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  1. gnustomp

    Thread [WORKAROUND] Developer Edition on m7_ul

    So, if I were to get an HTC One, it'd be an 801s (m7_ul). Provided that it doesn't ship with the 1.54 HBOOT, I'll be S-OFF'ing it. Since I want to receive OTA updates from the latest stock ROM, atm the Developer Edition, I'll be flashing that. A few questions: 1) AFAIK the RUU and OTAs contain...
  2. gnustomp

    Thread HTC One listed with Android 4.2

    I just saw this today. Virgin Mobile (Australia) is listing the One with Android 4.2. It's probably a mistake, though.
  3. gnustomp

    Thread No RUU for phone

    So far I've found one RUU for my A310b (hboot 1.07.0000, radio, but it happens it is older than the version my phone shipped with, so the RUU won't let me downgrade the HBOOT. Is there a way I can downgrade the hboot manually or stop the RUU from checking the hboot version.
  4. gnustomp

    Thread CM build.prop in Ubuntu Touch Preview

    I just noticed there's a build.prop from 02/21 CyanogenMOD nightly in the Ubuntu Touch Preview. Weird? It's purpose? Discuss EDIT: I think I know why. To keep compatibility with some Android components (like ADB) Cyanogenmod is used as a base.
  5. gnustomp

    Thread Android Clients checkin?

    -----------------------------------------------LOGCAT----------------------------------------------- D/ConnectivityService( 334): handleInetConditionHoldEnd: net=1, condition=100, published condition=0 I/CheckinTask( 642): Checkin success: (1 requests...
  6. gnustomp

    Thread Change stock firmware from France to others

    So I've got a GS3, except that it came from France, and is bloated with tons of (French) applications I can't use. I would like to change the firmware to either international, US, UK or Australian. Currently on I9300XXELL4, CSC I9300BOGELK2. Completely new to Samsung, but not Android...
  7. gnustomp

    Thread Status 6 Error, except running Linux...

    I'm getting a status 6 error trying to flash (one of my) ROMs. I know this has to do with plain text formatting, (It looks very silly when I open a text file on a Windows machine), except I AM using Linux, which is Unix-like and the newlines should be able to be read??:confused::confused: Can...
  8. gnustomp

    Thread Bad NAND flash memory

    I constantly get the data partition corrupted, normally it screws up writing (and once beyond recovery, i.e. no r/w), and I have formatted userdata too many times. Anyone else get this issue?
  9. gnustomp

    Thread Deodexing JOP40C

    Has anyone managed to deodex the takju factory image for maguro? I can't get some of the core apps to deodex properly, latest aapt from sdk platform-tools r16 and apktool