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    Post Android 11 Release - Finally!

    stemless upgrade from 10.3.8? whatever the last update version was
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    Post Android 11 Release - Finally!

    I'm on Verizon with the unlocked version I got from OnePlus. not sure what bugs there are as I'm not having any issues with connectivity etc
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    Post Android 11 Release - Finally!

    the same as any other update, download and install manually with no reboot. go to Magisk and install twrp retention script with no reboot, then update Magisk and reboot
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    Post Android 11 Release - Finally!

    not sure why so many people are having issues, Android 11 is working perfectly for me. Came from latest 10 update with XXX and RICE, disabled those and took the update, kept Root and TWRP
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    Post Question Who will buy a OP9pro and why?

    curve is not as steep as the OP7Pro
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    Post Standby drain

    10.3.2 is even worse! Must be trying to force us to get the 8
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    Post [KERNEL][GPU OC] SmurfKernel 3.5.5 [OOS 10/CUSTOM UNIFIED][4.14.183]

    Had to install 3 or 4 times with magisk in between, now it works. Weird
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    Post [KERNEL][GPU OC] SmurfKernel 3.5.5 [OOS 10/CUSTOM UNIFIED][4.14.183]

    So where is this config file located? and please don't say sdcard/SmurfKernel. that folder doesn't exist. and no search helps. the app does nothing with no config file
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    Post [Magisk ROM] xXx NoLimits [OP7pro] ☆ Speed/RAM optimized ☆ [OOS/H2OS v10]

    I also took 2 phone calls and no one answers back. Weird
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    Post [Magisk ROM] xXx NoLimits [OP7pro] ☆ Speed/RAM optimized ☆ [OOS/H2OS v10]

    AOD doesn't cut off completely. If double tapping screen or double tapping power for camera, the AOD screen still comes up
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    Post Photo quality

    not as good imo
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    Post Wifi keeps turning on automatically

    It is confirmed to do it in Pie also. And on my new phone
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    Post Are you happy with Android 10 on this phone?

    to me, Android 10 has been the worst update on the Pixel 3 XL.
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    Post Pixel 4 Astrophotography working NOW.

    I deleted cache and data and uninstalled, rebooted phone then went to recovery and wiped cache there as well then reinstalled app. version 7.2
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    Post Photo quality

    I'm just not seeing any photo quality gain against my pixel 3 xl, took so many photos and even night sight and Astro mode. Can't justify the price for so little gain. And I do mean so little. Also the lack of fingerprint scanner just left a sour taste in my mouth, amoung other missing features...
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    Post Pixel 4 Astrophotography working NOW.

    yes, wipe and reinstall worked. Thanks
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    Post Pixel 4 Astrophotography working NOW.

    doesn't work on mine. latest 7.1
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    Post I invite you to boycott Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL

    keeping my swappa NEW P 3xl for $480. The price it should have been last year. I'll be skipping the pixel 4, there are better phones out there
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    Post Good going Asus

    ATT and TMobile just don't enjoy a very good coverage map. Nowhere I've traveled anyway, hopefully it will get better though. I'm on Straight Talk ATT and it's abysmal
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    Thread Good going Asus

    no Verizon support. bye bye....
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    Post Best battery (SOT) with stock kernel?

    just hit 50% battery and I'm at over 6 hours screen on time
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    Post [Discussion] 7 Pro - Features it's missing and why they don't matter

    missing fm radio/headphone jack. yes lots of people still love radio... and it's free! notification led. could have included it. a macro lens instead of telephoto. besides it's not very good, nor is it 3x. a red color. like the blue, that would have been badass! LOVE the popup camera. no...
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    Post Overall speed

    by far, fastest and smoothest phone ever
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    Post "Look" of the device (aesthetics)

    best looking and feeling phone I have held to date. Bar none.
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    Post Oneplus 7 Pro cases (links)

    what's wrong with the included case?
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    Post 7PRO and netflix not working!

    delete, reboot and install from play store.
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    Post [RECOVERY][3.4.0-10][U][guacamole]Official/Unofficial TWRP recovery for OnePlus 7 Pro

    the GM1917 is International version? Maybe why I can't it working in the U.S. ! damn
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    Post Disadvantages of the ONE PLUS 7 PRO. Convince me. My review. Convinced? :)

    I find the phone is not large ENOUGH! Weight is perfect! people must be weak and using the change pocket on their pants for their phones lol
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    Post Real Always On Display

    I don't run Bluetooth, WiFi unless I need it. just full hd 90hz on the screen and texting/browsing all day. Some clash of clans and a few videos. That's pretty much it. nothing special to save battery.
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    Post Real Always On Display

    I got 7 hrs 45 minutes SOT yesterday. Not bad! also have that app, can' t get it to work no matter what.
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    Thread Hotspot connects but no internet on other device

    Anyone else experience this? I'm using Straight Talk/Verizon SIM. Trying to connect an S7 to setup as backup phone, cannot get any internet etc. Works fine when on home wifi. Do I need to root and edit my buildprop? Straight Talk allows tethering
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    Post Disadvantages of the ONE PLUS 7 PRO. Convince me. My review. Convinced? :)

    no text on StraightTalk/Verizon, camera sucks, phone randomly locks up/won't boot, touch to screen on stopped working, so much wrong with this phone to just have a notchless AWESOME screen and decent dual speakers. Battery life is good also, consistently get 7-8 hours SOT. She is going back, I...
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    Thread Wifi keeps turning on automatically

    okay fellas, I'm at my Wit's end about this and I really don't like this about Android pie but my Wi-Fi for some reason keeps turning on when I have EVERYTHING turned off! I have Wi-Fi said not to turn on automatically, I have location services turned off I just don't know what to do at this...
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    Post Photo quality

    they didn't look bad to me, but perhaps you got a bad camera? I've seen some amazing photos from this phone already. mine arrives today, I'll be starting with my camera and post results!
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    Post Photo quality

    dude, you need to get out of your car and take some pictures in the sunlight that's a horrible setting for a photo. everyone else pictures seem really good, yeah I remember when I first got my pixel 2 the pictures were freaking horrible
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    Post Battery Meter Overlay

    kinda wonky
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    Post Cases ugh!

    just ordered my Unicorn Beetle from Amazon. THE perfect case! *edit* Just arrived, and my expectations are as always....The best case PERIOD! Otterbox can't touch it, AND it's cheaper! If you don't like the built in screen protector, it can be removed. Even comes with the belt clip! Not...
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    Post Moto G7 root and TWRP

    cool beans, unlocked bootloader and just flashed twrp and magisk. Profit! everything passed safetynet. Didn't need to patch anything
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    Post g7 debloat - what methods work

    whats wrong with using like Titanium Backup? freeze and test for a few days, then just delete them?
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    Post TWRP 3.2.1

    is there a reason why this phone won't flash TWRP or ROMS directly from TWRP?
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    Post [STOCK][ALI]Firmware Moto G6

    I had to try mine 2-3 times then it said eligible. Won't hurt to try
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    Post Glass back is too fragile.

    case? seems to keep mine in one piece lol
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    Post Moto G6 (Ali) Android 9.0 First Soak Test OTA

    I also could not figure out the twrp encryption riddle. Either stay with oreo or wait to see what happens after pie drops
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    Post Adhell 3.1 Assistance

    anyone that gets a knox key, make sure you are copying the entire key. I was just typing it into my phone and left off the last 10 digits of the key. it's a 30 digit number
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    Post [9.0.0-R30]-SiXROM-R3Ds-[OTA-UPDATES-WALLEYE]-[01-14-19]

    I could receive calls with the stock dialler but couldn't see the ongoing call to hang up or whatever else. Had to download Google dialer and delete stock with Titanium Backup. And darn it, a new build and I just sold my phone. Going back to my Nexus 6 with your last Nephilim ROM!
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    Post MOD by cstark27 Pixel3 Camera V9.1 "New All unlocked" Update: cstark27, 2018-12-23

    I think the play store version has night vision now
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    Post [9.0.0-R30]-SiXROM-R3Ds-[OTA-UPDATES-WALLEYE]-[01-14-19]

    finally got around to a clean flash, still had an issue with the stock dialler. Going back to Google dialer, oh well :)