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    Thread mi 9 multi touch problem

    My mi 9 seems to be able to only detect 1 finger. Completely wiped phone and problem still persist. Anyone with same issue or able to fix issue?
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    Thread Help! Extremely long Mi 9 unlock wait time

    Hey everyone... just got my mi 9 and getting this crazy 1000 hours wait to unlock bootloader. Would be extremely grateful if anyone can help me reduce that time.... tried everything on the internet. :(
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    Thread face unlock issue

    Hi all, I'm on eu rom with magisk 17.3. I'm having issues with face unlock where it would sometimes not detect my face until I slide up and down again. It is as though the first slide phone doesn't register the front facing camera. I was on the final global rom initially without root and had no...
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    Thread New baby smooth case.

    Got this from China. Same shape as the sand stone black China case, but got nice design and its baby smooth! Love it. Sent from my Nexus 7 using xda premium
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    Thread ICS Volume Wake with Lockscreen help!

    Right now I have the stock android 4.0.4 rooted. Since they've updated the volume wake, it has given me nothing but trouble. Yes I know volume wake is enabled when I set lockscreen to none, however, when I am using Playerpro to play music, I don't want the screen to turn on when I hit the volume...
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    Thread Cannot press Install button

    hey guys, need some help. After upgrading to the new 2.3.4 my nexus s has the problem of unable to install apk files. When trying to install the app, i cannot press the install button. However, I can press the cancel button. It is weird. If I restart the phone then I can install one app and the...