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    Thread Oneplus 8 Pro unboxing

    Hi all, here i have done Oneplus 8 pro unboxing its a short video please see and give me some suggestions
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    Thread missing quick setting tile of switch data. can any one confirm this

    I am using reno 10 x zoom on latest update c 27 with may security of color os 7. please see my screen recording, i have been missing switch data qicksetting tile, i find it very useful as i am using two sims with data on both sims...
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    Thread Problem with 720 p video playing on Android DP2

    I am having this particular issue, colours get garbled when i am on chrome and try to play 720 and above content, also screen turns off even when video is playing, i am on Android 11 DP2. Please anyone having same issue let me know.
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    Thread Retaining of esim profile, happily surprised

    Dear all, i am writing my experience here for everyones benefit this is what happened I was not decided between ios and android, but finally decided to give Android DP2 try, so installed on my pixel 3a xl and wanted to shift my airtel esim on pixel 3a xl, which i did, but then realized that i...
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    Thread update issue

    I have got indian note 9. recently tried to get flast dbd rom CSDE version, now have tried to get the update several times but have not been able to receive the update many thanks
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    Thread oneplus or MIUI messaging app in India

    Does any one know, how to get messaging app on oneplus and MIUI can be imported to note 9, I like the feature that both these apps do: they group messages from all banking and other promotional messages. I tried the latest apps of both of these from apkmirror, but oneplus messaging app, force...
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    Thread My few issues with Honor/ MagicUI

    I have few issues 1. Had a problem with screen unlocking during call, but turns out proximity sensor is on top of device, and satrterd using another case, and problem solved. 2. UI seems to be slow, like on twitter, Facebook its a slow scrolling, any way of making it faster 3. There is no...
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    Thread S9 theme for Note 9

    Native S9 themes are quite nice, why Note 9 does not have any of those animated wallpapers theme. Does any one know how to import them please?
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    Thread How to get Icon size small

    even on changing DPI to 500 or even 550, Icon size does not reduce, the text on the phone becomes tiny but icons are still humongous, its really poor design, only other option is to use other launcher but there is no launcher with google no integration. please suggest me any launcher with google...
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    Thread forcing update

    Is there a way to force update note 9, I am in India and still on march update model number is n960f
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    Thread always on display

    does Honor has always on display?, can we enable it!
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    Thread Issue with Google Keyboard

    Look at the video My gboard is playing up Many thanks Yogesh
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    Thread B128 update in India

    Hi, does anyone in India received this update, I contacted Honorindia twitter, and they said it is released, i wonder how long will it take to show up on my device
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    Thread have anyone received invite to buy headset in amazon India

    Has anyone who bought Honor view 20 after prebooking has received email from amazon for buying bluetooth headset for free
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    Thread Relock the bootloader

    Does any one know how to relock the bootloader please on Note 9
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    Thread Call intercept not working on mate 10 pro and p20n pro, EMUI problem

    Hi, i regularly use ringo application for international calling, its got bith ios and android apps, advnage with android is that i select international number to call, automatic call intercept function kicks in and ringo opens up, giving me option to make a call through app instead, ios...
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    Thread Ringo app for international calling incompatibility

    I use ringo international caller app quite a lot, with android i like the way it intercepts international call automatically and i dont have to go through the app at all but on p20 pro this does not seem to work, anyone have any ideas
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    Thread WiFi calling and VOLTE ON three UK

    What I don't understand is pixel 2 does not have this enAbled. Now I have essential phone which is not even released in UK. But it's still have both wificalling and VOLTE activated on essential phone. Same SIM card. Same location. It's bonkers. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Honorary V10 rebranding

    Hi I have got Indian version of V10 with model number c675. Does any one have firmware for three UK and can I use funkyhuawei to change firmware. Sent from my BKL-L09 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Notifications are hidden

    HI, can someone point me in the settings where we can show the contents of notification on lock screen? I can't seem to find it
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    Thread Global version mi A1 does not work with jio VOLTE, are there different bands

    hi, as my mi a1 is global version and somehow JIO VOLTE does not work, i also have honor v10 and it works immediately but somehow with mi a1 t does not work i followed this guide from raza_maestro but it does not help, can somebody help I am desperate here. after entering into engineering mode...
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    Thread no wifi calling and voLTE on three on HTC U11

    is there any way of getting this, three says its enabled, I see its available on S8 and people are using it, but seems like HTC U11 is neglected On Three UK
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    Thread Essential phone is unable to connect to car Bluetooth with phone audio

    I am on latest stock. Somehow my car Bluetooth audio was connected but phone audio was not getting selected Sent from my PH-1 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Update 1.27.401.3

    I am on 1.13.401.1 UK unbranded How do I get this new Version on which viper and maximus and leedroid roms are based
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    Thread wi-fi calling on Mi6 MIUI 9

    does any one know how to or if you can activare wificalling on EE in UK, other handsets like Oneplus 5 and HTC U11 natively support this but not MIUI
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    Thread Annoying wi-fi calling notification

    hi, recently got my shiny new HTC U11 very happy, using it on EE UK, activated wifi calling straightaway, but there is notification of wificalling which i can not get rid of, anyone knows how to do that
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    Thread HTC u11, flashed stock ruu, now its showing as tampered

    Hi, can any one suggest, if warranty is void and can i get rid of this tampered status
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    Thread how to enable UK Locale,

    does any one how to enable UK locale, I am on MIUI 8.2.2 stable global ROM
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    Thread Create ftf from latest flashtool and xperifirm

    Hi, every one, I am trying to crete ftf file using latest flashtools and xperifim, I have x compact, vodafone branded, and wanted unbranded version. Now can any body guide me to how to crete ftf file as most of the guides are couple of years old
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    Thread Adb authorisation issues on mac

    Hi, all Just got myself new OnePlus 3, wanted to try new OOS 3.5.2 to my surprise, i have a mac and after doing all the necessary steps Developer settings- activating debugging, android file transfer working with file transfer mode. As soon as i start ./adb devices it does not show up on...
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    Thread difference between UK and indian version of A9

    what is difference between indian and Uk version of A9, also can you please share model number of both models, I am in UK, but planning to buy one from India. as indian version is more RAM and 32 gb
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    Thread Uninstalling chrome boosted my battery life

    I was always getting max 2 hrs SOT, everytime same set up of apps, including chrome from gapps. Otherday i saw someone mentioning that getting rid of chrome and using firefox boosted battery life. Guess what i did, got rid of chrome and installed firefox. I am on Krexus and franco kernel and I...
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    Thread Sick of trying out new ROMS

    I love my nexus 5x, love the community, but would like to select a rom and would like to stay on that, so far i love Cynogen and love it, but i dont like this weekly updating, is there any way we can get a ROM wjhich is stable and can send up OTA. what are your thoughts!!
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    Thread Android N Preview

    Great news follow here Does this mean we can get it up and running on Nexus 5x I am not developer but hopefully some one can get us preview ROM
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    Thread Difference between firmware and roms

    Can any one explain this please, I have come to HTC scene after long time, from what I understand if i have to use cutom roms, I have to flash fimrware seperately, I was under impression that firmware and rom are same, Please help
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    Thread Z3 or z4/z3+

    I wanted to ask lovely xda community, as new buyer in sony, should i go for z3 or z3+ in UK price difference is £50. asking community on z3 as well as z3+ forums. things i am looking for is a good camera and battery life
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    Thread z3 or z4/z3+

    I wanted to ask lovely xda community, as new buyer in sony, should i go for z3 or z3+ in UK price difference is £50. asking community on z3 as well as z3+ forums. things i am looking for is a good camera and battery life
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    Thread Noob guide of installing MM update

    astitle says, I have been trying to install this since few hours now, can any ome please make up noob freindly guide
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    Thread Screen does not turn off

    HI, I am very happy with my MOto, Everything was okay but now my screen does not timeout just remains on, untill I press poser button, is there a setting I am missing, I have checked developer setting.
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    Thread [Q] How to go back to stock

    HI, fellow XDA members, I have a problem, I got rooted by rooted firmware flashing via fastboot, I am on 2.18. I need to go back to stock I have ww version, any help is appreciated
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    Thread Indian M4 Aqua dual Model number

    HI, guys I am considering buying indian model, would you please tell me what is model number of indian version, I want to figure out if I can use it in UK LTE Thanks in advance
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    Thread My Oneplus is very peculiarly dropping network when try to call

    I am very perplexed by this very peculiar problem which apparently no one has I bought my OPO here in UK, it arrived swiftly and i could not be happier. But wait, curiosity killed cat( in this case me) I was able to use my OPO regularly but i did a mistake and saw coloros posted on oneplus...
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    Thread Poll: compare battery life of all the roms for LG D802

    AS title Suggest I want to classify ROMS in Stock Modified stock ROM Port (either Flex or G3) CM/Open source If users can share there battery life, it will be easier to choose from ( without actually trying all of them)
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    Thread Rattling in Lumia 1020 camera Unit

    Hi everyone. I got this phone for 3 datys now, I have experienced rattle in camera Unit. if you shake the phone u can hear it, is OIS i am hearing, can any one s confirm this please.
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    Thread Exchange email client

    I am still amazed that android email client requires encryption, Please get it right google.
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    Thread [Q] Missing calls while connected to wifi

    I have o2 wifi at home, I have noticed that whenever I am connected to it even though phone shows good coverage I can not receive calls and even messages, as soon as I disconnect from wifi every messages include voicemeail messages would flood, I dont know i have never seen this behavior with...
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    Thread Motorola Smart actions

    Can any of our beloved xda devs can port this smart actions apk to HTC one, I kinda liked this app on Razr I.
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    Thread [Q] Changing MID and CID to Taiwan HTC One

    I have HTC One from Three UK, I got S-off, Super CID 11111111, currently on viper One, wondering if anyone tried changing there MID and CID and work out way to get taiwanees 2.24 update, now I dont want people saying do this do that, please I want to know who actually done this successfully. If...
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    Thread [Q] Any One in US got Google Edition HTC One

    AS title says, have any of early buyers have handset in there hand, If not what is estimated delivary date! Edit:: Found out one of website says for delivary on 9 July, so till then we have to wait for actual system Dump of working device
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    Thread Scott's Rom, Clean rom

    Have any one tried Clean rom for at&t htc one on international version, i used to like his roms on my at&T htc one x!-Refined!-Powerful!-Clean!-%26%239733%3B