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    Thread Is there any way to create 2nd partition on onboard storage?

    I want to use Link2SD, but partition internal stroage or sdcard at recovery doesn't woring. How can I partition onboard storage manually?
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    Thread Sony Korea accidently reveal Verizon Xperia Z2

    Sony Korea accidentally reveal Xperia Z2 will be headed Verizon. Sony accidentally leak that Z2 will be headed to Verzion by their Google+ account before, and they refuse to sure it will head to Verizon and it's an error. But this image make sure that they will be launch their flagship through...
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    Thread [Q] moving specific app's data to SD-EXT(or SDCard)

    i want to move specific app data(/data/data/ and subdirectories) to sd-ext partition(/data/sdext2/) Directory Bind or FolderMount are moving data in /mnt/sdcard/Android/data and obb files to external sdcard, which for devices with internal storage. i'm not trying to move...
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    Thread (Q)JB 4.1 camera quality

    I'm using SJB 7.0 On ray, and i heard ICS ROM has better camera quality compared to JB ROMs. But i can't see any difference between any ICS ROM's and SJB's picture. It is right that ICS ROM has better camera quality than JB 4.1 ROM? P.s. i can see JB 4.2 / 4.3's camera quality is awful Sent...
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    Thread [Q] Korean font problem on Flash Lite, Flash Player 10.3

    either Flash Player 10.3 or Flash Lite(which is installed on HTC Stock ROM) can't show korean font. is there any solution to show korean font correctly?
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    Thread Using compcache(or zram) on Sense ROM

    Is there any way to enable compcache on NewSense or Chinese's Sense 3.5 rom? I can use compcache with CM7(drownling kernel) or CM9 Sent from my HTC Legend using Tapatalk 2
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    Thread any fix to improve CM7's scrolling performance?

    i'm using CM7.2 Stable now(with HBOOT 1.02 unlocked), and i feel cm7 is a little bit rough.. compare with CM9, Sense 2.1 Gingerbread ROM, CM6, or other devices' CM7 rom, i think legend's cm7 isn't well optimized is there any fix to improve these performances? like other devices?
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    Thread HTC Raider (aka Holiday) camera specs

    4G LTE Support 4.5 inch qHD Screen 8M Pixel with F2.2 Lens Camera 60FPS HD Video capture 28mm wide angle Lens SK Telecom for South Korea
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    Thread OTA_Legend_Froyo_S_KT_KR_3.19.1010.1 ...Download Link

    New froyo release for south korea's KT Legend. build number is 3.19.1010.1 download : mirror :
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    Thread Does nexus one can playback 720p High profile videos?

    LG's Optimus Q(LU-2300, only for south korea) has same snapdragon 1st gen 1ghz cpu. But it can play h.264 high profile 4.1 Both devices are using snapdragon. It is possible that play high 4.1 videos on nexus one? Sent from my Nexus One CM7 using XDA App