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    Thread Google Elements Watch Faces Download

    Thanks to John Burke he provided me with the apks of the Google elements watch faces that were included in the dev previews and some wear 2.0 watches. But LG and tag didn't have this watch face. Here they are. You need to side load via adb. Only way. Google the ways. It's very easy.
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    Thread Weather always showing 51° or 47°

    The weather on the gear s3 frontier tmoible keeps showing 51° or 47°. No matter what I do. Location is on. What is wrong?
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    Thread Asus Battery Pack

    We're is the battery pack that Asus showed off. No accessories are available anywhere.
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    Thread How to remove LauncherConfig in System/App

    How to remove LauncherConfig in System/App I need to remove the Launcher Config file located in System/app. That folder is making the moto z defalt to a 4x4 and 4 icon dock. Using google now launcher and pixel launcher the only way to get 5x5 and 5 dock icons is to remove that file. The Force...
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    Thread Fossil Q Marshal Smart Watch Android Wear Unboxing

    Here is my unboxing of the Marshal Q.
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    Thread Fossil Q Marshal Smart Watch Android Wear Unboxing

    Here is my unboxing of the Marshal Q.
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    Thread Sounds on Gear S2 Classic 4G

    Were can I get the notification tone that goes off when you get a notification on the gear s2 classic 4g model? It makes a ding dong sound. I want that sound for use on my Huawei Watch.
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    Thread How to get Fossil Q Founder Watch Faces on LG Watch or Moto 360

    How to get Fossil Q Founder Watch Faces on LG Watch or Moto 360 Is this possible?
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    Thread call forwarding connection problem or invalid mmi code

    Getting this error when I try and setup call forwarding on the gear s2 3g AT&T
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    Thread Samsung Gear S2 3G Questions

    Does the Gear S2 3G work good with a Android 6.0 device now? Can you upgrade firmware with a encrypted android 6.0 device? Is there sound for notifications? Vibrations and sound as well?
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    Thread Samsung Note 5 N920I ODIN Files

    Were do I get the ODIN Files for the N920I Note 5 so flash back to stock.
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    Thread Gear S2 Vibrating & Notification Issues.

    Anyone else not getting the vibration when a notification comes in on the gear S2? Mine won't vibrate all the time. At first I had always on screen set to on and I never got a notification. I shut it off and started getting them. Now I'm not getting just the vibration. But if I swipe to the side...
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    Thread Samsung gear manager and Samsung accessory service for phones that can't install

    Some phones can't install Samsung gear and Samsung accessory services from play store. The one plus 2 is one of those device. Here is the two files needed. Install gear and services and your good to pair. I hope Samsung makes this work with every phone. Here are the updated APK's (as of this...
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    Thread Facebook Notification Sound Issues

    Facebook is the only app that doesnt play the sound when I get a notification. No matter what sound I use. It just Vibs. There is a small time it does go off but its less then 5%. Why is this happening? Using CM12.1 Rom.
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    Thread Most Popular ROM for Nexus 6

    What is the most popular ROM for the nexus 6 that is stable and has a lot of goodies under the hood? I like CM12.1 but too many reboots on incoming calls and the unknown call history is a mess. Looking for a rom that is good and has some custom options.
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    Thread Xposed Module that moves status bar icons Nexus 6

    Is there a xposed module that would move the status bar items on a nexus 6 running cm12.1?
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    Thread Samsung S6 Email app APK

    Were can I get the APK of the email app thats installed on the S6 Edge? It works best with my secureserver email with push.
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    Thread How to root one click Nexus 6 LMY47M

    How do I root with one click easy method nexus 6 LMY47M?
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    Thread Launcher 3rd Part That Has Google Now Swipe to Right

    Is there a 3rd party launcher that allows swipe to right for google now? Like the real google now launcher. I would like unread counts and grid size and icon support. I can't use xposed since I have a samsung s6 edge so gel on play store won't help me to just customize google now launcher...
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    Thread Watch Face

    Need a watch face for the moto 360 that has weather, animation of some sort along with notification icons for hangout/sms and inbox emails. Does one exist? No I dont want to use watchmaker. The battery is bad with watch maker.
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    Thread Launcher W/Google Now Like Page For Widgets??

    Is there a launcher out there that is up to date and allows me to slide over like google now does but allow me to use that page for widgets? I basically want a launcher that is just like the new 5.0 lollipop launchers out there but google now will be replaced with a page for me to place...
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    Thread Inbox by Gmail Invite Center

    FIRST OFF THIS IS ALLOWED ON XDA AND NOT SPAM. AVIATE LAUNCHER WAS ALLOWED FOR THIS SO IM STARTING A THREAD FOR INVITES. NOT SPAM. We need one thread started were we can send invites for Inbox by Gmail out. So if anyone wants a invite post your email to send it to. Lets gets the whole XDA...
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    Thread Inbox by Gmail Invite Center

    We need one thread started were we can send invites for Inbox by Gmail out. So if anyone wants a invite, post your request. PLEASE DO NOT POST YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS. , just post a request for an invite and those who are giving out the invites can PM users then handle it accordingly. If you...
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    Thread Look what just came in the mail. My New G Watch R (Im in the USA as well)

    Look what just came in the mail. I love this watch. Better then my 360. I will do a video unboxing and review soon.
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    Thread Leather really cheap and thin on Moto X 2014

    Just got my Moto X 2014 and the leather is so cheap and thin. Im so scared this is not going to last long. Why did Motorola use such a thin piece of leather? It also looks cheap.
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    Thread Light Flow and Moto X 2014

    Does the Moto X 2014 have a notification light? If so it doesnt work with Light Flow. Anyone know why?
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    Thread Google Keyboard with Material Theme

    So I cant install the google keyboard with material theme. Its because I cant uninstall the google keyboard that come pre installed. There is no root yet available so no help there. Any one know how I can get the google keyboard with material design?
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    Thread Holster case for Naked Moto X 2014

    Looks like Seidio isnt making a holster case for the New Moto X. Its a shame because I want to use there holster for my naked moto X. Does anyone know of a holster thats like a seidio spring clip holster. I also need a good glass screen protector.
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    Thread Moto X 2014 Verizon Root method?

    Were is the root method for the Verizon Moto X 2014?
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    Thread Moto 360 Battery Drain Latest Firmware

    I have the newest fireware from last week on my moto 360. After I got the update battery was 2% to 3% an hour drain. Coming from 5%. Ambient off and screen either on auto or 4 brightness. Yesterday and today my battery life is now 8% to 10%. Nothing changed. Same watch face. Using Facer...
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    Thread Pebble Steel Band on Moto 360 (PICS)

    I just wanted to share some pics of pebble steel band on my moto 360. Would like a band that doesn't feel as cheap but this works and looks good. Got this from a old Pebble Steel.
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    Thread Hide nav bar soft buttons on lock screen with xposed

    Can I hide my nav keys on my LG G3 using KK Locker as the lock screen? I dont want the nav keys to show while im in the lock screen using KK Locker. I have xposed. I tired immersive mode app and it doesnt work on the lock screen just in the app it self.
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    Thread (Q) Xposed Installer icon missing from app drawer

    I cant find the Xposed installer icon. Now I cant launch xposed at all. When using Nova its there but not there on other launcher.
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    Thread (APP) Android L LockScreen Port

    I did not make this. Im sharing the google play version. The last thread about this was a spam one and was closed. This is the full version from google play. Android L lockscreen , the only lockscreen designed for Android L , now available for all android phones Features of Android L...
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    Thread Android L Lock Screen port

    Is there a lock screen that is just like the android L one? That is a APK installer for any device running say 4.3 or higher.
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    Thread LG G watch Strap Replacement Ideas & Photos

    Are you planning to replace the strap on LG G smartwatch? if you already have your Android Wear smart watch and already replaced the strap with another strap please shows us some... what is the best strap for LG G Watch? Share what watch band you are using with your LG G Watch. I have the...
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    Thread Is the G Watch shipping today or what?

    I ordered mine and its still pending. Is it shipping today from google like promised?
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    Thread Were to get this watch band for LG G Watch

    Were can I find this watch band for the LG G Watch? The brown one on the right.
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    Thread 3RD Party Lock Screen That Supports Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Security Unlock?

    Is there any lock screens out there 3rd party that support the Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Security Unlock?
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    Thread Google Search 3.5.14 Issues

    After installing the Velvet.apk from the google now L launcher thread I cant get past this screen in google search to enable any screen google now.
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    Thread [Wrong Section] Galaxy S5 Finger Print Lock screen Notification Xposed

    MOD EDIT: Thread closed as this is the wrong section for module requests/questions. Please read these guidelines for more info. Is there a lock screen xposed module that allows notifications to be shown on the galaxy s5? Using the finger print security as well.
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    Thread S5 VZW Lock screen Alternative with Finger Print Support

    Looking for a Lock screen with notification's that also supports the finger print sensor. Seems any of the ones I try don't support the S5 Finger print sensor.
  43. idle0095

    Thread Galaxy S5 Lock Screen

    My biggest problem with this lock screen is many. If I want to use the finger print part of the lock screen I have to use the stock lock screen. Not to big of a deal BUT... No widget support No notifications on lock screen. Two much other wording all over the lock screen. Instead of showing...
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    Thread How to return to stock VS980 Verizon

    I need to turn in my LGG2 because Im doing a edge up for another device. How do I return this to stock? I have a back up of 4.2.2 can I just flash that and get away with it or do I have to return to 100% stock? I know with samsung its just ODIN back. How hard or easy is it for LGG2?
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    Thread Touchwiz launcher weather PORT

    Looking for touchwiz launcher and accuweather widget port for LG G2. Would like APK signed files not flashable ones if possible.
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    Thread How to get weather working on Neo with LG G2

    Have a Neo with my LGG2. Is there a way to get accuweather on a LGG2 and get it to sync with the Neo?
  47. idle0095

    Thread Galaxy Gear on LG G2 Weather info?

    Any way to get the weather to work with the Galaxy Gear on LG G2? I tired to install the accuweather app from the 4.3 s4 and note 3. No luck. Says error when trying to load weather in gear manager. Any one know of a way?
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    Thread [ZOOPER] Samsung Galaxy S5 Theme ZW

    I decided to share my Samsung Galaxy S5 Zooper widget. Its right now set to a 5X2 using Nova. grid size 5X7. So you might have to re-size for your setup. The icon pack is sized at 720 x 340 so if you want a 5X3 you might need to re-size them. Here you go Screen Shot...
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    Thread What Icon Pack IS THIS?

    What Icon pack is this?
  50. idle0095

    Thread [Q] G Flex Themed ROM VS980 Stock Rooted

    Is there a G Flex Theme Stock Rooted rom for the VS980? Im running stock rooted now 12B. I want the swing lock and flex weather widget.