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    Thread ALE-L21 Bootloop after OTA last night?

    Hello all, I've rooted my P8Lite L21 using the custom recovery method, flashed the, then restored the original recovery. Yesterday I had an OTA and now phone reboot once during system boot, and at the second time it hangs during boot. What can I do to recover this? I have stock...
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    Thread [Vulnerability] Bypass 5.x lockscreen password

    Hello XDA, Recently, a crazy way to bypass the lollipop lockscreen has been discovered.. Information link For now, you'd be better setting a PIN or PATTERN lock :) **Info** Samsung lockscreen on S5 does not allow copy-paste in the Emergency...
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    Thread Latest Bootloader, Radio for G900F ?

    Hello XDA, I've tried to found a thread dedicated exclusively for posting the latest firmwares for G900F. I'm looking for latest bootloader and latest radio! Can you help? Thanks
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    Thread [Exploit + Patch] Stagefright security flaw

    Hello XDA Community, Zimperium has presented us yesterday with one of the most dangerous Android vulnerabilities known to date. Fortunately patch\diff files were also released. Kudos JDrake. Custom ROMs should be recompiled with these fixes until proper releases from manufacturers become...
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    Thread [Q] Most stable rom

    Hi guys, I asked this question in a thread, but I think it deserves its own. What is the most stable ROM for this phone? I just bought it to offer to a family member of mine that does not want to worry or understand the advanced android user ways :D Please tell me which ROM should I install...
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    Thread [Q] Wifi cracking with Nexus7

    Hi guys, Just installed ubuntu, wireless keyboard and mouse, MHL... OMG this is awesome :D sudo apt-get install aircrack-ng, and it even worked.. hehehe... Ok so now for the sad part. airmon-ng start wlan0 works ok and creates mon0 but as you can google around, the BCM4330 card does not...
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    Thread [Q] Kernels with DualBoot support

    Hey, Which Kernels other than Siyah have DualBoot features? Is it a feature exclusive of Siyah? Cheers, thanks Phk
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    Thread [Q] SDcard EXT4 on CM10 works ok, CM10.1 doesn't

    Hey there, I'm using a ext4 formatted External SDcard on CM10 (4.1), by using the modified sdcard binary that can be found in this forum. However, in CM10.1 the binary no longer works. I need the ext4 format for supporting >4GB files. Any tips? Thanks Phk
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    Thread [FAIL] Xperia Arc S bootloader Unlock Testpoint

    Hi guys, not wanting to repeat the topic, please have a look at the topic in the General XDA section (i didn't put to Arc section because it's specific to a site) Please take a look: Thanks
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    Thread [SOLVED] LT18i bootloader Unlock Testpoint

    Hi guys, I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S (LT18i) with a locked bootloader and I bought a credit at site to unlock it (very good price, 10£). I used the method as referred in the instructions: Here I also used a paperclip to do the GND-TESTPOINT connection. The...
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    Thread Expect scripting

    Hi there guys, Can anyone tell me how to put the command "expect" to work on an android device? Cheers :)
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    Thread [Q] cat /proc/cpuinfo or similar?

    Hi there. I wanted to see the MHz of my CPU cores while screen is off, so I need a command to use in "adb shell". I've tried cat /proc/cpuinfo like on a normal linux machine, but no good here.. No MHz are shown. Any ideas?
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    Thread [SOLVED] ROMManager and SGS2 Problemzz

    Hello there XDA'ers, I have ROMManager installed on my blazing SGS2 phone. 2 issues: - I used the ROMManager App to update the CWM recovery. The app said "latest is but then when it rebooted, the real version was I think the update failed, but it did upgrade me from
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    Thread How to format Internal SDCard to EXT4?

    Hi there, I've tried to follow other "tutorials" (for another Android phones) to format my internal SD Card to ext4, but with no success. My method was: - Connect phone to Linux PC - Enable USB Storage on Phone (the drive appears in Linux) - dmesg | tail (to see new device and partition name...
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    Thread [Q] Tv-out cable: Where?!?!

    The question is simples, where can I buy the correct TV-OUT cable for SGS2?! Thanks :)
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    Thread [Q] Problems in most Games.....

    Reposted at 'General' section: Please click here to go to Post
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    Thread [2011-05-24] Running Tegra-based Games using Chainfire3D :)

    Hello there! I just sold my SGS1 and bought an SGS2. but well, something is giving me... headaches... Well, first thing I thought: This phone is so new that applications don't support it yet! (*EDIT* The first thing was right. It's all application support issues..) My guess is... I need to...
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    Thread [!!!HELP!!!] Updating RADIO bricked my Magic....

    I was flashing my friends HTC Magic 32A to put a new recovery, hboot and Radio. My hboot was 1.33.2010 Radio was When I was upgrading the Radio from to 6.35.10.xx (i flashed an with AmonRA recovery) the flash went OK and then it said: "Reboot to complete...
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    Thread Investigations on how to enable Download Mode

    Hey guys, how is it going? After making myself comfortable with this new phone and Samsung technology (although i still consider myself noobish), the worst thing i've seen around here is that many new SGS devices don't have the 3-btn-combo to go into Download mode. My device has the Download...
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    Thread Latest CSC for TMN Portugal (JP3) - A Light Version :)

    Hey there, *** UPDATE! NEW VERSION FOR TMN-JP3 *** Changes from Original Version: - Removed Boot TMN Animation - Removed Shutdown "Dancing T" Animation - Removed Favorites and Bookmarks - Removed All TMN-related applications (but included in the Zip file) - Changed to a decent Wallpaper -...
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    Thread [Q] How to odex\deodex a new system APK

    Hi there guys, hows it going? I needed to replace a system .apk file, but i ended screwing up my phone... So the file was Bluetooth.apk and i pushed it onto /system/app/Bluetooth.apk, replacing the old file. However, when i rebooted, the mobile hanged and i get the errors: E/AndroidRuntime(...
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    Thread [SOLVED] Is Bluetooth broken in JM5/JM7 ?

    Greetings fellow Galaxyenz, I have a Galaxy S that worked all ok with JF5 stock ROM, paired with my car for phone audio, using bluetooth. Never had a disconnect... Then I applied the procedure in order to get the HackEclair ROM 1.0.4 (flashed JM5 through ODIN, then recovery and applied...
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    Thread [HTC-MAGIC][32A] Best HBOOT and SPL?

    Hi there guys, First of all let me say that i still learning all these android-related SW components so forgive me for saying some ... wrong things Second, let me thank everyone at XDA.. This forum ROCKS =) That said, maybe you could help me clarify some questions... I have a HTC Magic 32A...
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    Thread [HTC-MAGIC][32A] Best HBOOT and SPL?

    Hi there guys, First of all let me say that i still learning all these android-related SW components so forgive me for saying some ... wrong things :D Second, let me thank everyone at XDA.. This forum ROCKS =) That said, maybe you could help me clarify some questions... I have a HTC Magic 32A...