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    Thread Oreo advanced reboot options missing?

    Within the power menu there used to be an option to reboot to recovery. Have these been removed in the Oreo beta? I don't see them anymore
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    Thread Recommended Android Tablet

    I am looking for a tablet with decent specs and an at minimum close to current gen operating system. I have looked but come up short. Any help is appreciated.
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    Thread Is there a rom released that supports dna project substratum theme?

    The DNA project looks amazing however I am unaware of any roms for the op5 that support OMS so far
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    Thread What ROM/Kernal is everyone using??

    I am looking for a good rom/kernal combo. I currently am Stock ROM with Franco Kernal.
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    Thread Void Warranty?

    I'm confused as to what voids my warranty and what does not. I know rooting and custom recovery does not but would a custom os or kernel?
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    Thread Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

    I am looking for a good tempered glass screen protector. So far I have found these (list will be below) and was wondering which was best/worst. List of Protectors