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  1. michyprima

    Thread [app][5.0+/Chrome/iOS] Mirrordrin - sync notifications + remote reply

    Mirrordrin can sync notifications between your androids (with the native client), PCs (running chrome) and iOS devices. See, act and reply to your notifications from any device logged in to your account. Now in free public beta...
  2. michyprima

    Thread Quick for Wear - Reply with keyboards and quick replies on whatsapp, fb, hangouts etc

    No root needed! More informations:
  3. michyprima

    Thread Anyone willing to post a picture of the about screen?

    I need just to know what appears under Model. thanks!
  4. michyprima

    Thread [APP] Wear Messenger - Q&A, Requests, Ideas

    Hey guys! I'm the dev behind Dream Code :) I thought it was a good idea to open a support thread here. As a start: thank you to all the customers trusting me every day!
  5. michyprima

    Thread [Android 4+][Xposed] Messaging Bridge - Message on whatsapp and kik from sms clients!

    The title says it all. You can find it here: Available on the play store
  6. michyprima

    Thread [APP][Android Wear] Wear Messenger - Text from your wrist, with keyboard support!

    The title says everything! if you want to learn more, it is available on the playstore
  7. michyprima

    Thread [APP][Android 4.0+] Pebble Navigator - Google Navigator directions on your watch!

    This app shows Google Maps directions directly on your pebble. Open the watchapp on the watch, set google maps and you are good to go. You can also make your watch vibrate or turn on backlight on new direction and/or on proximity alerts. Proximity alert point is configurable. More...
  8. michyprima

    Thread [APP][Android 4.0+] Rich Notification for Pebble

    Since I didn't like the current solutions, I made mine :) Take a look: no accessibility service, custom notifications, android ui compliant and more! You can find more informations on the Play Store.
  9. michyprima

    Thread [Android 2.1+][Demo available] Misoft Backup

    * This app requires root and a correctly working busybox version for backup and restore apps. v1.19 from busybox installer works good, we advice in using that (later versions are buggy) * PIM backup and restore works without root! With this app you can backup and restore (without needing...
  10. michyprima

    Thread [Android 1.6+, ROOT] Toolbox

    With Toolbox (via root) you can: Reboot: Fully into recovery into download mode android only ("hot reboot") Turn off the phone Send APKs (zip-compressed) via bluetooth, email ecc Remove system and user apps Batch install APKs (apps) stored in a folder Save a log cat into the sd card...
  11. michyprima

    Thread [Android 2.1+][Demo available] Math Evil

    * A powerful math toolbox from students for students! * Multiple function plotter with: Smooth scroll Pinch to zoom Trace function Automatic asymptotes computing Automatic intersections computing Automatic max and mins computing Customizable plotter Shortcuts to:Step by step...
  12. michyprima

    Thread [DEV] Dual booting on Desire HD

    Welcome to the first dual boot menu for Desire HD What it is, and what it does. It is nothing more than a C-written executable which will start at your phone boot waiting for you to make a choice. When you choose, it will init the android you want. That lets you to have 2 android install, one...
  13. michyprima

    Thread Searching app idea for development

    that's it. I'm lacking inventive.anyone could give me some useful idea to realize? thanks everyone ;)
  14. michyprima

    Thread [04-02-2011][wwe-spa-fra-ita] esrom m2d r2 (jh2)

    ESROM is here to make your phone better. Again. Now with Manila. From the creators of other ESROMs, michytheone and michyprima. Changes upon R1: Fixed Torch and Reset bug Fixed manila2d graphic issues Fixed office bug Associated reg file to taskmanager Added MichyTheOne's DialerSwitch Skinned...
  15. michyprima

    Thread [ROM][31-12-2010][WWE-SPA-FRA-ITA] ESROM R4 Lite (JH2)

    ESROM is here to make your phone better. Again. From the creators of other ESROMs, michytheone and michyprima. Changes upon R3: Removed non present ringtones from Samsung Settings Fixed HTC Dialer Add to Contact bug Fixed compass bug Fixed Torch and Reset bug Added YouTube player Added...
  16. michyprima

    Thread [DUMP] Deodexed APKs from 1.32 rom

    As title says. I needed this files, so why not share them. Maybe someone will need them. They are from latest 1.32 rom. Archive contains both signed and unsigned files...
  17. michyprima

    Thread [Everyday Builds][latest linux_on_wince_htc][PPP] CM6.1+

    Welcome to my autobuild system. There you will find Cyanogen Mod 6.1+ stock builds, based on shubcraft 2.0. I included official linux_on_wince_htc kernel, and the gps fix found by vegaman. Everything else is like shubcraft stock. Warning: PPP only! FAQ: - "v" means a change in the build...
  18. michyprima

    Thread [Kernel][EVO Base][Overclocking][Undervolting][Extbatts] [email protected] (r2)

    Welcome to my kernel thread Since I changed the base, It's time to restart. Based on this git repoAXI Scaling925 mv undervoltingext4, cifs and nfs (built-in, no modules)no perflockcompiler optimizationsup to 1190mhz overclock (default freq 245-998mhz)my modified battery driver featuring...
  19. michyprima

    Thread [Kernel][Overclocking][Undervolting][Extbatts] [email protected] (r11)

    I merged latest GIT code w/ ElbartoME fixes and overclocking code by Huanyu, plus added nice features and mods. Sources available at:;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/htc-msm-2.6.32 This...
  20. michyprima

    Thread [Kernel] Image + startup.txt for 384mb based on Cotulla's Source

    Kernel version: [email protected] #1 Base: Cotulla's Source Tree w/ latest drivers enhancements Instruction: - Delete zImage - Unpack/replace my files in your sd Please refer to this kernel as "michyprima's build" for not making people confused. Ram Patch from Manus Freedom...
  21. michyprima

    Thread [rom][gsm][29/06/2010][ita/fra/wwe] esrom r2 [23123]

    First of all, thanks for coming. Today we will present you a new rom. What you will saying flashing it is: it works. Here is no manila, no slow apps, no problems. Basical informations: Windows mobile 6.5.3 23123 Pagepool 13 MB LZX compression SDKCerts kernel patch and Disabled Security Check...
  22. michyprima

    Thread [wm6.5] HD Mini lockscreen ported to WVGA/VGA only [working on 90% of leaked builds]

    that's my wvga/vga version... enjoy if you use it in your rom don't forget a quote. I'd like it. EDIT. Forgot to say Pin screen not working in any build, just on Photon ones. THAT MEANS YOU MUST DISABLE PIN (ON DEVICE NOT SIM CARD) BEFORE INSTALLING OR YOU'LL HAVE TO HARD RESET TO UNLOCK...
  23. michyprima

    Thread [ROMs][ITA][27-feb-2010][576mb][23541 & 21869][2.10] Michy's Pure & Essential

    Pure version Full of HTC Apps (less copilot), Manila 2012 w/ e-book & documents, full landscape, build 23541 (WM6.5.5). Fast & Stable! It includes my UC and my installer, plus winrar, totalcommander, voice commander (on send button), and timesynctz. It has Photon (HD Mini) lockscreen ported to...
  24. michyprima

    Thread ProvXMLCreator [1.0][Autoconfiguration for WiFi, Certificates and email]

    This tool will allow you to make your own provxml for autoconfiguring email accounts, wifi passwords and certificates storing. You can use this with apps which can import provxmls like my uc and others Enjoy
  25. michyprima

    Thread [ROM][01-02-10] Michy's R0.2 "Vista" [New gfx][23519.5.5.0][576mb]

    Michy's "Vista" Versione: Release 0 Lingua/e: ITA Creatore: MichyPrima Data di rilascio: 01/02/10 Descrizione: Driver 2.02, radio inclusa (per avere la ram in più, non cambiatela!), MaxManila, e come al solito il mio UC e il mio Installer (Vi permette di installare CAB,provxml e...
  26. michyprima

    Thread [ROM][ITA][26-01-10][RAM 576mb enabled] Michy's CleanSeries Release 0

    This is a nice way for you to have full RAM on your HD2, 576mb!! Michy's CleanSeries Versione: Release 0 Lingua/e: ITA Creatore: MichyPrima Data di rilascio: 26/01/10 Descrizione: Driver 2.02, radio, MaxManila, my uc and installer, Manila 1922 Included programs: The standards one...
  27. michyprima

    Thread [ROM] Android Launcher Light ROM

    - I've created this nbh for fun. Dont think this will be an updated work. I just think that someone would play with it and so it is here. - WARNING: This is not a WindowsMobile ROM. This has just WM core actually required to launch Android. Do you want only to use android, and you don't want to...
  28. michyprima

    Thread [ROM][09-01-10][ITA] MJ_Cyan (R6.1) [Manila 2.5][WM6.5.3.23518]

    MJ_Cyan Version: R6.1 Language: Italian (0410) Creators: MichyPrima (Cook), James72 (Graphics, test) Release date: 09/01/10 Description: ROM WM6.5.3 for htc Raphael, full version, manila 2.5. Included programs: Manila 2.5 and all dependencies 3G Dialer Google maps Opera 9.7 Voice Commander...
  29. michyprima

    Thread [ROM][WM6.5][ITA] Michy's StableSeries Build 23060 - Sense 2.1

    Michy's StableSeries Version: R0, 5.2.23060 Language: ITA Cooker: MichyPrima Releasing date: 15/10/2009 Description: This rom is based on 1.86 shipped, and cooked to be stable, speedy and free from that **** that HTC always includes. Videocall is working (i say this cause in many roms it...
  30. michyprima

    Thread [.NetCF Library] Manila Interface SDK

    * Automatically detects screen size and dpi and adapt to it images * Various manila styled controls, to allow you make a better-looking .net application * Possibility to override automatical screen detection if it doesn't work for you * Kinetic scrolling list control, where you can add any kind...
  31. michyprima

    Thread [ROM][WM6.5][ITA/CHT/DAN/FRA/GER/NLD/NOR/PTG/SPA/SVE] Michy's ROM [R0][7 lang online]

    Based on 1.88 original WM6.5 ROM. Has newest manila 2.1 with weather on home tab. Coming soon! (To mods: please don't delete that thread, will add links and updated informations in a few days) I decided to create these roms since all there are english...and if people wants localized roms? :)...
  32. michyprima

    Thread Real WM6.1 Resources for newer builds

    Some person asked for them, so there are. Copy in windows folder... Enjoy
  33. michyprima

    Thread [APP] Michy's Installer - complete wceload repleacement!

    - Michy's Installer - Have you ever got an "Installation Unsuccesfull" message? Or a "Uninstall failed" message? Or worst thing an "Missing privileges" while installing a cab? Now this messages are gone. With my installer, which is a complete Wceload and uninstaller replacement, any...
  34. michyprima

    Thread (Maybe) UC v3.0 - Get the BEST from user customization!

    Ok, i was bored about rewriting sdconfig.txt everytime i changed the romlanguage, so i decided to make something that will avoid this, and will avoid to write the sdconfig.txt too ;) What are the main goals of my project? Install everything you want without careing about romlanguage automatize...
  35. michyprima

    Thread [ROM][ITA][16-06-09] MichyPrima's Deneb R1 [ONLINE][NEWSKIN][BUGFIXED]

    MichyPrima's Deneb R1 Versione: R1 - WM6.5 B.21812 Lingua/e: ITA Creatore: MichyPrima Data di rilascio: 16 Junr 2009 Descrizione: The rom is based 5.11, has nocert patch, pagepool 16mb. Memory values: RAM 193 total, 77 in use, 115 free; Storage ~355, 9 in use. Included packages HERE. NOTE: In...
  36. michyprima

    Thread [ROM][ITA][13-06-09] MichyPrima's Deneb R0 [ONLINE]

    WINDOWS MOBILE 6.5 21812 ITA - FULLY WORKING Apps included: *HTC Comm Manager 2.8 *Manila 3d2 *Tbattery *DCI Battery & Mem *HTC Calc *FDCSoft Tskmgr *PIM Bcq * Pocket RAR *Pocket Screen *Synchro Time *Youtube 1.0 *MP3 Trimmer *HTC Album 2 *Schap's Adv config Download...
  37. michyprima

    Thread [ROM][WWE][08 June 2009] R0 MiChY - KeybModded Edit. (B.21806) [ONLINE]

    R0 MiChY - KeybModded Edition Version: R0 - Build 21806 Lang: WWE Cooker: MichyPrima Date: 08/06/2009 Description: ROM based on the last WM6.5. It has rhodium's manila, and I removed unuseful stuff (like volume control). The SMS/MMS button is modified to change the accent on the last letter...
  38. michyprima

    Thread Thanks for your gift - I.e. how i spent your donations!

    Oh well, how to say...My athena is going to be old...And the time to change it was very soon, so I decided to... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
  39. michyprima

    Thread MichyPrima presents: ROM WM6.5 B21501 R6.5 Reloaded - Full & Light

    ROM WM6.5 B21501 R6.5 Reloaded Full & Light The WM6.5 interface is untouched so there is no need to add screenshot. Light: Full...
  40. michyprima

    Thread MichyPrima presents: ROM WM6.1 B21042 R6.1 Reloaded - Full

    ROM WM6.1 B21042 R6.1 Reloaded Download: Anyway, if you like what i do, don't forget to donate using the link in the signature. Thanks.
  41. michyprima

    Thread MichyPrima presents: ROM WM6.1 B21042 - R0 Light Reloaded

    The first rom from me for X7510 is here. Build 21042 (Topaz), Drivers from X7510 last original ROM, and just everything clean and...and nothing, just let you comment it there ;) The version is really without anything (it is lighter than 76mb). If this will be good for you, there will be other...
  42. michyprima

    Thread MichyPrima's X7510 Project begins

    Well, Today i received another one of the pm asking about making x7510 rom. I was still waiting cmonex as i wrote, but on that other pm i decided to do all myself. So i ported my kitchen to x7510. Porting gone very well. The speed, and all the enhancements of my roms will be soon available for...
  43. michyprima

    Thread BETA4: Michy's R6.5 B 21202 - 07/04/09

    Another build is here: * New build * Some bugfixes Download: Simply...Enjoy! And if you like this work and you want to give me a little present...don't be afraid to donate :)
  44. michyprima

    Thread BETA3: Michy's R6.5 Build 21198 - 26/03/09

    Another build is here: And now: * more memory available * Fixed taskbar and today's clock * some other bugfixes And more... Download: Simply...Enjoy. PS. DONT ASK FOR A SPL1.2 VERSION: there will be one for it ONLY for...
  45. michyprima

    Thread BETA2: Michy's R6.5 Build 21193

    Now the 6.5 is better. MichyPrima Presents: WM6.5 Build 21193 for Athena Version R6.5 BETA2 Now: Messenger works Cab are installing correctly Taskbar is displayed correctly ...and more Enjoy SPL3.5 only:
  46. michyprima

    Thread BETA: Michy's R6.5 - Windows Mobile 6.5 B 21176

  47. michyprima

    Thread T.i.R.v9.1A - SYS&XIP 20764 - M2D - PDM [ONLINE]

    How to change the soul to your artemis... T.i.R. v9.1 A who participated on this work:: MichyPrima MaJa udK Ciobo UltimoJedi MMark MichyPrima Another food ready to give it to your artemis: T.i.R.v9.1A!!! This time more reactive, with more storage and with his updates... I would to say...
  48. michyprima

    Thread MichyPrima presents: ROM WM6.5 Multilang R1 Clean Edition - Released

    Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional CE OS 5.2.21500 (Build 21500.5.0.0) Ver R1 Clean Edition MiChY A new ROM series is here. MichyPrima's ROM studio presents: The first Clean Edition ROM, with a lot of RAM free and very few apps included. Screenshots are not needed, we all know how Windows...
  49. michyprima

    Thread My ROMs for ATHE400? Maybe YES...but...

    Hi all, I'm going to release all my new ROMs for X7510...but... I'm waiting anyone that explain me how to port my OEM to this device. I'm waiting cmonex from the day when the R5.1 was released...but still nothing. Can anyone give to me a package with REG changes, drivers and XIP? Thanks to who...
  50. michyprima

    Thread [TOOL] DSM Analyzer + ModulesTools by MichyPrima - Update 14 June 2009

    This tool let you to analyze *ANY* DSM or *ANY* Folder containing DSM. It doesnt use files like packages.sof or other so you can analyze XIP folders, SYS folders, OEM folders, DUMP folder, and others. However, it can export files listed in a DSM in a folder that you want (useful if you analyze a...