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  1. CurtisMJ

    Thread [ROOT][APP] Logo+ - OSS Implementation of Lighting Effects for Razer Phone 2

    My device has met with QC issues and I've elected not to replace it. Development on this project may stagnate LogoPlus is an Open Source Alternative to the stock Razer Chroma Configurator app and corresponding service The latest version can be downloaded from GitHub (cant load XDAs upload...
  2. CurtisMJ

    Thread [Research] OSS Chroma Service

    As the light up logo on the back of the Razer Phone 2 is one of its most striking features, I felt it was a good idea to get some documentation going on what makes it tick and open the way for possibly using the logo for our own effects. I'll expand this thread as time goes on. My ultimate goal...
  3. CurtisMJ

    Thread Kernel source and factory images

    Kernel source and factory images were released by Razer a few hours ago
  4. CurtisMJ

    Thread [KERNEL][G800F][exynos][G800FXXU1*][TW Only][MM Only]Custom Kernel

    Side note: Tripping KNOX counter might break some Samsung applications even after a factory reset. This might be due to secure storage(which is fixable), but for now be cautious if you depend on these features! This image will likley damage the Qualcomm variant of the S5 Mini, do not flash if...
  5. CurtisMJ

    Thread [KERNEL][23/05/14][S2W] S2W Kernel!

    S2W Kernel! S2W mod of InifintyKernel! Finally, S2W for our device! This kernel includes the following features: All features of InfinityKernel #6 Dedicated control app! Sweep2Wake Sweep2Lock Hold2Wake DoubleTap2Wake Pocket mode! And all stable! hopefully Pocket Mode Uses the proximity...
  6. CurtisMJ

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION]Neon\Black Custom Boot Animation with Shutdown Animation

    A custom boot animation I made for our device Hope you enjoy it! :fingers-crossed: The idea was to make a sort of retro type neon sign on a carbon fiber board. It has since deviated a little, but I like it that way. Bootup animation: - 25.28 MB(I know, its pretty big for a boot...
  7. CurtisMJ

    Thread [Q] Terminal shell is broken/inaccessible

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, I'm a bit noobish(most experience is on desktop linux) I have an Iconia A500 tablet which I rooted. Later I became a little bored of the default android shell and decided to replace it with bash. It worked fine. Unfortunately, I later required the default...