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  1. speedingcheetah

    Thread Video Player that support filter/post processing effects

    I am looking for a Video player app that supports effect/filter/post processing mainly Sharpening. possibly other options like contrast, saturation/hue etc. VLC for desktop and many other PC player apps support this, but I have yet to see one for mobile. I've used MX Player Pro for long...
  2. speedingcheetah

    Thread Pixel now $200 off at Google Store!

    PIXEL phones now $200 off and free daydream headset> see this article:
  3. speedingcheetah

    Thread Pixel now $200 off at Google Store!

    PIXEL phones now $200 off and free daydream headset> see this article:
  4. speedingcheetah

    Thread Selling my Rooted 7.0 V10 - Tmobile H901

    SOLD. Disregard thread.' Mod request to lock/delete thread.
  5. speedingcheetah

    Thread Can't Swipe down to Reject/Decline call.

    Ever since Google dialer updated a while back...when the phone rings, I can not swipe down to decline call. The phone icon turns red and makes its animation, but it will not go all the way down or engage, in the same fashion as when u swipe up to Accept call. Its not an issues with screen...
  6. speedingcheetah

    Thread Google Fi data speeds.

    I would like to know what data speeds on each network users are getting on the Fi. Mainly if u have a Pixel or Pixel XL. I have a Pixel XL on T-Mobile Prepay plan and it gets amazing speeds..most of the time. I used Signal Spy app to see what band the modem is using and app...
  7. speedingcheetah

    Thread How to get Bluetooth HCI log? See what codec BT is using?

    I enable the BT HCI snoop Log option in Dev options...but the Pixel XL does not produce a log file. (My Moto X Pure did fine) I am trying to get the log file or some app that can read BT info to see what codec it is using to stream media..... I have read that Pixel doe snot support AptX...
  8. speedingcheetah

    Thread Project Fi not worth it?

    After doing extensive research and comparison....I don' t see how Project Fi is a better deal price wise. I have not tried Google Fi....I just ordered a Pixel XL....but unless their plan prices lower to be more thanks. In-fact, I find Republic Wireless or MetroPCS to be a...
  9. speedingcheetah

    Thread Hard Brick after 20j to 20e revert- Don't do it!

    UPDATE: Read this! TLDR: Don't flash 20j update and try to revert....== HARD BRICK Long version: The new 20j update has the Anti-Rollback feature tag set that you can NOT revert back to 20e.......You will HARD BRICK your V10 if you do so. I have...and a few others have. I was on...
  10. speedingcheetah

    Thread Apt-X HD support?

    Does the LG G3 have Apt-X HD codec support? LG's new TOne Platinum bluetooth headphones use the new HD codec. They advertise it along side the new G5, but I wonder if any of their older model phones support it..
  11. speedingcheetah

    Thread [Q] YouTube app gui won't auto hide

    A few weeks ago, the YouTube app updated and now the GUI (Pause, scroll bar, etc) and system nav bar are always displayed when you are in full screen video mode. I have tried clearing app data, removing then re-installing the YouTube app. Still doing this. I can press the X on the bottom right...
  12. speedingcheetah

    Thread Lollipop (5.0)...feels like a downgrade

    So, my LG G3 updated yesterday from kitkat (12b) to Lollipop 5.0 (23c). I have to say, I am on the fence about it being an upgrade. Here is my thoughts: 2 major annoyances and 1 feature I love. First, "Quite mode" is GONE! It has been replaced with a less functional, yet more confusing and...
  13. speedingcheetah

    Thread ADW App group tabs

    I can't figure out how to reorder or remove the App Groups Tabs in ADW Launcher. Anyone use ADW and can throw me a bone?
  14. speedingcheetah

    Thread [Q] Camera issues?

    I am having this weird issue when I take a picture. I can take one or two pictures..sometimes several...then, suddenly the phone will lock up after taking a picture and go to a black screen, requiring a battery pull to reset...Re-boot and sometimes it does the same thing, over and over again...
  15. speedingcheetah

    Thread [Q] Apps safe to remove/Freeze?

    I am coming from the SGS Fasciante, so am quite familiar with all this flashing and stuff...but I just (FINALLY) got my upgrade to the SGS3 and I wanted to make sure of a few things before i go messing around. I have rooted and unlocked and installed recovery...root works fine..even AdFree app...
  16. speedingcheetah

    Thread [Q] Root for Illusion?

    Would a root for the Fascinate work for the Samsung Illusion? I can not find a xda forum for the Illusion....
  17. speedingcheetah

    Thread [Q] Q Recovery

    I want to install DSP manger but that requires to be flashed in recovery. How do I get into recovery on the Kindle Fire...would the stock recovery work fine? The app does not need root, but I need to copy some files to the system folder. I do not want to root my kindle and loose the prime...
  18. speedingcheetah

    Thread [Q] CM7 Nightlies...why no updates?

    Sorry..if this as been asked somewhere...but I haven't seen any thing new in a while. I haven't been around in a while either. What happened to the CM7 nighties builds for the Fascinate..they stop at 112...which was a month ago..Nov 12...what gives?
  19. speedingcheetah

    Thread [Q] Fully functional GB rom?

    I know that CM7 currently does not support hardware acceleration(video codec/playback for some videos),the sensors/accelerometers aren't fully sensitive enough to play most games, and none of the flashlight apps can turn on the camera LED... There are some other ASOP or CM7 based roms...
  20. speedingcheetah

    Thread (REQ) ED05 Powerwash Themes

    Just a shout-out for a request for someone to please make some themes for ccampos784's ED05 Powerwash v1 Voodoo rom.... Personally, I like dark themes...My favorites on ComRom were Nitro Honeycomb, Steel Blue etc. The default theme on ComRom and CM7 is nice too... Any kind of theme to pull...
  21. speedingcheetah

    Thread Why can't I post in the Development Section

    I have more than 10 posts...yet this stupid page keeps coming up saying new user can't post here or you don't have permission....grrrrr.. I am a programmer and this is frustrating..but I understand the need for a gate keeper so to speak..but really,...overkill sometimes... EDIT: Ok...gues it...