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  1. darkherman

    Thread TMO Revvl 5G (seattle) source code

    source code for Revvl 5G (codename seattle) is available. :D link
  2. darkherman

    Thread [Discontinued] [ROM] AOKP Pie (official)

    Android. Infused with magical unicorn bytes. INFO Read about AOKP and Team Kang here Device: s5neolte Maintainer: none Release Version: pie First time install Instructions Use these instructions when coming from any other ROM (stock, lineage, etc.) Download ROM. Download GAPPS if...
  3. darkherman

    Thread delete flashing_lock

    Does anyone know how to remove the flashing_lock and your device has loaded a different operating system to get back to the stock market? Pictures: :( my device:Revvlry Plus model number:XT1965-T
  4. darkherman

    Thread does moto g7 plus have vbmeta partition?

    Does Moto G7 Plus have vbmeta partition or is there vbmeta file development for Moto G7 Plus ?:confused: