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    Post UK pre-order thread

    Just received my HTC 10. Not dispatch email no tracking. Lol Sent from my Nexus 6P using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Post UK pre-order thread

    So who has got a dispatch email from HTC? They took money successfully out of my account on Monday but I have had no email and nothing has changed on findmyorder, just says boxed shipment. I ordered on 13/04. It's so frustrating and I will never buy from digital river or htc ever again. There...
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    Post UK pre-order thread

    12th and 13th April. Sent from my Nexus 6P using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Post UK pre-order thread

    I had to phone HTC direct to cancel my original order. I ordered before the promo code came out. Still waiting for my second order. Getting frustrated with the lack of communication and how other non htc customers are getting theirs before htc customers. Totally unfair and very bad PR for a...
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    Post UK pre-order thread

    I just can't believe that the manufacturer is selling our phones to suppliers first before fulfilling any of their own orders. Absolute madness and so frustrating. Sent from my Nexus 6P using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Post UK pre-order thread

    You sometimes have to wait 24 hrs. I had the same problem. The whole process is flawed Sent from my Nexus 6P using XDA-Developers mobile app
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    Post Setting Default Home Screen in 4.3 Update

    thanks Guich, told you it was a stupid question :o
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    Thread Setting Default Home Screen in 4.3 Update

    Hi guys hopefully a stupid question. I have just updated to the new OTA 4.3 update, when I long press on a home screen to go into the widget selection screen I can see the option o set a default home screen however when I start to drag a home screen over to he set default option, the option...
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    Post [Q] Nexus 5 OTG Support

    What reason are you on about? I also downloaded files from the device to the internal storage. I will try other applications and let the board know my findings.
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    Post [Q] Nexus 5 OTG Support

    Root NOT required!!!!!!!! Downloaded OTG Disk explorer lite from the play store on my brand new stock Nexus 5, Plugged my micro usb device in and I'm now listening to my external music Root is NOT, I repeat, NOT needed
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    Post Screen on while charging

    Sorry you were right. I meant there, I was using my Nexus for reference at work. Still removed though. Grr
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    Thread Screen on while charging

    It looks like this developer feature got removed in the latest 1.29 update Anyone know of an app where I can get it back while HTC think about putting it back
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    Post May return my HTC One DevEd

    Titanium media sync. Works great Sent from my HTC One using xda premium
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    Post Phones4u told to stop selling by HTC

    Phones4u online chat guy just said silver still available Sent from my HTC One X using xda premium
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    Post Phones4u told to stop selling by HTC

    I think they will sell their current stock, just miffed and so is Clove. What is the point of having a release date if you are not going to stick to it. I understand why they start getting stock in early but it's naughty to start selling when your competition are not allowed too. Sent...
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    Thread Phones4u told to stop selling by HTC

    I called Clove to find out why phones4u were selling sim free phones and they weren't, this is their response. Mike We too have heard this over the weekend. The response from HTC is that this was an error and all stock was not to be sold until the 29th March We understand from HTC that...
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    Post orders

    I ordered 1 hour after the launch and am still waiting. I ordered on from Clove for my girlfriend from Clove at the same time and I am still waiting for that too. I don't get why retail got there's first and mail order are at least 2 weeks behind?
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    Post [Q] HTC One Font?

    According too review sites it is using the Google Roboto font. Could be reading that wrong though :)
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    Post Currently have HP touchpad, Should I go nexus 7?

    Speak for yourself, i have had the nexus 7 since Friday. i can say reading pdf files has been fine and the screen is much bigge than my one X the applications are awesome. example Yesterday i was in the pub. decided to go to Calais, used my Nexus tethered to my one x and ordered tunnel tickets...
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    Post Question about HTC Mail

    +1 Sent from my HTC One X using xda premium
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    Post 24 hours after software update, my HTC One X won't switch on or charge.

    Sound advice. I did exactly this and it definitely works. Sent from my HTC One X using xda premium
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    Post [Q] White or Grey

    Also Amazon would not replace my white one anyway as they have sent all their whites back to HTC
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    Post [Q] White or Grey

    whenis the newer batch coming out
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    Post [Q] White or Grey

    I liked the white one x, but both handsets i received had issues. So i thought the grey might have less issues. Hence the question
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    Thread [Q] White or Grey

    I have sent back a few white one X phones back to Amazon, who have stopped selling the whites now.. Eat that HTC, Hopefully you will listen now a main supplier has stopped selling it. lmao I have ordered my first grey from them, are the greys proving to be better? It is question but i am...
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    Post *Unbranded* UK One X owners, 1.29 update via download, explained for noobs

    This was indeed the case someone mentioned 1.30 would resolve the flickering screen. I have jut sent my 2nd white back to Amazon, they have now stopped selling the white as too many complaints. I have ordered a grey to see if i get a better one with a grey instead. or is this colour independant?
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    Post Software Update Europe 1.29.401.7

    It doesn't, i still have flickering on 1.29. HTC has stated that the one after 1.29 will
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    Post 1.29.401.7 Firmware Update Out In The UK

    It's very poor IMO HTC don't give a hoot about us. The got their £500 from us. Annoys me, they look at the UK and think mugs.. grr Lol Sent from my HTC One X using xda premium
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    Post Software Update Europe 1.29.401.7

    Very true. may just waitand be more patient. lol
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    Post Software Update Europe 1.29.401.7

    noob question, but how do you install a RUU?
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    Post Galaxy S3 launched

    GS3 is an Awful looking phone, the mockups looked sexy, ah well. dont care about SD Card, unless you get a class 10 you will knacker you performance. Sammy are offering 50gb dropbox, but do you needthat much for your phone.. Really. TouchWiz has a few new bits but still looks like a bear's...
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    Post [UPDATE FROM HTC - where are we now?] Screen Flicker - A pledge...

    I think Barry is spot on. I do not believe it to be a hardware fault, as the one XL uses same innards other than SoC. HTC would be nuts to use lots of different components Software would make sense, corruption sounds like a driver issue and flickering sounds like the backlight caused by power...
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    Post Price drop already

    You got robbed, rub it in, do me a favour. I pay Orange 9 quid a month for 300 mins talk, unlimited text and 1gb data.. Yes £9pm
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    Post [UPDATE FROM HTC - where are we now?] Screen Flicker - A pledge...

    Count me in, Mike Huxley, Bristol, UK
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    Post LED flicking

    It is indeed displaying that because its getting toasty. leave it for a bit unplugged and not playing games and it will be ok
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    Post Not impressed.. :/

    You said it all in your last sentence. if you don't want a phone with teething problems, don't buy a phone on day one. If you do buy on day one, expect issues. I have had 10s of phones from Windows to Symbian, IOS to Android to Meego. Not 1 phone that i got when it first came out did not have...
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    Post htc one x have i made the right choice ?

    Having no SD Card is a Google thing for ICS and the way the camera technology works. I wish people would stop going on about it. Shh Sent from my HTC One X using xda premium
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    Thread [Q] Titanium media sync failing

    Any one managed to get this working on the one x. keeps failing for me syncing large folders, such as my music folder
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    Post [OTA]ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_HTC_Europe_1.28.401.9-1.26.401.2_release_256505 - Link!

    where did you hear about the EA game stuff from? Do you know what stuff this may be?
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    Thread [Q] Weather Showing Country Location not City

    Is anyone elses weather location on their clock just showing their contry rather than their city / location? I can't get mine to show my location, however google webpage / maps can see i am in bristol anyone got a fix for this?
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    Post [Q] Charge times

    i think its to do with the type of battery they are using to be fair
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    Thread [Q] Space after keyboard suggestion

    Hi Is it a case that once again you can not get the HTC Stock keyboard to put a space after a suggestion? I like the layout so don't want to use a different keyboard but its driving me nuts
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    Thread [Q] How can you specify what syncs to Dropbox or SkyDrive

    hi trying to workout how you sync with dropbox and / or SkyDrive and whether you can schedule it. Also can you tell what gets sync'ed?? Sorry for the possible noob question, just can't see it mentioned in the manual. Awesome phone BTW
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    Post Known Bugs & Issues

    I only meant doing that on the first charge, not continuous
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    Post Known Bugs & Issues

    Cheers for the update guys, i was unaware of this. i will refrain from doing this. it did seem to help though. i only did it the first time though?
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    Post Known Bugs & Issues

    Did you fully discharge the phone on the first cycle? I don't mean when it reaches 15%, i mean switching it back on after it turns off at 1% and then playing A movie till it turns off again and wont turn back on? that is a FULL first discharge. Do you know what? if you do that it really doe...
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    Post [GNEX TOOLKIT V11.1.0] Drivers, Backup, Unlock, Root, Recovery, Flash + MORE [GSM]

    Hi Mark i put the factory image in the directory requested, it extracted the image but then failed to find any qualifing filetypes and then went back to home screen. the issue was obvious, looks like google has changed the image slightly, you now have 2 layers to extract before getting to the...
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    Post [GNEX TOOLKIT V11.1.0] Drivers, Backup, Unlock, Root, Recovery, Flash + MORE [GSM]

    am i doing something wrong when i try to restore to factory image 4.0.4 it can not find any files after extracting the google image
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    Post [Q] Key Factor: Battery Life

    I have had most HTC phones in the last 3 years. I have never had to use my spare. What i do have though is my small APC portable battery pack