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    Thread Which marshmallow build is most stable for ZenFone 3

    Hi, I recently downgraded by ZenFone 3 to marshmallow due to battery drain issues and camera blur issue .I want to know which version of marshmallow build is most stable one?
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    Thread How can I revert to factory state in le 2 x526(Indian Version)

    I am a le 2 x526(Indian version) user after waiting for more than 8 months till now camera and flash has not been fixed in any custom ROMs:crying: and i don't blame any developers but leeco for this mess but now i am thinking of selling this phone altogether for that i need to bring this phone...
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    Thread [GUIDE]How To Get Awesome Battery Life (6 Hrs SOT With heavy Usage)in Le 2

    I am creating this guide because only pure nexus has awesome battery life among all custom ROMs but main problem is flash and camera they are almost unusable. By awesome i mean you can expect 6 Hrs of SOT with really heavy usage (1:40 hrs of clash of clans,3 hrs of tv show watching ,1 hrs...
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    Thread [REQUEST]Please Bring Paranoid ROM for Le 2 X526

    Hi guys, Is anyone working on bringing paranoid ROM for our device?If someone can port for our device it would be great
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    Thread Latest lineage OS 14.1 has charging issue

    This is to warn users and developers please don't use lineage OS 14.1 11th build sources in your ROM it has serious charging issues I have seen already most ROM developers included these sources in their ROM which causes this charging issue.:crying: To custom ROM users after flashing ROM which...
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    Thread [REQUEST]Can someone build flyme OS for leeco le 2

    Since meizu released flyme OS 6 for 3rd party devices can anyone build flyme OS 6 for our device?I am no developer so i request someone to build flyme OS 6 for our device.
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    Thread While unlocking le2 bootloader though AIO toolkit getting waiting for device

    Hi Guys, When i try to unlock my le 2 bootloader through AIO toolkit i am getting error waiting for device then nothing happens.:crying: I am on win 10.
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    Thread Best Custom ROM for le 2

    From lineage 13,lineage 14 and Resurrection Remix which Rom is most stable and VOLTE working out of box?:confused:
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    Thread Can Someone Develop a custom kernel for CM 11.

    Plz Someone can develop a custom kernel for CM 11. Its most stable android version and sadly no developer is interested for building custom kernel for CM 11.