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    Post [Q&A] Issues with Substratum? Post here!

    I have created a simple theme to replace the notification icon for Google Keep. It works perfectly with Substratum Lite on my wife's rooted Pixel 3a, but does not work on my rooted Pixel 4a. The overlay for Keep shows as Invalid after installing and rebooting. I cannot find any way to view logs...
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    Post [MODULE] Fullscreen Gestures for Android 10

    @clever_man did you find a fix or a workaround for this?
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    Post [APP][R][XPOSED] GravityBox v11.0.3 for Android 11 [06/06/2021]

    I am using Riru v25.4.1 and Riru-LSPosed v1.3.5 on my Pixel 4a and have no issues with GravityBox. I upgraded yesterday from Riru v25.3.4 and Riru-LSPosed v1.3.4.
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    Post [KERNEL] [blu_spark r105] [A11]

    I did without issue. I patched the boot.img before updating. Then placed the patched boot.img in the update zip (renamed it obviously) and flashed the factory image. Updated and rooted all-in-one. Then flashed blu_spark.
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    Thread Tap to Wake

    Upgrading from a Pixel 3a that was running Android 10, I have found that the Double-Tap to wake feature is now just tap to wake. I am constantly waking my phone when removing it from my pocket or even just handling it. Is there any method (including root/xposed) to bring back double-tap to wake?
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    Post MAGISK MODULE ❯ Universal SafetyNet Fix 1.1.0

    Netflix is displayed in the Play Store for me. Pixel 4a, Magisk 22 with this module, also using Magisk hide and hiding the manager.
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    Post [App+Magisk Module]ACC - Custom accent colour creator [Android 8+]

    @Akilesh_15 the app is not able to get root access with Magisk 22 on my Pixel 4a. Clearing app cache fixed the problem.
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    Post [All XDA Members] Feedback/Recommendations for XDA

    I'm not sure if someone has already made this suggestion (I searched and couldn't find anything), but this has been in my mind a while now: Why isn't it possible to "Watch" a device? Instead I need to click "Watch" for all the sub-forums concerning the device... I was able to give devices a...
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    Thread Magisk with custom kernel

    It's been a long time since I've used a custom kernel on any of my devices. What is the correct installation order: Custom kernel Magisk Or Magisk Custom kernel
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    Thread Google Search Font

    A few days ago the font for Google search results in Chrome changed. It is very thin and little making it difficult to read. Has anyone else experienced this? How do I revert this change?
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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] Dirty Unicorns 14.7 {Sargo/Pixel 3a} (2020-09-14)

    craigacgomez what was the change? I want to apply it to my personal build.
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    Post Statusbar Notification Icon Limit Increased to 7

    Thanks! I can figure out the edits needed in java, this narrows it down for me.
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    Post Statusbar Notification Icon Limit Increased to 7

    Tulsadiver do you mind sharing what you changed (in the code)? I will like to incorporate this into my ROM.
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    Post [KERNEL] [September 8] Pixel 3a ElementalX 3.06 (Android 11)

    Entering safe mode fixed it (well it still rebooted after entering safe mode, but then the next boot it was fixed).
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    Post [KERNEL] [September 8] Pixel 3a ElementalX 3.06 (Android 11)

    I need some help please. I installed EX Kernel manager on my phone (Stock android 10 with stock kernel). I accidentally press the option for High Brightness mode and then my phone rebooted. Now when it reboots and I try to unlock it, it just reboots again. How can I fix this without a factory reset?
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    Thread AOD Slow to Come On

    Since upgrading to Android 10 I've noticed a delay when the AOD shows after I remove my phone from my pocket. With Android 9, the AOD would show almost instantly when I pulled my phone from my pocket. With Android 10 there is a 1-2 second delay. Does anyone else notice this?
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    Post [APP][Q][XPOSED] GravityBox v10.1.2 for Android 10 [07/03/2021]

    If I manually switch from full gesture to 3 button and then back again it works, but the navbar padding comes back when I reboot.
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    Post [APP][Q][XPOSED] GravityBox v10.1.2 for Android 10 [07/03/2021]

    How do I get GB to play nice with full gesture navigation? I have disabled Navigation tweaks, but still I have an area at the bottom of my screen reserved for the navbar. This is on my Pixel 3a running 10 stock.
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    Post [APP][Q][XPOSED] GravityBox v10.1.2 for Android 10 [07/03/2021]

    Any Pixel users here? What has been your experience with GB? Any issues or stability problems? I'm debating running stock + GB vs DU on my Pixel 3a.
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    Thread Unofficial DU Build

    Can I post unofficial builds of Dirty Unicorns on XDA? If yes, is anyone interested? I have been building for myself and thought that I would share.
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    Post New 7T owner, coming from Samsung, any tips?

    Is there anyway to get visual voicemail working?
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    Post [ROM] [10] OmniRom for OnePlus7T [EXPERT]

    Autobrightness is going all over the place in low light areas, but seems to work well otherwise. Is this a known bug? Edit: after using it in a dark room for several hours and constantly adjusting the brightness slider it has settled down a good amount. It still jumps around from time-to-time...
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    Post [ROM] [10] OmniRom for OnePlus7T [EXPERT]

    Does AOD support autobrightness or is it a static brightness?
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    Post OnePlus 7T Is Back In Stock!

    I know that feeling! I hope they get it shipped soon.
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    Thread Extracting Stock OOS payload.bin

    I have installed everything needed for the payload dumper, but I am getting the following error when trying to extract a OOS payload.bin: Processing LOGO partitionTraceback (most recent call last): File "", line 157, in <module> dump_part(part) File ""...
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    Post [Tutorial] Android OTA payload dumper on Android

    I am getting the following error and I cannot figure out how to fix it: Processing LOGO partitionTraceback (most recent call last): File "", line 157, in <module> dump_part(part) File "", line 100, in dump_part out_file = open('%s/%s.img' %...
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    Post OnePlus 7T Is Back In Stock!

    Mine shipped the day after I ordered. But I did choose express shipping.
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    Post [OnePlus 7T][ROM][OTA][Oxygen OS] Repo of Oxygen OS Builds

    Why does OnePlus list the latest version for the global model as 10.0.7 on their website, when there are actually two newer version? :rolleyes:
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    Post OnePlus 7T Is Back In Stock!

    Ordered mine last night around midnight when I got the email. I'm hoping that I like it enough to give up my Pixel 3a.
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    Post New 7T owner, coming from Samsung, any tips?

    What Magisk module are you using for Google dialer?
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    Post Development

    7T Pro ROMs work for the 7T? I find that hard to believe, no offense.
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    Post Development

    Are these same issues not present on the OP7T PRO? It seems to have at least a few more ROMs.
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    Post Development

    Where can I find more information on these bugs?
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    Thread Development

    I'm just curious why ROM development for this device is so limited. Most other OP devices have a very large and active amount of developers. What is different about the 7T? This is not a bash, just curious.
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    Post [BULLHEAD][10.0] PixelExperience [OFFICIAL][VoLTE][2020-10-16]

    So I've noticed that when I have dark mode enabled, several apps still display a white background briefly when I launch them (Google Phone and Messages). Is this a ROM bug or a bug with the apps themselves? Edit: it was the apps, after updating both to the latest version the white background...
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    Post [APP][MOD] Today Weather - A beautiful weather app with more 10 data sources

    No. You may have to enable all sources (read OP for instructions). I'm running 1.4.6 build 6 (latest version)
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    Post [KERNEL] [September 8] Pixel 3a ElementalX 3.06 (Android 11)

    I have an extra spoon, I will feed you. fastboot flash boot nameofboot.img
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    Post [APP][MOD] Today Weather - A beautiful weather app with more 10 data sources

    Where did you look? Check the OP.
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    Post TWRP 3.3.1-1 for Pixel 3A [OFFICIAL]
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    Post [ROM][9.0][CHEESEBURGER][OFFICIAL] Pixel Experience [PIE/PLUS][WEEB][2019/12/20][EOL]

    I just clean flashed and tested by covering the top half of the screen with my hand. When I did this, a double-tap did not wake the screen.
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0] Android Open Source Illusion Project [Cheeseburger][Official]

    Codebucket how do we change the temperature unit for lockscreen weather? I would like to change it from Celsius to Fahrenheit.
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    Post [ROM][9.0][CHEESEBURGER][OFFICIAL] Pixel Experience [PIE/PLUS][WEEB][2019/12/20][EOL]

    Is pocket detection working in the latest build (1014)? Edit: pocket detection is working in the 20191013 build! Thanks maximeyxw
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    Post Google Camera Mod Thread for OnePlus 5/T [OFFICIAL]

    What is the recommended version for pie (I'm running OOS 9.09)? Any specific settings I need? I haven't been following for a while and want to get my OP5 setup for my wife to use.
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    Post [Mod][Root Only]Turn on Gmail Dark Theme

    My mistake. I assumed that Gmail dark mode worked on pie like dark mode for other Google apps does.
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    Post [Mod][Root Only]Turn on Gmail Dark Theme

    Thank you finding this. Unfortunately it is not working for me. I'm running Android 9 (DU) and have Gmail 2019.09.15.270135155.
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    Post Lawnchair - Customizable Pixel Launcher

    Are there any plans to add an option to auto-close the app drawer when an app is launched? So the back button will return to the home screen rather than the app drawer.
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    Post Updating Magisk on rooted Pixel 3a

    I updated today from 19.3 to 20 using the Direct install method. I have done this many times in the past with no issues.