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  1. HKboy92

    Post [ROM][23Mar][MB5][364mb] ¤¤ VikingWay v7.1 ¤¤ The Beauty Of TrulyClean And Simple

    Hello, I've been using Viking since 3 months now. Too be honest, V6 isn't what I was expecting. I'm more fond of V5, except that I had to get used to the tetris battery. It had flashlight, volume rocker track skipping which is compatible with ubermusic, and felt different. Not stock :]. Anyway...
  2. HKboy92

    Post [Q] need for help!!! how to root my tf201

    Nope, doesn't. Just the Asus message with the Tegra in the bottomright. I was asking if it was the only option, which doesn't have an 100% guarantee rate. I'm pretty happy with stock though. Built-in backup manager, all I need
  3. HKboy92

    Post [Q] need for help!!! how to root my tf201

    I've just got my hands on a Prime, and it has JB on it. Meaning, TWRP, in SOME CASES, work to unlock the bootloader, which is needed to root. Am I right at this one? Because Samsung phones has it a LOT easier...
  4. HKboy92

    Post [ROM][23Mar][MB5][364mb] ¤¤ VikingWay v7.1 ¤¤ The Beauty Of TrulyClean And Simple

    Nice ROM, been using this for a week now. I love it. Only downside is that I can't use my favorite music player (Fede's music app, which is a WP7 player clone). Besides that, I just love the theme ---------- Post added at 08:57 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:56 PM ---------- Nice ROM...
  5. HKboy92

    Post [Noob Q] Safe to flash from Ext. SD?

    Since my SGS III, I never flashed from internal, Everything is working great, so I don't think that flashing from either storage device is harmful. Just be sure not to remove your External SD card whilst flashing. But that speaks for itself, isn't it?
  6. HKboy92

    Thread [Q] TV-out

    Hello XDA, Bit of a question; my SGS did support TV-out, so I could put it on a TV, OR.... hook it up with a capture card for easy screen recording. Does the SGS III support this too? I do have the cable for it, although it being for a JVC camcorder and a bit to short. And if not, any other way...
  7. HKboy92

    Post S3 delayed in the Netherlands

    Wat een tiefus streek. Balen... Thanks for telling me in advance. They have't given me any update about it though... (Belcompany). So now... I'm going to be a sad puppy next week :<
  8. HKboy92

    Post Is 1GB RAM memory enough?

    You should think about what you are doing wrong ;p
  9. HKboy92

    Post Battery Must Come First

    This phone doesn't have battery replacement for nothing. And a dock that can charge your phone and an extra battery at the same time. But I agree. At least better then stock = a good step forward
  10. HKboy92

    Post [Q] Converting Movies / TV Episodes for Galaxy S III

    Sony Tablet S: Can't accept exFAT or Micro SD -> SD adapter, so idk on NTFS. Samsung Galaxy S: Can't accept either exFAT nor NTFS. So.... Hoping ICS DOES support either of those..
  11. HKboy92

    Post [Q] Converting Movies / TV Episodes for Galaxy S III

    Okay, thought exFAT also had a cap of 4Gigs. Will format it later tonight. Thanks for the heads up ;]
  12. HKboy92

    Post Who's switching to gs3 ?

    Already pre-ordered. Making the switch from the SGS 1 ;]
  13. HKboy92

    Post Does S3 have built in swype keyboard?

    You know that Swype is free and downloadable on their website, right?
  14. HKboy92

    Post Metal/Alternative battery cover

    There are only cases, but no back covers that are metal. It would only damage your phone if you get the battery cover off of it with metal.
  15. HKboy92

    Post Is it Micro Sim?

    You still need to cut the sim ;]. This device only allows you to use the Micro SIM into phones that use the normal Mini SIM
  16. HKboy92

    Post What is/Can NFC do?

    Basicly, Sony came up with the idea, so it's not standard in Android nor TouchWiz. There might be developers and stuff who sells the NFC tags and have the same use as the tags from Sony. Basicly, the idea behind car mode is that you put in what you think is needed for in the car (for instance...
  17. HKboy92

    Post [Q] Converting Movies / TV Episodes for Galaxy S III

    Only problem is that (at least in my case) the SDHC can't hold files above 4Gigs.
  18. HKboy92

    Post Is 1GB RAM memory enough?

    More then enough. If you run out, you should look in the mirror
  19. HKboy92

    Post Galaxy S III Outstanding battery

    So, why did I order a second battery? No need =d
  20. HKboy92

    Post Micro SD Card

    Thanks, but when looking at the pricewatch, I'd rather buy a SGS III from a trusted dealer for €x0 more then a very unknown dealer who sells it for €550. Then again, I still bought the Class 10 32GB from Samsung from a trusted site for €29.10
  21. HKboy92

    Post Launcher Replacement

    Go Launcher; nice, but Sony really made something out of the launcher. It's just the 4 items next to Google Search, it's so convenient.
  22. HKboy92

    Post Galaxy SIII videos created by me

    It's only assumable that this isn't the case. It's listening always to "Hi Galaxy" in active or standby. It's only funny to think about it.
  23. HKboy92

    Post So is Svoice better then Siri?

    I would use it casual, but not professional. ONly to impress friends ;p
  24. HKboy92

    Post This is what makes S Voice special

    "Hey Galaxy!"
  25. HKboy92

    Post [Q] Will you get your SGS3 at the time it will start selling or wait & buy it later?

    Pre-order and cannot wait to get my hands on this baby. ALso, I love the accesoires I get with it
  26. HKboy92

    Post micro sim

    I think most, ifnot all SGSIII has Micro SIM instead of MiniSIM. I walked into the HI store yesterday (My TSP), got it cut into Micro SIM and an adapter for my current SGS for free!
  27. HKboy92

    Post 64GB micro SDXC cards formatted to exFAT confirmed fully working in S3

    Gonna read it in a bit, but cool! Although a 32GB SDHC suffices for me ;p
  28. HKboy92

    Post slow motion camera

    It has alot of functions, but don't think so. Would be cool though!
  29. HKboy92


    Any Android fanboy loves the Padfone idea. Atleast the concept where a tablet and smartphone can be used as 1 device. I'm getting the S3 no matter what, with Asus being my favourite notebook producer. And fun story: Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Asus Transformer lost with tablets in my opinion for a...
  30. HKboy92

    Post No case ok?

    I can recommend one: Samsung Galaxy S: Normal usage, naked. For in my pocket. I hate it when my girlfriends cleans my screen because it's dirty because of fingerprints, it reveals all little cuts in the screen. But it still looks nice though.
  31. HKboy92


    The phone has a 1520mAh battery indeed, but you forgot the Tablet/Dock. Epic times.
  32. HKboy92

    Post [Q] What was your device before you got an S3?

    You know what is right in the world =] Ontopic: SGS
  33. HKboy92

    Post Deprecation

    The Galaxy S II was so good because it was better then every other phone on the market, the Galaxy S III is just a bit better, or at least on par with other phones now.
  34. HKboy92


    Wow, the PadFone is gorgeous. But Still, Samsung already won my heart. Asus can has my money for notebooks
  35. HKboy92

    Post what accessries are a must for tablet s

    Because of no Gorilla Glass, indeed. Take a screen protector. I never used one, and I have a little dent in the screen. Nothing serious though (using a non-official case though)
  36. HKboy92

    Post SGS3 intalled memory 16gb vs 32gb?

    I really don't care, I'm happy with the 16GB. Enough for apps. As for movies/music/pictures, that's what I'm buying a 32GB Micro SDHC for. q
  37. HKboy92

    Post Volume controller!?!?

    Better yet, buy a headset with volume control yourself. Never used stock, as I hate in-ear myself
  38. HKboy92

    Post [REQ] Rom wishes

    I want Darky to get his hands on 1 and write stuff :]. Voodoo sound engine And just Root, to delete TouchWiz for LauncherPro or Zeam.
  39. HKboy92

    Post [Q] A Couple of questions about the S3

    About Q2: Probably not. A fix is, to lay your phone further away from you when you sleep. And do you really wake up because of that? And Q1: Almost never used radio, but no volume problems when I used it (SGS1).
  40. HKboy92

    Post Wireless Charging Information?

    I'll see if I'm comfortable with the dockloading. Don't think I'll get the wireless loader, unless I see really positive reviews of it...
  41. HKboy92

    Post The cases/pouches thread - Which to get?

    I'll be getting the flipnote cover with my order for free,so why the hell not ;p
  42. HKboy92

    Post Galaxy S III Pricing, Availability and Pre Order Thread

    I pre-ordered the phone for €630, with €100 free of accecoires. Which are 2 flipnote covers (Why 2?), extra battery & dock. Nice deal.
  43. HKboy92

    Post White, blue, red, brown, gray or black? New colors!

    Blue, everything better then white
  44. HKboy92

    Post Micro SD Card

    I never was a SD card pro, until now :p Upgraded from a 8GB Class 2 on my SGS to a Class 10 32GB from Samsung. More space for MKV movies ;]
  45. HKboy92

    Post Samsung Galaxy S III Video Guide Thread - By TotallydubbedHD

    Yo dub, I'm going to count the amount of flashes I'll do ;p. Might do a few videos, you inspired me too ;p. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it
  46. HKboy92

    Post What class and size sd card will be compatible?

    Just bought this because of you: Update from a class 2 8GB. THOUGH I never ran into space errors before. But at least I can host more content now =D=D=D
  47. HKboy92

    Post Is it Micro Sim?

    Just bought an micro->mini adapter. Too bad the title said it was for iPhone. Now I feel dirty... ANYWAYZ, learning that what I normally called a SIM, what actually is a mini-sim, is actually true. I remember the good ol' days when we had telephone cards (Sim cards) we put in telephone booths...
  48. HKboy92

    Post [LAUNCHER]Launchers & Lockscreens for the Galaxy SIII[LOCKSCREENS]

    I'll give Touchwiz a little chance, and afterwards I'll install Launcherpro Plus. I fell in love with the slide-able dock
  49. HKboy92

    Post plz help updated ics on 3g version of tablet s

    You should've read Condi's notes :p. I unrooted my device, as i never used the root functionality other then backups... If it is possible, try downgrading to 3.2.1 again :)
  50. HKboy92

    Post S.onyTablet.S v6.5 [ALLinONE] - new: Update OEM Apps! automatic ICS ROOT!, JB ROOT!

    THanks, I used this tool to install a backdoor & unroot my device. Also, if I ever need the backdoor, how would I use it?