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  1. bmwh0r3

    Thread 920A is a tricky one

    So my friend took a nougat update and it killed all cellular service. I gave her my Nexus 6 to get her back into the land of the living. WiFi still works. I tried using Odin to reflash nougat and still nothing. Its been awhile since I've played around with Sammy but trying to find the files to...
  2. bmwh0r3

    Thread Two ROMs for v410 only Tesla and Tipsy

    I'm not sure if this allowed or the proper way to do this. But two ROMs are available for our tablets. Tesla which I used for some time is pretty stable. I just tested Tipsy and it works great. Tipsy currently is finished with lp development and moving onto marshmallow. Current build is titled...
  3. bmwh0r3

    Thread [ROM]Official TipsyOs for victara xt1095 5.1.1 2015-11-05 Final Hangover v2.2

    First off, I'm posting this with permission from the maintainer. All credit goes out to the tipsy team. As a joke, I asked for our little device to be supported from a friend. He does not own a moto x. So builds will be tested before release. I copied and pasted the post for the 1+1 as I was...
  4. bmwh0r3

    Thread What to expect when coming from shamu?

    I have a n6 right now. Stumbled upon someone looking to trade their opo 64gb for an lg g3 I had on my company account with Verizon(I switched to at&t). I see development is similar to the nexus. Should one stick to twrp or is cwm just as good? Any roms to avoid? Xposed play well with any?
  5. bmwh0r3

    Thread Well... This is new. Half screen freeze?

    Happens at random on any ROM... Any ideas? Left side doesn't do this but right side freezes. If I lock the screen/turn it off and back on, its fine. Should I RMA it? Thanks to the_rooter :
  6. bmwh0r3

    Thread General home solutions/possible fixes for hardware related issues

    I'm going to update this as we go along. Would a mod sticky this either here or in the general thread. This thread will be about fixing anything we can without having to send the phone in for repairs. I'll start it with my issue I had appear yesterday. Disclaimer: AS WITH FLASHING, I AM IN NO...
  7. bmwh0r3

    Thread Um... How did I manage lock screen background?

    To differ from my plain black home screen? I'm on DU 11415 build with lk 1.7... I never even saw the lock screen pic before so I have no clue where its from. Just appeared.
  8. bmwh0r3

    Thread Verizon friendly Roms?

    First off I love my nexus but seeing how Verizon isn't supporting the n6 yet, I'm curious as to what Roms are vzw friendly? I'm cautious to flash...and being a flashaholic, that's not good.
  9. bmwh0r3

    Thread Kernels: Can someone school me on them?

    I'm coming from a vzw note 3 and iPhone territory. So kernels are new to me. What are some features that are better over the stock? I'm currently rooted on 5.0.1. I am a flashaholic so I don't mind testing each kernel but like I said, it's unknown to me. I don't want to brick my nexus quite yet haha
  10. bmwh0r3

    Thread Droid turbo widget

    I figured I'd try the flashable zip from the moto x 2nd gens themes and apps section(I had previously a moto x) and it worked. Disclaimer: Using the following is completely at your own risk. If you can't get it to work, then you shouldn't own a nexus device. Go buy a dumbphone and move on...
  11. bmwh0r3

    Thread Moto voice camera and gallery

    Just got updated to lollipop look
  12. bmwh0r3

    Thread [Q] help very much appreciated. at&t moto x sim unlock

    I'm trying to help a friend unlock an at&t moto x to use on straighttalk. I have unlock two codes purchased from but neither will unlock the phone. one code matches the at&t supplied code from the person she bought off of on swappa(which I directed her there and thus I...
  13. bmwh0r3

    Thread Play store 5.0.31

    Just may have figured out something new or old... If you have the version 4.9.whatever play store, go to settings and tap the build number. It will popup that a new version will be downloaded and installed. Tap okay and go on your merry way. Enjoy the beauty of the material theme in a bit.
  14. bmwh0r3

    Thread Video player suggestions?

    I've tried MX and vlc. Are there better ones or are these the best options?
  15. bmwh0r3

    Thread The inner child in me is tempted...

    But the adult knows my wife won't approve. Bought two nook HDS awhile ago. Mine, i immediately installed cm11 on the SD and run off that. Meanwhile I've left hers alone. Hers started randomly rebooting itself. Should I convince her to just let me root it and install cm11 and then download the...
  16. bmwh0r3

    Thread Employee returned phone

    I received my LG phone back but it's locked and the disgruntled employee smashed the screen. I'm an note3 owner so I'm clueless to the LG Android platform. What are my best options here? I'm considering replacing the screen myself as I've done before on phones but to get into the phone and...
  17. bmwh0r3

    Thread New to safestrap

    But I'm in love with beans rom. Can I backup my rom slot and flash it to my stock? I'm sure there's a thread but searching is tedious. A simple yes or no will suffice. I assume it's just like flashing the rom to the slots.