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  1. ab-samy

    Thread [ROM][6.0.1][A500FU][MULTILANGUAGE]Roshnaie[ODIN]

    Hi friends, This model (A500FU) is designed for Europe and only some of language displayed in settings, one of my friend asked me for Persian (Farsi, فارسی) language so i just removed CSC related files and all language displayed (included Persian language) in this ROM. Guide: Download the ROM...
  2. ab-samy

    Thread [Poll]LineageOS for Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T719

    Dear XDA friends, can someone do favor to develop Lineage OS for this model, although Galaxy Tab S2 confirmed to receive Android 7 officially. but lineage OS is great.
  3. ab-samy

    Thread Help! MIUI 6 Port error

    Dear friends, i ported miui 6 for Karbonn Titanium Octane Plus and fixed camera and some other errors but could not fix bellow themes, updater and backup error. Unfortunately, Themes has stopped Unfortunately, Updater has stopped Unfortunately, Backup has stopped please give advice about these...
  4. ab-samy

    Thread [Q] Need ROM for Honor H30-T00

    Dear xda friends, I need a working rom for this phone with bellow details is anyone has please share.:crying: Device: honor Model: H30-T00 MT6572 (MT6582 is fake!) MTK Droid Tools Detail info: Any help appreciated
  5. ab-samy

    Thread [ROM][S7262][JB 4.1.2][02/06/15][Stock] Roshnaie-ROM V.1.0 [End of Darkness]

    Welcome XDA friends, Roshnaie-ROM is presenting stock based custom rom for Galaxy Star Pro Dous (S7262). * Your warranty is now void. * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, etc.. Features and Details: Android: 4.1.2 Device: logan2g Model: GT-S7262 CSC...
  6. ab-samy

    Thread [ROM][GS2 I9100][LP 5.0.2][18/01/15] Roshnaie-ROM [End of Darkness][BETA]

    Welcome XDA friends, Roshnaie-ROM is back with new source build, cm-12.0 based rom for our (Old is Gold) device (Galaxy S2) * Your warranty is now void. * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, etc.. Features and Details: Device: Galaxy SII Model: GT-i9100 ROM Version...
  7. ab-samy

    Thread [ROM][Nokia XL][4.1.2][14/12/14] Roshnaie-ROM[v1.0]

    Welcome xda friends, i am back with a new custom rom for Nokia XL, i need your help to test and report this rom, we can work together to make rom much stable and good working. * Your warranty is now void. * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, etc.. Features and Details...
  8. ab-samy

    Thread [Q] Making custom rom from nokia XL stock rom

    Hello xda friends someone help me to build custom rom from nokia XL stock firmware ? Nokia XL files: RM1030_V2_1.1.2.20_system.img RM1030_V2_1.1.2.20_preload.img RM1030_V2_1.1.2.20_userdata.img RM1030_V2_1.1.2.20_udisk.bin RM1030_V2_1.1.2.20_fat.bin RM1030_V2_1.1.2.20_cache.img...
  9. ab-samy

    Thread [ROM][CM]Roshnaie-ROM[V.1][JB 4.2.2][July - 2013][AROMA][Available Now]

    Roshanie-ROM V.1 JB 4.2.2 Galaxy SII I9100 Based on CM 10.1 Device: Samsung Galaxy S2 Features Aroma (Installation is fully customizable) All CM 10.1 Feature JDQ39E Rooted BusyBox Deodexed Zipaligned CM kernel Siyah kernel Dorimanx kernel Trebuchet Launcher Nova Launcher Apex Launcher Motorola...
  10. ab-samy

    Thread [How to] Merge current and ongoing notification [JB]

    Hi xda friends today i want to share a simple guide with you (How to merge ongoing and current notification) if you find any guide like this plz inform me. Requirements: - ApkMultiTools (search around xda and thanks tool developers) - Notpad ++ (better for opening xml files) OK let's start: -...
  11. ab-samy

    Thread [ROM][JB 4.1.2][30/07/13] Roshnaie-ROM V.4 [End of Darkness][i9100XWLSW][Aroma]

    Welcome to Roshnaie-ROM :):):):):):):):):):):):) ROSHNAIE-ROM V.4 with Aroma (Full Customizable) Device: Sumsung Galaxy S2 Model: GT-I9100 ROM Name: JZO54K.I9100XWLSW CSC Version: I91000XEULS5 Rooted BusyBox Deodexed Zipaligned ------------------------ MOD ------------------------- - Blue...