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  1. Nico04

    Thread A40 OneUi 3.1 port for A30

    A40 OneUi 3.1 port for A30 v1 Know that this is a test port and it doesn't have all functions working *Please read the installation to avoid bricks or bootloops* FEATURES • One ui 3.1. Obiously • A40 wallpapers • Debloat • Edge Panel • Edge lightning • Enchanced Processing Mode • Screen...
  2. Nico04

    Thread Z-Rom v2.5 lite A30

    Hi guys, i share the zrom v2.5 for A30. It's a lite rom with heavy debloat, so , don't ask me for adding functions. Thanks to @Gollo99 and @Kovacs- for the help and optimizations Changelog *Samsung account removed *AOD removed *Vaultkeeper and Proca disabled, no need to flash multidisabler...
  3. Nico04

    Thread Z-Rom v2.1 A30

    Hello guys, as you can see, i'm new here. I share the z-rom v2.1. it's just an improvement of the previous v2, not a final version like v3 (coming soon). Especial thanks to @Gollo99 , most of the optimizations are done by him. And @Soul_broker_1441 for the camera improvements. Improvements...