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  1. marcomarinho

    Thread Paranoid Android Quartz 4 - OnePlus 5/T

    Paranoid Android Quartz 4 - OnePlus 5/T We are very excited to announce the release of Paranoid Android Quartz, based on Android 10. On the first launch, you’ll notice a clean setup with a beautiful wallpaper from Hampus Olsson, who teamed up with us again to create several beautiful...
  2. marcomarinho

    Thread Paranoid Android 7.3.0 - AOSPA - Google Nexus 5

    We’re really excited to announce that we are releasing our Nougat flavour of Paranoid Android. We have a lot in store - with a mix of both features & improvements. First & foremost, we have moved our code base to be fully CAF based. This brings many improvements to your device. The key...
  3. marcomarinho

    Thread AOSPA [CAF] for Nexus 5

    Hello, As some of you already notice I'm working on AOSPA 7.1.x for Nexus 5. When this project becomes stable AOSPA Team will consider about supporting it officially with me as maintainer of course. So, I will share with you, my progress so far. To-do List: Fix audio effects problem Rework...
  4. marcomarinho

    Thread [DISCUSSION] Android O

    Android O Wallpaper Download Android Police Android O News Reviews Android O Preview: New Features! by Tim Schofield Do you think we will get a dev preview ported?
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    Thread [ROM][7.1.2][08/01] Euclidean OS [Qualcomm LLVM 3.8]

    The Future Is Here Your warranty is now void. I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war. Please do some research if you have any concerns about using custom ROMs/Kernels. You are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for...
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    Thread [Q] HTC One Vodafone SIM Locked

    Hi guys, I recently bought a used HTC One for half the price. The bad thing is that it have the SIM locked to Vodafone, and my SIM isnt from Vodafone. Do anyone know any way to unlock the SIM? Btw, my HBOOT is 1.61 .....
  7. marcomarinho

    Thread Need a tester for a 5.0 ROM

    Hi all, I need a tester for try a 5.0 ROM. If anyone is interested, please let me know ;)
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    Thread [APP][4.0+] Android Lollipop (5.0) - Google Apps [Launcher, Keyboard, Wallpapers]

    As you already know, Google has officially announced Android L (henceforth known as Lollipop). This new version will be a massive update to Android OS, bringing the new Material Design to our phones. Since the lastest Android L preview, some slightly changes were made into the new upcoming...
  9. marcomarinho

    Thread [Q] [ROM] What things do you like to see? What do you think that what's missing?

    What features/things do you think that a ROM should had? Like increase the speed? An stable ROM? Give me your opinion ;)
  10. marcomarinho

    Thread [Q] Android L | Preview

    There is any possibility of get the Android L perview?
  11. marcomarinho

    Thread [HELP] CWM Bootloop

    Hi, I need help :crying: I don't know what I done, but now my Nexus 7 is rebooting and rebooting and rebooting. Appears the Google logo and goes to CWM, but the problem is that only appears the logo of CWM and the version, no menus, nothing. So I don't know how to fix it. I tryed Power+vol.down...
  12. marcomarinho

    Thread New Release

  13. marcomarinho

    Thread [FEB-23] [vision] [1.3.0] AOSB Project - The End of The Line !

    Introduction About AOSB Project KitKat Edition AOSB Project based on CyanogenMod the best stable source AOSB is the new face of ProBAM ROM , We have been blown up ProBAM Full Album ! The Team codexc AOSB...
  14. marcomarinho

    Thread [Q] Problem with Bootloader

    I have a problem with my Sony Xperia Arc S (lt18i) and i think it is related to a corrupted bootloader. Since i've installed a CyanogenMod ROM, i can only install CM based Roms and i want to return to the Sony Official ICS but in the Flashtool it gives "failed to verify sin-header" and doesn't...
  15. marcomarinho

    Thread [GUIDE][MULTI] Install Lastest MIUI v5

    Hi, I love the MIUI work, so I wanted to flash the lastest MIUI v5. Although there isn't any updated thread for this. So I decided to share with you This builds are ported to our device by santajin so a big thanks to him for porting it :highfive: What you need: Lastest MIUI v5 [4.1.10]...
  16. marcomarinho

    Thread [W.I.P][PORT] Sense 5 for Vision

    Hi guys, Some progress are made. Finished building kernel :victory: Tryed on Sense 4 (by coolos ) BOOTS :D Tryed on ported Sense 5 BOOTLOOP :crying: Thanks to coloured_chalk for his kernel source and begin and important dev for this project :highfive: Thanks to coolos for teach me porting Sense...
  17. marcomarinho

    Thread [ROM] PureKat | Android 4.4 KitKat | More Than A Rom

    PUREKAT ROM XDA:DevDB Information PureKat, ROM for the HTC Desire Z Contributors _MarcoMarinho_, stopa46, PartimusPrime, blaz1nr ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x Based On: CyanogenMod Version Information Status: Beta Current Beta Version: 4.0-BETA1 Beta Release Date...
  18. marcomarinho

    Thread [GAPPS] Android 4.3 | CM10.2 |

    GAPPS FOR ANDROID 4.3 ARMV6 DEVICES INTRODUCTION: As some people had problems with Android 4.3 GApps and the space left on our phone I created an special GApps. This will be installed in /cache. This means that the GApps won't be installed in /system so you had more space on your device...
  19. marcomarinho

    Thread [Q] How to move topics inside settings

    Hi, This is the currently rom: the HALO settings are inside Settings > System I want to move the HALO settings to Settings > HALO. Anyone know how to do it? Regards.:cool:
  20. marcomarinho

    Thread [Q]A little problem

    I guys, I only had PIE, Xposed App & App Settings, OTA Updater and Superuser to the settings menu. Replaced the old clock for the 4.2.2 clock and deleted some apps. I didn't do anymore. Flashed the rom and wifi tethering doesn't work :confused: I really don't know how to solve the problem...
  21. marcomarinho

    Thread [Q] About App developing

    Hi, I need help. I need to know how to put 2 apps inside the same app. Like Google maps, when is installed the navigation is installed to, into another app. Anyone know how to do this? Regards.:cool: Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  22. marcomarinho

    Thread [THE FINAL TOOL][EASY TO USE]★★ AIO Android Toolkit 1.0 ★★ | Marcomarinho9 & LeoPosas

    [THE FINAL TOOL][EASY TO USE]★★ AIO Android Toolkit 1.0 ★★ | Marcomarinho9 & LeoPosas :victory: Welcome to the... All In One Android Toolkit :victory: =========================================================================================== PLEASE USE THIS TOOL WITH CAREFULLY! ME AND XDA...
  23. marcomarinho

    Thread [ROM][PORT][FlymeOS] First Port Flyme OS 1.0.5 on ARMv6 by Vadim Shved! [2013.06.25]

    Hi, guys! Here is the first port of Flyme OS 1.0.5 for ARMv6 device by Vadim Shved! I'm looking for people that can help me to finish ROM for ARMv6!!! FlymeOS 1.0.5 Screenshots: What is work: hardware acceleration (graphic...
  24. marcomarinho

    Thread [DISCUSSION] LG P500 will run well with Android 5.0

    According with VR Zone, the phones that run with 512 MB of ram will run well in Android 5.0 FONT:
  25. marcomarinho

    Thread Fonts problem

    Hello guys. I never had this problem. When i experiment my rom, when is installing via Aroma Installer i get this error: I don´t tocuh in /system/fonts an I never had this problem. Regards.:cool:
  26. marcomarinho

    Thread [Hint/Tip]Best way to save battery

    Disclaimer; This does not damage your phone at all or fry/mess up your cpu. On the contrary, it helps it by not running at full capacity all the time resulting in less stress and increased battery. All credits goes to SuperAce609. I only share with you because this helps a lot. Original Thread...
  27. marcomarinho

    Thread [Q] Help with an theme

    Hello everyone I want to modify the theme to put this withe line like this: Can anyone tell me how to do that? NOTE:I know that this isn´t the right place to post, but I posted here because it´s related with themes. Regards.:angel:
  28. marcomarinho

    Thread [Q] How to theme an rom

    I guys, I have a rom and i want to put a theme. But if i put the .apk I not have space because the apk size of the theme is 22mb. So i need to know if there is anyway for put theme into systemui/framework-res, a themed rom. Regards.:cool:
  29. marcomarinho

    Thread [Q] Help with android:TargetClass

    Hello, i like to know how i find the android:TargetClass of an app. I want to do onething, but ask me the android:TargetClass of this app and i didn´t find. Have another name? I try with Superuser by clockworkmod. Please help me
  30. marcomarinho

    Thread [ROM][Unofficial][BAKED][BlackBean-6]17/03/2013

    || Github || Irc || Twitter || Google + || Welcome to a #teamBAKED production. Where our goal is to get you all BAKED. Black Android Kang Everyone Desires that is. What did you really think we could include that in the rom! LOL Our real goal tho is plain and simple make a stellar black fully...
  31. marcomarinho

    Thread [ROM] [16-02-2013] Xperia JB [CM10.1]

    ROM BASED, PAC-Rom 19.9.0 INSTRUCTION, 1. REBOOT IN RECOVERY 2. FACTORY RESET 3. WIPE SYSTEM & DALVIK CACHE 4. INSTALL ROM, GAPPS 5. REBOOT FEATURES, Based on PAC 19.9.0 Real Xperia Z Launcher with auto-rotation enabled Real Xperia Z Weather Widget Real Xperia Z Clock widget bundle Real...
  32. marcomarinho

    Thread [Q] Help :p

    I found an mod and I like to put in my rom. but the mod is in systemui.apk and is for Gingerbread. For make it compatible to JB i need only modify the Android Manifest.xml or something else?
  33. marcomarinho

    Thread [Q] Need an opinion

    I have a Nexus 7. I want to root my nexus 7, but if I root I lose the warranty. What I have to do? Sent from my Nexus 7 using xda app-developers app
  34. marcomarinho

    Thread [ ROM ] [CM10.1] [PORT] TouchWiz JB V2

    Inspired from the Samsung Galaxy S3, this ROM is made for our O1! The UI is totally themed based on TouchWiz Nature UX. The ROM is beautiful and fast as it is based on latest Nightly of AndroidARMV6 Project by Erickas, rohan007, Wayland_Ace and Team Jellaxy + AndroidARMV6 Team. Hat's off for...
  35. marcomarinho

    Thread Panorama mode problem

    What the possible files for fix panorama mode?
  36. marcomarinho

    Thread [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] [JB 4.2] PAC-Man AIO 4.2 | 23.0.0

    PAC-man ROM is a combination of the three Super ROMs Available Paranoid Android + AOKP + Cyanogenmod = PAC-man This ROM packs all the tweaks from the three super ROMs into one. Why choose among ROMs, When you have All-in-One !! * All in One Rom [PA, AOKP and CM] * PhoneUI...
  37. marcomarinho

    Thread [ROM] [CM] [JB] [4.2] [JDQ39E] NexusBean 1.0 - Build 1 [24-11-13]

    FEATURES, Facebook Sync Hack to give you all informations about your contacts Slimmed Down for better ram managment, Gapps Inclued for an easy installation, Adrenaline Engine v4.5, Adrenaline Boost, Droid Booster, Seeder Entropy, V6 SuperCharger & Adreno Booster for an awesome speed &...
  38. marcomarinho

    Thread [ Q ] AC!D Audio Engine V5.0

    Can someone fix the ACID Audio Engine V5.0 for LG Optimus One?
  39. marcomarinho

    Thread [ Q ] Error when i tried to port a rom

    Hi everyone, i have a problema when i tried to port a rom. I flash the rom and said: E:Error in /sdcard/cm-10....... (Status 6) Help please ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, i solved the problem, now i...
  40. marcomarinho

    Thread [ Q ] I can´t put a theme, FC on status bar

    I used a GenetICS hephappy, and i wan´t install this theme: I change dpi to 140 and reboot, after change theme and FC on status bar. Also expriment with...
  41. marcomarinho

    Thread [ REQ ] Can anyone port this ROM? Based on this:
  42. marcomarinho

    Thread [ Q ] Can anyone do a tutorial how to port ROM´s for P500?

    Hello, want port ROM´s, but i don´t know how to port. Pleasee, anyone can do make a guide please?
  43. marcomarinho

    Thread [Q] Port a SIII Rom

    Anyone can port this ROM please? :
  44. marcomarinho

    Thread A big thanks for all developers

    I want sayd thanks for all developers! They bring on our phone a big innovation, a thing that our phone never can have! I know that create a ROM or even un PORT is very difficult, a thing that as a big and the best people/developers can do this! Some of them need support, because is very...
  45. marcomarinho

    Thread [REQ] [PORT] Can someone port please a Galaxy Ace ROM

    It´s possible port a ROM of Galaxy Ace? This ROM inclued PARANOIDANDROID + AOKP + CM1O (P.A.C.). This ROM is the best. If someone decided PORT this ROM sent me a PM please!
  46. marcomarinho

    Thread [Q] LG 3.0 UI Theme

    I want the LG 3.0 UI theme ful for cm10 pleaseeeeeee!!!!
  47. marcomarinho

    Thread Mods plz close this

    How to change the USB Mass Storage icon???