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    Thread Battery or USB charging port connector

    Hi all Am repairing a Sm-t805 and have found that I only get 0.27 A at 5V when charging. This is no matter what charger or cable I use. So naturally it takes a long time to charge. Questions is this. Is it a failing battery or a dodgy USB port? I could replace both but really want to find...
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    Thread Prox sensor only works when holding corner of screen

    Hi all Today I noticed that the left hand upper corner of my screen is lifting slightly above the edge of the frame, about 1 mm max. I can push it down but it lifts again after 10 seconds of so . I also discovered this affects the operation proximity sensor. For example, when i make a call...
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    Thread Cannot enter recovery

    Hi, I have an E5823 from a friend (sounds dodgy but is for real). *. Phone is from Sweden and boots up with a 3 logo *. I cannot enter recovery no matter what combinations of power and volume buttons i use *. None of the codes (like *#*#7378423#*#* or *#06#) work *. i don't know if the...
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    Thread Cannot enter recovery

    Hi, I have an E5823 from a friend (sounds dodgy but is for real). *. Phone is from Sweden and boots up with a 3 logo *. I cannot enter recovery no matter what combinations of power and volume buttons i use *. None of the codes (like *#*#7378423#*#* or *#06#) work *. i don't know if the...
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    Thread Note 3 LCD screen has ATT stamp

    Dear all Sorry if this is a dumb question . . . I have an international note 3 SM-N9005. When removing the motherboard the screen has the stamped label LTE. I am replacing the screen but the part sent to me has the stamped label ATT. I am assuming that this is the wrong screen, namely an...
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    Thread Latest version of TWRP not booting on 9005 Note 3.

    Hi all I have a question that has probably been asked before but i cant seem to find a definite answer. I have a Note 3 SM-N9005 (Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974)). I would like to flash latest TWRP. I am sure i have the right TWRP ( All goes well in Odin but TWRP doesnt...
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    Thread Does Note 4 Micro USB Port have different dimensions?

    This may be a dumb question but does Note 4 micro USB Port have (slightly) different dimensions? I have a USB to micro USB cable I use to connect a stick to my HTC One X, S3, SamsungTablet, etc. However the micro USB wont fit into my Note 4. (or Note 3 and Note 2 as well). I also have a...
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    Thread Are Qualcomm and Exynos Motherboards interchangeable for the 910F?

    All I have a Note 4 (SM-N910F) that has just begun to experience the freezing issue. Using Wake Lock to keep it running. I will plan to change the motherboard. Are Qualcomm and Exynos Motherboards for the 910F interchangeable? ie connections, size, etc, I cant seem to find this...
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    Thread New blank motherboard needing bootloader

    Hallo I am planning to replace my Note 2 motherboard with a new motherboard. The board, when it arrives, will most likely be completely blank. How do i install a bootloader so i can get to download mode and then use ODIN to flash a ROM? I don't have access to any methods other than what can...
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    Thread S3 Running KitKat 4.4.4. Cant switch on mobile data

    Hallo Have an S3 on which i have just installed 4.4.4 (back-to-n00t_ROM_V9). Was running some custom 6.0.1 roms but the phone just couldn't handle it. Phone is rooted and I have full root access. Anyway i have an issue switching on Mobile Data In Settings, Connections, Data Usage, I check...
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    Thread Temasek's UNOFFICIAL CyanogenMod 13, ROM

    I am running the Temasek ROM cm-13.0-20161226 UNOFFICIAL Temasek i9300-V12. I have two questions please regarding the camera 1. I cannot find how to save camera pictures to the SD Card 2. Also Photo Gallery doesn't seem to exist Thanks in Advance
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    Thread S3 CM13 ROM hanging, camera app crashing

    I have an International S3 running CM13 version 13.0-2015227 Nightly-i9300. (MM6.0.1) Lately it has begun to hang and the camera app constantly freezes. I have wipes cache and dalvic cache but that doesn't help Suspect i need to re-flash or upgrade to latest CM13 Does anyone please have a...
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    Thread Can't save camera photos to SD Card

    Hi I have a Galaxy S3 international (GT-i9300) running CM13.0-20151227 Nightly. The SD card was configured as internal memory and many of the phone apps were crashing. I have now re-formatted the SD card as portable. Crashing problems have gone away but i cant get the camera app to save...
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    Thread Note 4 Screen Overlay Detected

    Dear all (Note 4 unrooted, DBT, Stock 6.0.1) I keep getting a Screen Overlay Detected message when trying to set permissions. I understand it is a common bug. But i cannot fix it despite trying the various methods described in YouTube, forums, etc. I have tried turning off all the apps that...
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    Thread Resurrection Remix 5.5.9 International One X

    Hi all Does anyone have a link to Resurrection Remix 5.5.9 for the International One X. Cant seem to find it anywhere.
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    Thread Need to enter SIM pin multiple times to unlock phone running Resurrection Remix

    Hello all I am running Resurrection Remix LP v5.5.6 (android version 5.1.1) on my HTC International One X. It works quite well. My SIM has a PIN, fixed by the carrier. When i reboot the phone i have to enter the PIN at least 5 or 6 times before the phone unlocks. Does anyone know why...
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    Thread SM-N9005 Kernel

    Anyone got a clean kernel for SM-N9005. Trying to re-flash stock 5.0 after unsuccessful root but keep boot looping. Thanks
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    Thread 9005 Rooted but keeps crashing

    Dear all SM-N9005 running stock 5.0. Initially tried CWM n9005-cwm-recovery- but couldn't get phone to boot. Then tried rooting with twrp- Successful root but phone kept freezing and crashing. Went back to stock 5.0 (via ODIN and also again with...
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    Thread Note 3 Keeps freezing on boot screen

    I have a Note 3 (SM-N9005) running Lollipop 5.0 I tried to root (n900-cwm-recovery- via Odin. It PASSED) but couldn't get to custom recovery. It would only go to download mode with a message at the top of the screen saying "could not do normal boot". Tried re-flashing 3 times...
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    Thread SM-N9005 Reflow using oven

    All has anyone had any experience fixing dry/broken joints on a SM-N9005 motherboard using a domestic oven as a re-flow oven? Some research for other phones suggests cooking at 385F or 200C for 7 to 10 minutes. Any comments appreciated. Thanks
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    Thread Screen not responding to touch

    Hi all I had the entire display of the phone (SM-N9005) replaced after a fall. Now after three months touch is not working. SPEN is working Any ideas please? I have checked all the connections Thanks
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    Thread Note 2 Stock ROM will not flash

    Hi all I have a GT-N7100. Got a problem where screen says "Firmware upgrade encountered an error" I can get to download mode (with the aid of USB jig) but Stock ROM's (or any other ROM) will not flash. Odin stops at Get PIT for mapping, then fails. Phone not rooted (never has been), and...
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    Thread Touch Screen not working

    Hi A friend has a NOTE 3 (SM_N9500). She dropped it a broke the screen and then had the whole display replaced. Now after a few months the touch screen now does not respond. SPEN works fine Any hints about what to look for? Thanks
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    Thread Touch Screen suddenly stopped working

    Hi all A colleague had the display replaced (not sure why) on his Note 3 SM-N9005 a few months ago. Now, suddenly, the touch screen stops working. S-Pen is fine. Any ideas of what to look for, externally, internally, connectors, etc? Has not been dropped, rooted. Running Lollipop 5.0 Stock...
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    Thread Touch Screen not working

    Hi All I have a Note 3 N9005. All of a sudden the touch screen is not working. Does not respond to my finger. Has not been dropped. However S-Pen works fine. Please any ideas? Thanks
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    Thread Phone is disabled

    Hi I have a International One X running Resurrection Remix 5.1.1. Every now and then the phone just stops working. See attached screenshots, I have to reboot to get it working again. Any ideas why this is happening please? Thanks in advance
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    Thread Installing New Motherboard

    Hi All Am thinking to get a new totally blank motherboard for the Note 2 N7100. Whilst i am up to speed on flashing ROM's what needs to be done before flashing if the board is completely blank, no IMEI, nothing, etc. Thanks in advance
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    Thread Note 2 Failed. Cant enter recovery or download mode

    Hi All My Note 2 (7100 International) failed. All i can get is the "Firmware upgrade encountered an error" screen. Cannot enter download or recovery. Kies doesn't recognise the phone. Does connect to Odin but cannot flash ROM or PIT. Odin stops at "Get PIT for mapping" Please ideas? Thanks
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    Thread Resurrection Remix Camera File Numbering

    I am running Resurrection Remix LP v5.5.6. Does anyone have any idea about how the photos in the camera app are numbered? The first part of the file name i understand. It's year, month and date. Its the second part i don't get. The numbers appear to be random and definitely not...
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    Thread cm-12-20150214-UNOFFICIAL-endeavoru-big. No phone signal

    Hi all Am running cm-12-20150214-UNOFFICIAL-endeavoru-big on my HTC One X International Version. All went well for a week. Now the phone signal is really low. In fact mostly there is not signal at all. Anyone have this experience? And a fix? Thanks
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    Thread International One X (HTC__J15) How to do Hboot Upgrade

    Hi I have an International One x running hboot 1.31, version-main: 3.14.401.619. CID is HTC__J15, S_ON I used the tool JBFWTOOL21 a couple of years ago to get to that point. I now want to update hboot to 1.39 (or later) so i can flash more recent ROMs, but cant seem to do so. All RUU's i...
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    Thread Firmware upgrade error

    Dear all I have an International Note 2. I have an error message "Firmware upgrade encountered an error." See attached I cannot get to download or recovery. Holding Home, Vol Up (or Down) and power button just reboots to the same screen in both cases. Kies does not recognise my phone Odin...
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    Thread [Q] Can I edit RUU android-info.txt to 3.14.401.620?

    Hi all I am using the RUU RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_JB_45_S_HTC_Europe_3.14.401.31_R_Radio_5.1204.162.29_release_302015_signed.exe to revert to stock. My current version according to the RUU 3.14.401.619. The RUU version is 3.14.401.31. So i get a message the RUU wont upgrade. See attached Now the...
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    Thread [Q] RUU is in Arabic. Need English

    Hi all I have downloaded RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_JB_45_S_HTC_Europe_3.14.401.31_R_Radio_5.1204.162.29_release_302015_signed.exe But when i run the exe it is all in Arabic. I believe this is the correct RUU for my HOX but how do i get the GUI in English. Thanks
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    Thread [Q] How to Determine Build Number

    Hello all How do i tell which software version i have. I wish to do a RUU update and would like to be sure i am using the right RUU What is difference between the two parameters below?? When i run fastboot getvar all i get a parameter returned (bootloader) version-main: 3.14.401.619 When i...
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    Thread [Q] Return to stock ROM International One X

    Dear all I have been advised on this site that given the problems with my HTC One x (the SD card sometimes not being readable and not being able to upgrade to HBOOT 1.72) that i need to return to the stock ROM I have downloaded RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_JB_45_S_HTC_Europe_3.14.401.31_R_Ra...
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    Thread [Q] Attempting to upgrade HBOOT

    Hi all I am attempting to upgrade HBOOT from 1.31 to 1.7 To upgrade HBOOT i ran did the following fastboot oem lock fastboot oem rebootRUU fastboot flash zip I kept getting the following error sending 'zip' (12605 KB)... OKAY [ 1.510s] writing 'zip'... (bootloader) adopting...
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    Thread [Q] Upgrade HBOOT

    Hi I have the International HOX. It is running HBoot 1.31. Do i need to upgrade HBoot to enable flashing new custom ROMS, such as Lollipop? I have lots of trouble installing new ROMs 4.4 or later If so how do I update the HBoot? I have see tutorials for installing custom ROMs and they all...
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    Thread [Q] Upgraded to CM12/Lollipop ROM

    Dear all I attempted to CM12/Lollipop ROM ( All went well. I followed instructions exactly including flashing boot.img. I encountered no errors during the flashing However now i am in a boot loop with the CM smiley...
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    Thread [Q] HTC One X International best ROM

    Hello all I have a rooted HTC One X running 4.2.2 (AOKP). Could anyone advise me which is the best ROM to upgrade to. Looking to refresh the look and appeal of the HTC One X. Also ROM seems to be crashing a lot lately. Thanks
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    Thread [Q] Cant Enter Recovery or Download Mode

    Hi I have a Note 2 that only shows the "Firmware upgrade encountered an error screen" (attached) I cannot enter recovery or download mode. When i hold the button combination for either mode, the phone blinks and then returns to the "Firmware upgrade encountered an error screen". Any ideas or...
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    Thread [Q] GT-N7100 Display not working after motherboard replacement

    Hi all I have replaced the motherboard of my GT-N7100. The board is 2nd hand and was confirmed as in prefect condition. When i power on the Note 2 makes all the right noises but there is no display. I double checked all the connections. Any ideas from anyone gratefully received. Thanks
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    Thread [Q] Note 2 GT-N7100. Is this SDS or not?

    Dear all I can only enter download mode. Top left of download mode screen is as per the attached picture. The Product Name is written as GT-N7100. Please does this mean SDSor not? If not what can i do? I have flashed just about everything with ODIN including the PIT Any advise greatly...
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    Thread [Q] Note 2

    Hi I have a Note 2 (international GT-N7100) that does not start. It shows a firmware upgrade error (attached) when i switch it on. I can only enter download mode (attached). I am being told the phone suffered SDS but in download mode you can still see the product name (attached). Prior to...
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    Thread [Q] GT-N7100 Showing Firmware upgrade error

    Dear all, Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. My International Note 2 (GT-N7100) shows the screen "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue..." I was not flashing at the time. The phone rebooted itself and then got stuck on that screen. I can enter download mode, but not recovery...