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    Thread Pixel Experience status

    Just a friendly question, I just recently purchased this device and I would love to have that rom on this device. After all the backlash that happened with the device maintenance, there's anyone interested in maintain the device again or it's dead now?
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    Thread Show off your set up and home screen!

    Hi guys! It's time to show off your best set-up. This is my own. ROM: Pixel Experience, July Patch, GSI Kernel: Okita 5.2 Average SOT: 6 and a half hours - Hyperion Launcher Pro Widgets: Cheesecake for KWGT Icon Pack: Pix-Pie Wallpaper from AMOLED Wallpapers apps
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    Thread ROMs development

    A general question to all the developers interested in th beautiful device. I'm also very interested in purchasing this device, but I wanna know if some of you dear developers, are going to work on the global versions of the RN7 or you guys are going to wait for the RN7 Pro. :)
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    Thread Andromeda + Substratum on LOS [Themes Issues]

    Anyone using Substratum themes likes Corners or the option or Pi Light that makes the rounded corners? I face a huge lag on any launcher within this layers applied.
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    Thread Brick after update via OTA to Android 7.0

    I have an XT1621 and i was trying to install the June patch and i saw that the device was heating a lot so i tried to back to stock 6.0.1 but when i put the code "fastboot flash bootloader bootloader.img" the CMD windows says that the bootloader can't downgrade, i've ignored that and i've try to...
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    Thread CPU Overheating

    What can say about it? The battery is not the problem, the problem is that a side of the camera it comes too really hot. What can I do? Do you have the same issue?
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    Thread Flashable Pixel Launcher with Android O Features

    Hello! This is my first work in the zone i hope it works for everyone like it works for me, any problems please leave a replay bellow, the problem it will be for the developer who ports the launcher but i will trying to bring every update. Features: -Pixel Launcher (O-3952143 v2) -Google Now...
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    Thread Android n has begun to roll out for everyone

    Some Canadian users are really getting it, it's just fact of time that we recive our update, this is the news.