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  1. Zile995

    Thread [Q]Unable to add and save contacts to SIM card(v30b + root)

    Hi! I have rooted my LG G3 32GB D855 v30b software version with this method and flashed xceed kernel for G3. Now i don't have option to save contacts on SIM, and i can't read them from SIM card. Also, network...
  2. Zile995

    Thread [S-ON][LOCKED BL] RUU Flashing Problem (remote: 12 signature verify fail)

    Hi! I need a help. 1. I have S-ON device 2. I want to flash RUU 6.12.401.4. I am on same firmware, but have Google services FC and Sense home FC. I did factory reset in recovery, and it didn't help. So i want to reflesh same stock rom. 3. My bootloader is LOCKED 4. CID: HTC__032 I have used...