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  1. Vega_Kangmin

    Thread How to UNBRICK (HARDBRICK) your G3 Cat.6 [F460]

    This method is for Kitkat, and lollipop. Now i'm going to introduce how to unbrick your G3 Cat.6. First, you need to download these files. 1. TOT,KDZ files 2. Windows LG Firmware Extract...
  2. Vega_Kangmin

    Thread LG G3 Cat.6 [F460] KDZ,TOT Download

    KDZ Files - Marshmellow SKT (SKTelecom) [F460S] KT (KT Corporation) [F460K] - Please wait... fixing LG U+ [F460L]...
  3. Vega_Kangmin

    Thread Debrick.img For G3 Cat.6 [F460S, F460K, F460L] (that link is going to the Microsoft onedrive) these debrick image is from F460K Lollipop, but it works F460S, and F460L. (I checked it works on F460S KK and Lollipop.)