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  1. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread S-Pen not connecting

    My S-Pen won't connect. I place it on the back with the tip up and it doesn't connect. Nothing changes on the screen. Tried reset of the S-Pen in the app several times. Anyone knows of a solution to this? The pen works to use normal but says disconnected so can't use any special features.
  2. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Qmmi and FFBM

    My bootloader and Recovery looks like this. Also got this Is this the normal bootloader and Recovery? Haven't seen FFBM and Qmmi before on a samsung device.
  3. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Using bluetooth in privatespace?

    I've been trying to use bluetooth calling in privatespace, it will detect and so on but it wont transmit any voice over bluetooth, im guessing its because of permissions. Anyway of fixing this?
  4. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Way of Switching quickly between virtual keyboards?

    I use SwiftKey a lot and I like it I found that a keyboard clipkey is a keyboard I would like to use sometimes when I do certain things where sending pre defined phrases to send. Im looking for a way to quickly change between ClipKey and SwiftKey Anyone has suggestions how to do it? Might be a...
  5. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread How to get device encryption?

    How can I get full device encryption on the p20 pro? Not even the private space is encrypted i believe?
  6. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Samsung Camera port to lineage OS?

    I tried simply installing the camera app apk directly on lineage OS, which failed also tried cloning it so it wouldnt be named the same as the system app. Anyone know how to get it installed? And would it work even if i got it installed? Would love to have the Samsung camera app working on...
  7. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Custom recovery for Mate 10 pro?

    Anyone knows if there is any custom recovery for the Mate 10 pro? or if anyone is working on one. Would been great to be able to flash ROMs and such without a computer :P
  8. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Heart rate sync ?

    Is there anyway to sync/use the heart rate monitor on the watch for an app on the phone? And do anyone know a good app to have on the watch to make best use of the heart rate monitor? I would like it to check regularly through out the day. I got the H1 smartwatch.
  9. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Creating digital catalog

    Hi all. Im trying to create a digital product catalog using some chinese android tablets. I got root on them and they are running 4.4.2 I need an app that could possibly lock people inside a specific website with no option to enter website or such. And to leave this they need to enter a password...
  10. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Aktive 3G Connection but no Internet How to fix?

    Hey all. I'm having a problem with Internet now, just got my sim card up and working, had to reinstall different rom to fix it. BUT now I can't get Internet to work over 3G I'm using AT&T and pay as u go. I got a 3G/h up in the corner but internet still doesn't work. Anybody have suggestions how...
  11. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Wifi not working after installing MIUI

    Ok this is my problem, I just installed GalnetMIUI Chameleon RC3 and i cant get wifi to work. It connects to different networks fine BUT i cant get on the internet, I checked so i get IP and if you go to *#*#4636#*#* you can run a test also, and it passed, it checks against But when...
  12. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Desire only has 34mb free after fresh install? ...

    hey all :) dont know if anybody else has this issue but. Tried reinstalling 3-4 times and i still have around 30-40mb AFTER a full wipe and re install of 2 different ROMs. This shouldnt happen!! :p Roms i tried: AuraxTsense Starburst. Both use to work perfect. Sudenly this start to happen when...
  13. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Desire HD from Three in UK not working with 3 in Sweden?

    Hey all. I just moved from UK back to Sweden and ofc i took my Desire HD with me. Its unlocked and everything(double checked at work :p) but when i put in my Swedish 3 card it wont be detected, tried a new sim and it still wont detect any sim card. My Swedish Tele2 sim card works fine but not 3...
  14. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread [KITCHEN][ROM] now available for Desire HD!!

    Great news Guys! [KITCHEN][ROM] now available for Desire HD!! It's still very high beta testing for this but you are welcome to try it out :) I've added the rapid rom so far. Im trying to update the best i can but i work much so :( Try it out and let me know the results :)...
  15. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread [GUIDE]Uninstalling Stock/System Apps

    Hello all :=) Thought i would give a small quick guide for you hehe. Ofc root your phone before this :=) Step1. Install Titanium Backup from market. Step2. Start it. step 3 Firstly, after you run Titanium Backup you need to tap on "Problems?" and accept to download BusyBox. Step 4. Keep your...
  16. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Cook Android(Cook your HTC Hero roms online)

    Hello all Hero owners =) The popular Desire kitchen is coming to Hero! I will be opening this kitchen within the next couple of days, I will try to get it running within 24h. If you are a developer and want your ROM here please let me know. I will be adding the most popular ROMs for Legend...
  17. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Cook Android(Cook your HTC Legend roms online)

    Hello all Legend owners =) The popular kitchen is coming to Legend! I will be opening this kitchen within the next couple of days, I will try to get it running within 24h. Special thanks to HNH992 that developed the scripts and the site :=) If you are a developer and want your ROM here please...
  18. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Cook Android(Cook your HTC Desire roms online)

    Hey all. I will be leading the thread from now on since im most active :=) I will try to keep you all as updated as i can regarding the site and so on. Kitchen is LIVE For the moment! Please use Use and SPECIAL THANKS: HNH992 nicolajreck HUGE UPDATE! All new...
  19. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread [MOD] LCD Density on Desire // Bigger screen.

    Hi all. I thought i give you a little hint what you can do with your Desire. Have you always wanted a bigger screen? Now there is a way. It's been known for a while but not many people done it on Desire what i've seen. You do it by changing LCD Density. The original is 240. A good value is 200...
  20. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread moved! Read!

    Hey all :=) We are moving servers at the moment and the server is up and running but at the moment no domain, Its on its way Fully dedicated server :) The current address is Go there and press Cookandroid Please report any errors :) UPDATE: Just tried it it works...
  21. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread [Read] Do you want your ROM/App on

    Hey all developers :=) I've seen requests to add several new roms from the developers them self. SO IF you want your ROM or app in the Kitchen, Please PM me or HNH992 and we can sort it out, I would appreciate a direct-link also, no rapidshare and such. And if you read my little signature im...
  22. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread NexTSense v5.3 makes phone faulty? :p

    After installing 5.3 my phone has been worthless. 5.0 worked fine. cant install applications 3g/H works crap all of the sudden. Wifi works it seems. Tried downloading to SD card but sad not enough space :S i got lots... Suggestions?
  23. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Flash + our new ROMs?

    How do i get flash 10.1 with the new roms? I cant find it on market for some reason :S suggestions guys?
  24. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread spare parts/google maps cant install?

    When I upgraded to a new 2.2sense Rom with official 2.2 for desire(any of the roms) I can't upgrade spare parts or Google maps. I get installation failure:S Suggestions?
  25. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Internet(Wifi and 3G) going down after screen timeout

    Hey all. My internet stops after 15min when screen is off. Happened on leedroid and djdroid so far. Anybody else having same issues? BOTH wifi and 3G forgot to say that lol :) Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  26. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread [MOD] Wake up phone using Trackball?

    hey all, been looking into the bravo-keypad and if you look at the top of a bravo-keypad for wake up using BACK you have this key 102 HOME key 139 MENU key 158 BACK WAKE_DROPPED key 217 SEARCH key 107 ENDCALL WAKE_DROPPED key 116 POWER...
  27. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Orange Desire + New Radio..

    Anybody got another solution for this except unlocking? cant really afford to unlock at the moment and it seems that all roms kind of req it now for them to work well :S Suggestions?
  28. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Developers look here! ROM Hosting

    Hey all developers :) I'v started a small site which i hope will grow fast :) I'm offering all developers free hosting for your ROM's on my server. I got several developers interested and signed up already and im working on better design at the moment. It has high speed and...
  29. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Developers look here! ROM Hosting

    Hey all developers :) I'v started a small site which i hope will grow fast :) I'm offering all developers free hosting for your ROM's on my server. I got several developers interested and signed up already and im working on better design at the moment. It has high speed and...
  30. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread zipalign source?

    Anybody know where i could find it? its GPL right?
  31. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Free hosting for all developers

    Hey all :) Just wanted to bring my other thread up to light here, started in the Desire section. I have a server that i could host different ROMs for many different phones on and easy download for all users here. And uploader account for...
  32. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread free ROM Hosting for users also

    Hey all developers and downloaders of ROMs ^^ See many new developers here now so please take him and take a look here :) I got a server with unlimited bandwidth and Storage so im giving out free hosting to all developers. The website is I got a application form on that page and...
  33. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread ROM Hosting!

    Hi All. I got a server with unlimited bandwidth and Storage so i thought i could start hosting all custom ROMs. Just wanted to know what you all would think about it? All ROMs at one location without the need for Rapidshare and such. Upload account for developers and such. UPDATE...
  34. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Diamond flashing through Linux

    Hey all. im sitting and trying to flash the Energy ROM on my Touch Diamond. Tried HTCFlasher but it cant find my device, says device not found. Tried putting the DIAMIMG.NBH on the card no difference, the phone wont install it. the Put Diamond to "USB Trigger Mode" through holding VolDown+Back...
  35. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Flashing ROM over linux

    Hey all Im sorry if this question have been asked, A guide how to flash radios and ROMs in Linux? Dont have access to Windows so need a solution for Linux
  36. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Serial cable for Desire?

    Anybody have any idea where to get or how to make one? cant seem to find any place which sells one or instructions how to make one.
  37. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread HTC G1 MMS not working

    cant get my MMS on my HTC G1 working :S it keeps telling me it cant be sent. i got the Swedish provider Telenor and it got 2 diffrent APNs, one for data and one for MMS. suggestions how i get it to work? im running newest version of CyanogenMod
  38. l1nuxfre4k

    Thread Downgrading RC30 to Rc29

    Im having big trouble downgrading from RC30 to RC29, its a USA model ive tried with renaming it to and it says verification failed and if i try throu the camera+power button menu it says no image file. What am i doing wrong?