hello I have an ALCATEL OneTouch 6010d. After a lot of time I found a Custom Rom on the Internet and it perfectly works :D but I have 2 little problems... 1)The camera works but the frontal camera doesn't work (black screen) I also tryed all other camera apps but it's a Rom/kernel problem...
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    Thread Audio not working on Windows emb. CE 6.0 Netbook

    Hello guys. One of my friends lent me a Chinese Netbook that has Windows Embedded CE 6. It has a 7 inch screen, and a 300mhz ARM cpu (model WM 8505). This little netbook is awesome! but I have a problem: The Audio doesn't work at all... (I also remember I heard the boot-sound the first time I...
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    Thread [Request] Toshiba Portege G910 / Original Firmware !

    Hello Xda Users. I am releasing a Windows Mobile ROM. The device I've worked on is the Toshiba Portege G910 (probably many of you will remember my numerous questions in this forum. :o ) and..... Finally, after "years of study" I'm doing it. :) The ROM si ready on my PC, but I still need an...
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    Thread [NEW] Unknown function in Windows Mobile

    Hello guys! I have found the way to boot Windows Mobile in "Safe Mode" like a PC ! I am kidding :) but... It would be really awesome! I found this screenshot on Internet. (*view attached*) Infos: ---The operating system is W.M. 6.0 ---The ROM is British (UK) I have the same device but I...
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    Thread Search a case through the size of the phone.

    Hi. I'm searching a leather case (with horizontal opening) for my phone, but it has an usual dimension and I haven't found anything. ---Is there any website where I can search cases through the size I need? (also approximately...) ---Is there a phone that has similar size?
  20. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] Original htc Leather Case and Charger

    Hi users! Sorry for my questions. Where Can I buy now these things? I can't found on Internet the original Htc leather case. I need it, but you can also advice me another "non-htc" leather case that is similar and can fit the TP2. I need an original charger. I really like its design. I could...
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    Thread [Q] Windows Mobile 6.X on Htc7Pro

    Hi! I read an article on Xda website (not forum), there was written that an Xda developer (Cotulla) has made an emulator ro run W.M. on the Htc7. There are some videos on Youtube. I want to download it, so I contacted both Cotulla and a youtuber but none has replied me. An update from W.M. to...
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    Thread Old Cellulars! (Nokia 6101 and MxD mobile)

    I have some questions for these two old cellulars. Nokia 6101 -Is it possible to make themes for it? -Did anyone succedeed to connect it to the PC using infrared? Mxd Mobile DualSim -Is it possible to make themes for it? -It has Usb cable and microSD, Is it possible to put Java on it?
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    Thread [Q] How new O.S.s are made?

    Hi guys! I have noticed that developers continue to develop new Android versions for the HD2, there is always something of new (KitKat it's already avaible). Developers make Android Roms bootable from MicroSD through a partition without delete W.M. They can edit the Linux Kernel in any way...
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    Thread [Q][2016] Install the HTC skin through a cab file

    Do you still have the HTC .cab theme? (manila-oem customization) Hello guys. PLEASE Can anyone share with me the .cab file for the default htc touch pro 2 theme / oem customization? (view attachements) My device is not an htc pro 2 so I can't simply install a manila rom, I need the .cab file...
  25. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] DualBoot Android & WM (Xperia X1)

    ---1Hi. A lot of X1 owners can boot WM and also Android. How do you do it? I don't want to replace WM. I want to boot Android (Gingerbread or highter) or CyanogenMod just using "haret.exe". Where can I download it? ---2This video show the dualboot through the project by Neopeek, an XDA user...
  26. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] Video Performance

    I saw there are different way to improve video performance on W.M. I read on Internet that my device has Adreno 130 GPU or GoForce 5500 (different sources). ---Driver Pack (2d and 3d)(by Neos) ---Turbo 3d and GfxBoost (3d)(by Chainfire) ---Diamond ATI Drivers...
  27. Mik-el

    Thread [Q]Curiosity about Shutdown (Android/WinMob)

    When I shutdown my Android Device it appears the classic loader with "Shutting Down" written. When I shutdown my W.M. Device, it shutdown immediately (like when the battery is removed) 1---What Android do during the shutdown? (What do it save?) 2---Does W.M. do nothing? Isn't it dangerous...
  28. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] Solved (name of this W.P.theme)

    ---Please, can anyone tell me the name of this Skins ( Where can I download it? The author of the video don't tell me it, but he said that I can download the skin on XDA ---Do you know other W.P. themes...
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    Thread Problem Solved (galaxy ace hugo boss)

    Hi. I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830, Hugo Boss Edition. It 's bricked and I done nothing. It doesn't boot. It is stuck at the "Samsung" logo. ---I tryed the keys combination to Hard Reset the device. But each website I consulted, reccomend different keys combos. They seem not work, which is...
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    Thread [Q] Impossibile to cook any ROM for this device

    I am cooking a W.M. Rom for my device: a Toshiba Portege G910. A few people know this device and they tell me that I can not cook any Rom because the device is not "coockable" or it has locked bootloder. In fact no one done any custom Rom for it and I don't know any Kitchen that officially...
  31. Mik-el

    Thread Better Microsoft software on W.M.

    I want to update these Microsoft software. I want to insert versions included in W.M 6.5 in my device. 1 Windows Media Player Mobile Windows Media Player Mobile can't reproduce decently videos on my device... I have 10.2 version and I think that if I update to 10.x or 11.x version videos will...
  32. Mik-el

    Thread [Q]Backup Rom and Registry

    1---How can I completely backup the Rom of my W.M. 6 Device? I want to try a new Rom but I'm sure I will flash again my old Rom. I read about "SPB Backup" but it only backup Data and Programs (not the whole Rom)... 2---How can I backup the registry ? Thanks
  33. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] Speedup the keyboard on W.M.

    The Qwerty keyboard of my Windows Mobile device is very slow. I note this especially when I play games: with the touchscreen they are responsive,with the keyboard they are not responsive. Is how the segnal sent to the system by the keyboard is slow OR the keyboard wait a bit of time before send...
  34. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] Develop Apps for Windows Mobile

    I want to develop simple apps for Windows Mobile. I read that I can use: ---Compact Framemork. (I downloaded Sharp Develop, it is free. It also exist a program from Resco that speedup the development with C.F.) --- C or C++ or C# (I don't know if WinMo understand these...) ---Visual Basic (is...
  35. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] Better Sound on W.M.+ REQ. for .dll

    How can I improve the audio of my device? 1---The volume is very poor and the quality is very bad. 2---Is there a patch or a sound driver? 3---Is there a software or an equalizer that can help me? 4---Android have "5.1" option for the surround, why it doesn't exist on W.M.? 5---Can anyone...
  36. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] Android on my W.M. Device

    Hi everybody! I have a Windows Mobile 6 device and I want to install Android on it. (Possibly the 2.3 version) I have read some threads on XDA and I have learned that there are a lot of softwares to boot Android on W.M. devices. (not using nand-roms and deleting W.M.) 1---Can you explain me...
  37. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] Change icons and create shortcuts on W.M.

    Using my Windows Mobile device,I ve learned how to create shortcuts in Programs and Now I have anything I want in Programs but I don't like some icons : ---How can I change program's icons? (for example camera icon) ---How can I change folder's icons? (for example Office folder is different...
  38. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] Better Camera Application on W.M. (REQ. for htc...)

    I have a Windows Mobile device, it's camera app is very bad and I want to change it. I want to improve the Camera software because ---Photos made with my device are always too dark... Maybe because in my device lacks an ambient light sensor for automatic screen brightness adjustment. ---I don't...
  39. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] Office Mobile 2013 on Windows Mobile

    I have Office Mobile 6.1 on my device and I want to update it. I think Office 2010 is the latest version. ---Where can I download a cab file for do this? ---I'm also cooking a Rom, if I take an updated version from latest WinMo Builds, how can I insert it in my Rom? I have read that the latest...
  40. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] All different types of Skins

    Excuse me XDA members for my question. I saw a lot of app to customize WinMo (taken from HTC and other...) What are the following things??? ---Touch Flo 2D ---Touch Flo 3D ---Touch Flo HD ---Touch Flo HD v.2 ---Xperia x1 panels ---Manila 2D ---Manila 3D ---Cookie's...
  41. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] Windows Phone 7 Rom on old device?

    Hi guys. I want to cook a rom for my device because I want to pass from Windows Mobile 6 to Windows Phone 7. My phone can do this because has High Resolution Touchscreen (WVGA). But it's Landscape... I don't know if this is a problem (I think no). How can I cook a W.P. Rom? Thanks
  42. Mik-el

    Thread [Req. for Italians]Cook in languages different to ENG...

    ---ENGLISH I ask all you XDA cookers that cook in languages different to English... I want to create a ROM for my Windows Mobile device. I found the 21057 and 21056 Build (WinMo 6.1). But it has only english language (0409) how can I cook in other language? ---Where can I download Italian...
  43. Mik-el

    Thread How to Rotate the Screen? Apps, Registry, HTCsensorsdk.dll?

    I have a Windows Mobile device with WVGA resolution 800x480 Landscape. It's a Toshiba, I want to pass from Landscape to Potrait. Normally the screen can not be rotated. But I think it's possible because all Windows Mobile devices can do this. 1---I downloaded a lot of application...
  44. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] ROM (builds and kitchen)

    Hi all. I'm creating a Windows Mobile Rom. 1)---I want to create a rom modifying my smartphone's rom and NOT creating a rom from a clean one (it will be almost impossibile). 2)---Which kitchen can i use? 3)---Where can I download the latest Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 Builds? (Da-G's download...
  45. Mik-el

    Thread Build Files for Windows Mobile

    Hi, I'm creating a Windows Mobile ROM for my smartphone. This thread can help anyone that want to cook for Windows Mobile, because ALL cookers need Windows Mobile Builds to cook. :) So I searched Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 Build files. I found these from Da_G : ---WinMob 6.1...
  46. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] [WM Kitchen] Does it work?

    Os Kichen works with many Windows Mobile devices and also with the Toshiba Portege G900. The G900 it's very similar to my G910. With OS Kitchen can i cook a rom for the G910? This guy says that OS Kitchen work also with the TG01.
  47. Mik-el

    Thread [Q] ROM 2013 for Toshiba G910

    Which Kitchen should I use???---Quale cucina devo usare??? Hi everyone. I have a Toshiba Portege G910 Windows Mobile 6.0. Although I have the latest official firmware, it’s very very slow and has many problems. I used all the programs to speedup it, but it does not change much. I searched for...
  48. Mik-el

    Thread [ROM] 2013:Toshiba G910! Need help!

    Hi everyone. I have a Toshiba Portege G910 Windows Mobile 6.0. Although I have the latest official firmware, it’s very very slow and has many problems. I used all the programs to speedup it, but it does not change much. I searched for two years but no one has done a custom ROM. Then I'm going to...