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  1. brianelv

    Thread [GUIDE] [UPDATE 3] How to enable Google Assistant on your phone (Android 7.0+ only)

    Requirements Android 7.0 or higher SuperSU or kernel with dm-verity disabled Latest Google app ( or newer) build.prop tweaks Method 1: Manual editing Just add or replace these lines on your build.prop: ro.product.model=Pixel XL ro.opa.eligible_device=true Method 2: Flashable ZIP by...
  2. brianelv

    Thread [MOD] [UPDATE 3] Google Assistant for the Nexus 6P

    Google Assistant for the Nexus 6P New guide available here: Old patch for NBD90X WARNING! Be sure you're using STOCK NBD90X System Image before continuing. Method 1 UPDATED (Working, no bugs) The...
  3. brianelv

    Thread [GAPPS][6.0] BV-GApps for ARM devices (2015-12-06)

    BV-GApps Includes: Google Play Services Google Play Google Search Google Now Launcher Google Keyboard Google Play Games Google Play Music Google Clock Google Keep Google Chrome YouTube Google+ Google Drive Google Maps Messenger Google Dialer Google Calendar Google Contacts Google Calculator...
  4. brianelv

    Thread [MOD] Nexus 6P logo.bin & bootanimation for Moto E!

    The mod consists on two files, the boot logo (logo.bin) and the boot animation ( Installation To install the boot.bin you need fast boot, for more info about fastboot take a look here: With your phone connected, open...
  5. brianelv

    Thread [ROM] [6.0] [Haxynox] AOSP Marshmallow for S3 i9300

    AOSP 6.0 for i9300 Working: - Boots (without sdcard) - Touchscreen - WiFi - Rotation - USB OTG - Camera - Sound - Screenshots - Bluetooth Not working: - Screen colors - RIL - SD Card (Bootloop) Not tested: - GPS DOWNLOAD: Google Drive Thanks to the Haxynox team for their AOSP port...
  6. brianelv

    Thread [5.1.1] [2015-08-29] [Xposed Support] CyanogenMod 12.1

    CyanogenMod 12.1 These are builds of CyanogenMod 12.1 using JustArchi's repos, modified to support the Xposed Framework. XPOSED IS NOT INCLUDED, FLASH IT! Link to Xposed What's the difference here? This ROM is DEODEXED, that's the difference. Now, the first boot speed will be slower...
  7. brianelv

    Thread [THEME] [CM12.1] Android M Drawables

    Android M Drawables theme for CM12.1 This is a theme for CM12.1 with drawables from Android M Preview for SystemUI. Screenshots Download Download!
  8. brianelv

    Thread [SOLVED] [Q] Phone rebooting with high CPU usage

    The problem was the battery. After changing the battery the phone worked fine again.
  9. brianelv

    Thread [THEME][CM11][8/06] Android L Inspired Theme V1.1

    Android L Inspired Theme This is my first theme, inspired on Android L and Material Design. Only has one week of work, is very simple but I'm adding new stuff everyday. For now, only themes the UI, Chrome Beta, and Whatsapp. Screenshots Notifications Settings Chrome Beta...