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  1. xombiekz

    Thread [GUIDE] OREO without root or unlocking the bootloader

    Disclaimer Please note this guide has been tested on this particular device and only on one unit. Please use this information responsibly and have all your data backed up before continuing. Device info Device name: FRD-L19 Firmware version: FRD-L19C432B405 EMUI version: 5.0.1 Android version...
  2. xombiekz

    Post Honor 9 battery to honor 8

    I have spoken to mezkul (very nice person) about the battery swap and this is what i got from him: - The battery is holding up well, giving him greater yield that the one before and holding nicely in the phones day-to-day usage - The ribbon cable connecting the battery to the mobo is not the...
  3. xombiekz

    Post Honor 9 battery to honor 8

    Anyone else tried this? I am thinking of replacing the battery on my honor 8 and this now seems like a good option. There are a couple of replacement batteries on chinese stores that have higher capacity and would fit honor 8 (are even labeled to be a replacement battery for honor 8), but the...
  4. xombiekz

    Post New htc wildfire, need help!

    If u have speed issues, i suggest using kwbr ROM. I tried all sort of roms for wildfire (including cyanogenmod), but this one gave best results concerning speed and stability. Give it a try :angel:
  5. xombiekz

    Post Nexus 4...Round 2? [Updated DEC 4!!]

    When? Anybody have any information on when the nexus 4 will be available to the rest of the europe? (croatia for example) ? The first information said late november, but seems like that didn't happen. Any info would be much appreciated. <3
  6. xombiekz

    Post SetCPU for Root Users [2.2.4] Undervolting and more 07/07/2011

    Tnx man. Will try it out. (htc wildfire)
  7. xombiekz

    Post ---What operating system do you actually use on your device?---

    HTC Wildfire (android) Nokia N85 (symbian)