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  1. dejson

    Thread FP unlock speed in custom roms.

    So, as title is saying I would like to know do A3 users with custom roms also have slower response to FP like I saw in rrviews everywhere. Is it really a dealbreaker among with 720p display. I am in dillema between A3 and RN8T. Smaller phone, better camera sensor, better front camera, maybe a...
  2. dejson

    Thread Problems during calls - strange vibrations

    Dear friends, I must confess, I am romManiac, it is my way to describe myself and my constant need for trying every ROM in outer space, flashaholic is the old word for that and I needed something fresh, I just to do that since I got G1 back in 2008 I think. My last attempt was last night when i...
  3. dejson

    Thread Internal memory and apps to sd

    Just got this phone 1 week ago, what are you people using for freeing internal memory. I can't install so much games and cards are not visible in custom recovery if I choose to format sdcard as internal memory. Nice thing on MM if you are stock. Please help.
  4. dejson

    Thread Tasker on deodexed custom ROM

    I have a huge problem. I am the big fun of this app and ofc I bought it. But I just can't make it work with custom roms, or with rooted roms. I installed latest stock LSJ NEE and as soon as I root the rom the tasker doesnn't want to work. Actually I want to unlock screen on my home WiFi or...