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    Thread Increasing Universal speaker volume

    I dont mind the crack sounds,etc. Is there a way to increase the speaker volume (for music). TCMP media player does a great job with a feature to increase the volume, but dont see a similar method for all other sound or WMP (since I have DRM music from napster that doesnt play using TCMP) Regards
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    Thread Voq Professional Mobile SmartPhone - WM5?

    Doe anyone have any idea where I can get WM5 for Voq Professional GSM Tri-Band Mobile SmartPhone ( Its an old model but seems to have the requirements to handle WM5. Any idea if another company made...
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    Thread Stuck at bootloader after upgrade to 3.2

    I started with i-mate JASJAR AKU 3.2 Rom Update 1.90.94 (96) then tried Ivans.,.after the upgrade I restarted the cell but got stuck at "the upgrade screen" . I tried again. Wont start the system - stops at the upgrade screen. Ran 1.90.94(96) again to get myself back to the thing...restarted...
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    Thread Support via Email

    If you guys need any support on Prophet, email me anytime. I may be kinda slow due to mass work load (starting my on software and hosting company) so too much time there. Email me at shivam (at) shivam (dot) info and ill get back to you guys with your support requests for Prophet. Im not too...
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    Thread Upgrade PDAMobiz Customized Rom for all IPL/SPL version

    Note: This is a custom firmware but it is DEFINITELY the best and should have been a company of its own! Damned it isn't. It even lets your mono bluetooth headset listen to music!!!!! ROM OF THE YEAR!!! Since HTC issued new IPL/SPL version 2.xx.0001, all tools that we use to cook the...
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    Thread Tips and Tricks - Newbies guide ESPECIALLY for Imate Users

    As posted by me on Club Imate SUPPORT Forums , These may or may not be advised by the support staff here, but after using the Prophet device and Magician I can advise this if you face major isssues like slow downs or errors in your device (software) Option 1: Hard reset, and softreset...
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    Thread Active Sync 4.2 PROPHET Compatible

    Active Sync 4.2 PROPHET Compatible (duh!) Note this is BETA and not 100% stable yet..yet it had some added features
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    Thread Active Sync 4.2 (All Phones) Active Sync 4.2 Beta Preview is now out ! :)
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    Thread What Magician Model should I use?

    I had a O2 mini which i transformmed into the T-Mobile 1.13 , but I wonder what does the T-Mobile 1.13 have that the O2 Mini 1.03 didnt have? Or what did the o2 Mini 1.03 have that T-Mobile doesnt have? I really want to know which other model/brands are better or offer better "extra" Rom tools...
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    Thread How To: Change your Pop3 and SMTP ports - Solution

    Okay I solved my own question....with the easiest solution ever but I was so blind.... Check this out --- Can you believe it...was so simple. Just enter Pop3: (1010 is the port) (2525 is the port). I was looking at how to set up gmail on my...
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    Thread Changing Pop3 & SMTP Email Port Settings ?

    I have an email id at my own domain which uses ports 1010 and 2525 (pop3 and smtp respectively). However I cant find out a single way to change the ports on my Xda II Mini from the default 110 port. Any suggestions or working programs? Any kind of advice or help or programs (paid and free)...