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  1. Gmobilize

    Thread [ROM][8.1][H870][UNOFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix v6.1.0 [21.07.2018]

    Disclaimer Project description How to install: Known Bugs: [/LIST] Downloads: Credits: XDA:DevDB Information Resurrection Remix v6.1.0 H870, ROM for the LG G6 Contributors Gmobilize, EvilHowl Source Code...
  2. Gmobilize

    Thread LG G6 Oreo BETA in China.

    Doing my usual morning google search for G6 Oreo and hoping for a miracle, i found this: What appears to be a BETA program in China, can anyone from this locale confirm this? Would be nice to finally have some...
  3. Gmobilize

    Thread LG Bluetooth Audio problems.

    Overall i have been pretty statisifed with this device, however when it comes to bluetooth audio, things tend to get really horrible. Since G5 i had this issue - when a BLE device is connected to the phone ( in my case Android Wear), the audio playback on a bluetooth speaker gets degraded...
  4. Gmobilize

    Thread Repeated burn-in issues.

    Hello, recently i sent my phone to warranty because of serious screen burn in issues, they replaced my sceen, which had more light bleeding issues, but i wouldnt mind that, as the burn-ins were gone, but to my surprise, yesterday after about 3hrs of constant on screen texting in whatsapp, the...
  5. Gmobilize

    Thread A little question about Downgrading to 4.4.2

    Hello ,recently i decided to root my Z2 and first step of course is downgrade via flashtool ,as ive read that everything in the WIPE section should be checked and in EXCLUDE unchecked, so i was wondering what does TA override there? Should it also remain unchecked? Just wanted to be sure if it...
  6. Gmobilize

    Thread TWRP Recovery for 20d

    Hello ,ive been browsing many threads about getting TWRP recovery to work on v20d ,but with no succcess. First i was rooted a while ago by ioroot. Today i tried the ABOOT+TWRP tool by editing the batch file ,then it installed all the files and rebooted normally. After that i used flashify to...
  7. Gmobilize

    Thread White or Black color?

    Hey guys ,i have decided to get this phone and i was wondering about the colors. I really like the white one cause it looks more premium and fresh ,but how about stains and coloring? Has any of you White Z1 users experienced it? Maybe the black is better in terms of this?
  8. Gmobilize

    Thread Need help! Difference between T320 and T320e?

    Hello ,ive been repairing this phone for my dad and first i wanted to know - what is the difference between T320 and T320e? As i tried to replace the screen and the display works but the touch isnt,the part is for T320e but the phone is T320 ,back at the time when i had an htc i remember them...
  9. Gmobilize

    Thread WiFi problems on 4.3.1

    Hi ,ever since 4.3.1 showed up I've been having this problem in some nightlies of different 4.3.1 branches - probam,vanir,cm, etc. but except omnirom . The WiFi turns off and locks in that state after leaving the range of current network . to switch it back on I have to reboot my phone ,is this...
  10. Gmobilize

    Thread HELP Serious problem

    Hi,today i was flashing various roms ,bit then cm stopped responding and got a bootloop after reboot ,now in recovery it doesnt mount /sdcard but other partitions can be flashed fine ,my guess /sdcard got corrupted somehow? I can Still boot info s/w upgrade mode too . What could be the problem ...
  11. Gmobilize

    Thread Tegra overclock not working

    Hi ,recently i installed the latest version of TO ,but when i press any option from menu ,it doesnt go in further menu,im lg stock with iodak. Sent from my LG-P880 using xda app-developers app
  12. Gmobilize

    Thread [DEV][PORT][4.2.2]Sense 5 from HOX

    Hello,as many of you know ,that here was no updates made for a long time ,but i was working on this ROM with the help of Adam77Root ,Ive tried a lot of different combos of the Build, a lot of logging ,testing was done,but now Ive come to point where I ask any developer to help Porting this ROM...
  13. Gmobilize

    Thread [APP]Gangstar Vegas.

    Hi, Gameloft just released next part of its gangstar franchise ,now for android. Wanted you to know that its now available. Also its here to share feedback on the gameplay ,on different roms ,kernels . Please post your feedback regarding - Opinion,gameplay (is it smooth ?),rom and kernel you...
  14. Gmobilize

    Thread Gangstar Vegas

    Hi ,the gangstar latest version just just came out ,i installed ,it seems ok ,but its hangs for few secs really often ,has antbody tried it yet?
  15. Gmobilize

    Thread System reboots to recovery after TWRP system restore.

    Ok so i flashed cm ,before that i did a backup with TWRP ,i didnt like cm so i restored my LG stock backup ,but after restoring all the files ,i press reboot to system but it just keeps enetering GBoot menu,any ideas? Do i have to flash the stock .kdz again or is there a some other way? EDIT...
  16. Gmobilize

    Thread LG Stock or CM?

    Recently i switched from my evo 3D to O4X ,ive been using the lg stock rom with various kernels for a while ,yesterday i flashed CM 10.1 it seems nice but lg's soft just kinda seems more personalized and feature rich ,with cm i feel kinda blank ,like its just not that fun to use it ,i know its...
  17. Gmobilize

    Thread Gameplay

    Hi just wanted to ask if anynody has fps drops while playing vice city on max? Im on v20a rooted ,thanks in advance. Sent from my LG-P880 using xda app-developers app
  18. Gmobilize

    Thread Wanted to share my warranty expierience

    Yesterday I brought my EVO to service for warranty as problems was prox sensor not working ,left unsticked frame side and random power offs ,the screen also came out a lil bit . It got fixed in less then a day and they changed the entire frame with all the switches an LCD etc absolutely for...
  19. Gmobilize

    Thread OTG drive not found.

    Hey ,this is it ,i got my OTG adapter (again) and i think i have succesfully modified it ,so it would have an external usb power source. When i plug everything into places then the flash drives LED lights up and the phone states charging ,also host mode activated. But the problem is that the...
  20. Gmobilize

    Thread USB OTG

    Ok so today i got my usb otg adapter and im on buttertoast 14.4,i have enabled otg on kernel tuner and when i check the mode file with connected adapter it shows -host ,and after disconnect shows -none,so it should be working. Tried it on cm10 ,didnt work ,now im on elegancia rom and still...
  21. Gmobilize

    Thread 1080p recording

    Hi ,I was wondering if its possible to still somehow modify the soft to make it run on ics or jb,cause im pretty sure its hardware would allow it. Btw i remember that there was an amaze camera gingerbread thread with some alpha mod.
  22. Gmobilize

    Thread Replacing EVO camera cover glass.

    Hey does anyone know whats the easiest way changing the protective camera glass? Cause mine got microcrack today and i dont really wanna lose my warranty.I have seen disassamble video but none of them shows this. Mby its possible to do it without screwing out anything? Sent from my shooteru...
  23. Gmobilize

    Thread Desire Z not booting (Any mode)

    Hey ,i took my dads old dz and it Has a problem ,when its charging notification blinks red/green and when i try to boot it normal Or in hboot it doesnt seem to react at all ,what Could be the problem? I could try force booting it via adb ,what do you think? Sent from my HTC EVO 3D X515m using...