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    Thread i need a refresher can anyone help

    so i been at my computer for HOURS and having major issues with TWRP not wonting to boot right, yes i am trying to install a later version of TWRP but everywhere i look a no go i even tried TWRP 3.4.0-1 so since everything has changed what is new out there, what are the new ways to get TWRP to...
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    Thread why can't i get into TWRP

    so i installed another ROM but for some messed up reason i cant access TWRP, cant do it via fastboot/ADB, cant do it via APP and cant do it with the vol down + power (yes i did let go of power when logo shows and hold down again. i can get into the bootloader of my phone but no way to get...
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    Post no stock recovery/bootloop stock OS

    well i managed to got it figured out saw a post similer to mine and did the steps, well in that post i had to get LGup but i managed to get a patched verson of LGUP, on there it said to do a partiotion DL option and select all, well that did not work for me so i said lets see if refurbish will...
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    Thread no stock recovery/bootloop stock OS

    for one thing i know most of some of you might be happy to see me here so whats up i am fine but stressed so i was helping someone to get lineage OS running on their phone and i managed to get that part successful but lineage sucks for me unless theres alot i missed on how bad everything went...
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    Post Public add rootsystem with TOT vs990 made by tungkick Even tho there is a video about 15a to 13a it will still work cause oreo is downgradeable on the V20 If you have any questions or need help feel free to message here
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    Thread LG G4 VS986 system.img help

    So i got someone wanting to root the G4 but the links i posted are down, i managed to get the rootedsystem.img, 13B.KDZ but i am having a hard time getting the system.img, anyone know where i can find it, thanks
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    Post LG G4 Bootloop problem ( After using LASER WOLF metod to enable all apps to DW)

    well just saw this, sorry that the method has caused you a problem, i haven't had this phone for awhile after i broke my phone, hope you was able to get it back up and going again
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    Post LGG4 13b root (vs986 ONLY) (update 4-10-2016)

    sup everyone, laser here, i was notified about the links being broken and i am at work on it as we speak, i was able to recover the rootedsystem.img and 13B KDZ, i am on a lookout for the system.img, if anyone has a copy please post it so i can set these files up on my google drive, Video and...
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    Post need help with FRP google account verification

    well i been looking and haven't found it, there was one BAT file someone made it cleared it all i keep looking around this was on the LG G4 tho thought there will be one for the v20 plus i wont use this on anyones phone, if you look me up you see who i am laserwolf452. i help people with their...
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    Thread need help with FRP google account verification

    locked out of my LG V20 vs995, is there a tool out there that can lear out this info like the one i found here on XDA phone is on VS99513A please and thanks
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    Post HTC Desire 626 (At&t) Root Confirmed!

    hey, i was helping a friend out and see kingroot dose work, but we want to get SU on his phone can you upload that as the link dont work thanks
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    Thread AT&T LG K10 K425 root help

    so i got a friend who needs help rooting his K10 he is running Android 7.0, what is the most up to date root method. i been looking but not really getting much info, can anyone help me go to the right path to root this phone, thank you
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    Post V20 vs995 oreo question

    Was hoping to get an answer as i have people asking me but when i get the time i look unless you can do me a favor and post a link. That would be appreciated if not its cool and thanks for the time to read the post
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    Thread V20 vs995 oreo question

    I seen oreo has been released on the v20 and alearted my youtube fans about the update and not take it or lose root. Since oreo is a new version of Android OS will the uppercut downgrade method still work for oreo to 13a or will it brick the phone If it will brick the phone is there a way to...
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    Post LGV20 VS995 (Verizon only) (AIO Post 3-25-2019)

    is it down gradable tho and thanks for the update
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    Post how can disable/remove unlock bootloader warming on startup

    When i asked i was told no. It can not be removed and never saw anything that it can be.
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    Post Lg v20 vs995 update and keep root?

    Crap didn't realize i was on the wrong thread mebt to post it in the questions section sorry for that
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    Thread Lg v20 vs995 update and keep root?

    I had soneone ask me is it possible to update to the latest firmware and keep root. I know we cant do it via OTA or use lgup to flash it in. Since we have twrp is there a way we can install a newer firmware to the v20 insted of being stuck between 10B to 13A as those are the firmware that can be...
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    Post LGV20 VS995 (Verizon only) (AIO Post 3-25-2019)

    Damn 17A is out if you downgrade let me know
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    Post Lg v20 OTG help

    I managed to find out. Android dont see an ntfs nor giuld drive altho es file explorer see the drive on my 4tb drive but its not supported i got an app that will read my drive and was happy to see i can access my files just want to transfer without having to use a pc and paid 6 bucks for the...
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    Thread Lg v20 OTG help

    So i went to 3 stores looming for the usb c to usb a connecter OTG but what sucks is my phone wont see my hard drive and the OS is set to power supply. I tried changing it to file or picture transfer and no go still stays at power supply. How can i get my phone to see my hard drive. Thanks
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    Thread 16B is it down gradable for the VS995

    Thanks to a fan known as Lets Get Smarted has confirmed me that 16B is down gradable to 13A so for those who are looking for the answer, you are welcome here is the post that holds the root and down grade methods...
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    Post Bloatware removing???

    Whars up i know no one saw the debloat video i been going through some personal problems here and there but i would love to tell you all that ever since i deboated my phone it still works along with some tweaks cause i would have the phone crash and all. I dont have a eta at the moment as i am...
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    Post LGV20 VS995 (Verizon only) (AIO Post 3-25-2019)

    Sounds ligit. Looks like some apps are now being more strict when they see lucky patcher. Ccleaner was one of them. I paid for it and i used it across my phones but my v10 didn't had the purchase version and i am like wtf. After pulling apps testing one by one i ended up taking down lucky...
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    Post Bloatware removing???

    I be getting another v20 some time this week i be doing a downgrade, another root video and then the deboat
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    Post Root/Downgrade LG V20 Verizon as of Sept. 2017?

    lgup and uppercut, then get 13A or 13B i forgot the letter 13 somthing, then do the dirty santa, 15A was confired to be downgraded. if you like me to test it give me a week i got another v20 coming my way that has 15A on it
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    Post [HOW-To] Manual Program (SPR&VZW)

    i am not on any rom but i have faced the issue my phone would work for LTE but no calls or txt, i am on the 13A of the stock OS i am on the verizon so i hope there is a way to fix it, i tried the app but i got nothing that can be edited i tried the MSL and the iot.cdmasettings and ya having a...
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    Post LGV20 VS995 (Verizon only) (AIO Post 3-25-2019)

    never had the issue did u ever factory reset your phone before u did anything else i know i have that step in there
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    Thread Lg v20 vs995 more issues

    Soi know the phone sucks with signal but today i faced another issue. I had my brother call me and it all went to voicemail. Crazy thing is i was able to surf the internet as i was waiting for his call. So again the software is failing. I am not the only one as his wife owns a v20 and told me...
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    Post LG V30: what are your thoughts

    So i was hoping the v30 be good but as always soneone has to mess up. First lg phone i got was the lgg3. It is the best damn phone you can ever get. So i fell in love with it. Then the g4 came out. I loved how the camera is manual. Then the v10 came out. I got it and worked wonders with green...
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    Post Bloatware removing???

    i am testing the bloatware removing on my v20, i had so many issues with the phone, so far so good, if the phone dont act up i post a video of what to uninstall/freaze
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    Post LGV20 VS995 (Verizon only) (AIO Post 3-25-2019)

    Yes my dad lives in South Carolina and i live in North Carolina about an hour away from his house
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    Post LGV20 VS995 (Verizon only) (AIO Post 3-25-2019)

    So you dont think i am ingoring you i wont be on for a few days. I am with my dad to see the eclipse i will read ur post Tuesday
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    Post LGV20 VS995 (Verizon only) (AIO Post 3-25-2019)

    i dont have any connections with the devs or to someone who really knows how to work with you. i just come on here to learn and if the root method is hard for me to understand and once i learn it i make videos to help those that are noobs to this that are scared to mess up their phone if i have...
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    Post LGV20 VS995 (Verizon only) (AIO Post 3-25-2019)

    you are not bothering me never think that, i love to help others the best that i can, whats up, and what post you wish me to comment on, sorry if i missed something
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    Post LGV20 VS995 (Verizon only) (AIO Post 3-25-2019)

    sorry that there was a few missing info. when i get the time i will try to work on the video as of right now my phone has been redone and had others ask for a debloat but i been having issues with this phone since i got it, so far it runs ok with a few mods and debloated so i am testing this out...
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    Post V20 vs995 15a

    Only time i had that issue was when i was in a plane. Hehe im 40,000ft so im close to a damn satellite hehe But no i dont have it take forever its been working fine for me when rooted
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    Post LGV20 VS995 (Verizon only) (AIO Post 3-25-2019)

    i dont know anything about the US996 so i dont know even with an unlocked phones i dont know, i am sure someone can answer this one
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    Post LGV20 VS995 (Verizon only) (AIO Post 3-25-2019)

    15A is the latest and it has been confirmed by bond32 that it is downgradeable with uppercut
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    Post Has Anyone Ever Used Verizon Software Repair?

    Thats the whole point of the video no worries to suck at it but i understand for the warranty. As for me i dont care for it aslong no physical damage is done they wont know. Verizon knows i root aslong the phone is not damaged and dose not show no signs of mods (meaning if you dont return to...
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    Post Has Anyone Ever Used Verizon Software Repair?

    verizon apps sucks i root my phone and all and working on a few things (testing) to fix the phone and asking around for advice, so far this worked and you are welcome to try it bond32 gave me this advice to wipe the phone out, system, cache, etc. all of it (dont wipe your micro sd card out...
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    Post LGV20 VS995 (Verizon only) (AIO Post 3-25-2019)

    i went to the Netherlands with my vs995 and had no issues, i was using Verizon tho with there travel pass
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    Post LGV20 VS995 (Verizon only) (AIO Post 3-25-2019)

    sorry i didnt reply in forever, i dont get a email or anything when people post on here unless i been quated, i hope your v20 is rooted, if not feel free to message my facebook page just make sure your phone is a vs995 cause thats what phone i use and all i know as i...
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    Post VS995 How to stop the vibration temp fix

    i did this before and some times end up in safemode, just let it vibrate it wont hurt anyhting and i know cause i do that root method for videos and most of the time i work on my phone, do new things, test etc.