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    Thread Longer cable?

    I really enjoy using the 25w charger, but the cable that came with the S10 is just so short. What's the best option for a longer cable, that would still allow for the 25w fast charging?
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    Thread No USB Cable?

    I was a bit surprised to find out that the Pixel 2 doesn't come with a transfer cable, and the only adapter is USB-C to USB-A. Luckily I still had mine from the original Pixel XL, but it was odd that Google didn't include one. Just a heads up for those who haven't received there's yet
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    Thread Galaxy Note 8 or Pixel 2 XL?

    I've got the note 8 now, thinking about getting the pixel 2 XL. Wanted to come on here and get your opinions. I've watched tons of videos, I loved the original pixel, but I also love my note. I miss vanilla Android though, so I'm thinking about switching back too the Google phone.
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    Thread Proximity Sensor?

    I was on a call earlier, and I noticed yob ending the call that my face had opened up Facebook messenger. Anyone else having issues with the proximity sensor? Maybe a fluke, I don't talk on the phone much. Gonna treat it more in case I have to exchange it
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    Thread Samsung Note 8 Promotion?

    Bought my Note 8 today, finally. It appears the cut off date for the promo was the 24th. Any way they'll let me get the free 360 or am I just SOL? Already submitted the necessary info, but just wondered if you guys had any luck after the cut off date
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    Thread Notification Sounds Reset

    So I copied the contents of my old phone to my new pixel XL. I had custom tones for my contacts, emails, etc, and they all defaulted to silent tones. Any idea why? How to prevent it from happening next time?
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    Thread Notification Sounds Randomly Quit Working

    So periodically, the notification sounds just stop working. I can play music just fine, but if I go to select a notification/ringtone sound, it's just silence. Same thing when a notification comes through. The only fix is a reboot. It was happening once every few days, but today it's happened...
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    Thread Headphone Jack Problem?

    I tried plugging in an aux cable last night, and I couldn't get it to go all the way in. If I pushed it hard enough, the sound would come through the speakers but as soon as I let go, it disconnected. I tried a few different pairs, and it seems there's something preventing the 3.5 mm jack from...
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    Thread Coming from the Note 7?

    Just curious how everyone likes it coming from the Note 7. I am getting mine in the morning, and I can't wait to test it out.
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    Thread Battery Loses 22% Overnight??

    So I usually just charge my phone all night, no problem. But with the Note 7, I'm not gonna charge it unless I'm paying attention to it lol. So last night, I had it fully charged when I went to be (around 2 am) and this morning it was on 78% battery. Anyone else notice this?
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    Thread Samsung Fast Charging Stand

    I was thinking about picking this up But I was wondering how well this works through an...
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    Thread TWRP Reboots During Flash

    Ok so I just got this tablet today (sm-t230nu) and I got it rooted. Rebooted into TWRP, and in my excitement, forgot to make a backup. I wiped everything, minus SD card. Went to flash a ROM, and it reboots TWRP. I've tried a few different ROMs, with same result. Zip file verification is...
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    Thread Finding Location Notification?

    I've been getting this notification every time I unlock my phone. I don't wan't to turn off location, but would like to stop getting that notification all the time. I've searched, but found no definite solution.
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    Thread [Q] (Q) ROMs for the US Cellular Version?

    I was curious if there was any sort of converter for the US Cellular variant of the Galaxy Note 3 (N900R4). I tried searching but couldn't find anything.
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    Thread US Cellular?

    Hey guys, new to the GS3. Well, will be getting one in a week lol. I'm going with the US Cellular version. I am a little confused on which ROMs/root methods I'll need to use. All I see are VZW, Sprint, T-Mobile, but no mention of a US Cellular version. Are all phones the same?
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    Thread [Q] (Q) Proximity Sensor Stopped Working

    It's been like this for a while now. It isn't ROM or Kernel based, and I know this because I have flashed several different ones, all with the same result. I've flashed anything from Gingerbread to Jellybean, and still nothing. It doesn't almost work, it just doesn't. Tried a proximity...
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    Thread Sense ICS ROM?

    Anyone have any idea what happened to this ROM? There was a WIP thread, then it got closed. Now I can't find it, or any information about it, anywhere. Is this ROM still in the works?
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    Thread Is there a fix for the Green Tint in Camera?

    I was just curious if this issue had been resolved yet. I searched, but couldn't find an answer.
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    Thread [REQ] AOSP Clock apk?

    Does anyone have the apk for the AOSP clock? And if so, is it possible to just install it like any other app? Dying to get the AOSP lockscreen, but need my alarms to work.
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    Thread Slowest phone I've EVER used!!!

    Ok, I just got the Galaxy S 4G today, and it is by far the slowest piece of crap I have ever used. It was going very slow, this is even after I immediately took one back and exchanged it for another. It took it over an hour to finally sync my google contacts. I'm still waiting (5 hours later)...
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    Thread (REQ) Friend Stream apk on Non-Sense Rom?

    I was curious if it was possible to run Friend Stream on MIUI, for example. I have tried installing the apk, but it just says "Application not installed" Any ideas? Or am I just out of luck
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    Thread {Q} What App Is This?

    It shows the time remaining before the battery dies. That would come in handy, but I can't find the app for the life of me :confused:
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    Thread (REQ) Protek theme for Evo Sense 2.2?

    Had this theme on my iphone, and it would be nice if someone could port it to the Evo. Hell, I might even switch from Sense UI to CM if this theme got ported. Here is a screen
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    Thread How do I root Evo running 2.2?

    If this is in the wrong section, I do apologize. I have a friend who wants me to root his phone for him, but he has done all the OTA updates. Here is the info Android2.2 Software# 3.29.651.5 Pri version 1.77_003 Prl version 60670 Browser version webkit 3.1 Baseband version What...
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    Thread HELP! Screen Goes Blank After the Boot Screen

    I have tried and it worked when I used the nandroid backup, but when I do a factory reset/data wipe it loads past the G1 boot, then my second splash screen loads, after a few minutes it freezes then the screen goes blank. I have to remove the battery to turn it off. I am trying to sell it to...