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  1. radioxmen

    Thread Please How to root OnePlus 8 in2010 version?

    hi everyone, i just had an op8 version in2010 running with OxygenOS. I want to root my phone but I am afraid of having problems especially since this version is designed for china. please can you help me root my phone without problem and how to close the bootloader again after. thank you...
  2. radioxmen

    Thread [Guide] Guide for OnePlus 5 App

    Hi everyone, today I offer you an essential app for anyone who has a OnePlus 5 or Wants to buy it. This application guives you with a complete guide to the phone features and everything that can help you make the most of your oneplus 5, even the method to open the bootloader and install the...
  3. radioxmen

    Thread [APP][4.0+] Tech News 24 your companion Tech News 24/24

    Effective, simple and fast , Tech News 24 is your companion Tech info 24/24 Looking for updates and news from the world of technology? computer systems, smartphones, games and applications? updates android and ios and the latest leaks as soon as possible? so with this application you will have...
  4. radioxmen

    Thread Second sim card not detected after firmware update

    after updating my Htc one m8 dual sim the second sim slot not detected no chip and no network ? please help ?
  5. radioxmen

    Thread [Q] Big problem htc one m8 dual sim after lollipop update

    hello everyone, I have a big problem with my htc one m8 dual sim, after the lollipop update the phone detects two SIM but no network for the second sim only the first slot that detects the network, I ' I try with several sim same problem [emoji17] [emoji17] [emoji17] is what I am the only...
  6. radioxmen

    Thread [REQ] S6 systemui for N910C

    Please, any one have ported systemui for Note 4 N910C from s6 with name wifi on button togle wifi???
  7. radioxmen

    Thread how to make system deodex instead of odex?

    Hi everyone, please I have a i9505 galaxy s4 with stock odex rooted rom and I want to know how to make my system deodex instead of odex? If this is not possible, what is the best rom deodex without modification with the official interface of samsung?