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    Thread (how-to unbrick your realme device) fastboot needed fix inside.

    I Went totally nuts last night when i bricked my phone so i did figure out my self how to unblock the phone. First you need to BE ABLE TO ENTER FASTBOOT it won't work without it and you need working TWRP. First you need to go to TWRP and go to mount and unmount everything and disable MTP...
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    Thread Bricked Realme X2 Pro (Still have TWRP and Fastboot)

    I was trying to flash the Ozip to restore the stock rom using TWRP and after that boom damaged boot/recovery that msg i still can go inside twrp and the fastboot mode what i did notice is that the file folder name changed to system_root and it was just system bevor is there any fix for it...
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    Thread (REALME) Any Chance to Activate Fingerprint on RealmeX2Pro ?

    Is there any chance to enable fingerprint on the Treble Roms ? Atm i am running that rom on my Phone
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    Thread [HOW-TO] Flash AOSP Android 10 GSI on Realme X2 Pro CN Global IN

    Tutorial How to Flash the Rom My Device: Realme X2 Pro 12 GB Ram CN Edition First Thanks to the People who made that Possible datty phhusson Jerry08 others What will you need for this Tutorial ? ADB / Fastboot (On Mac Windows Etc) Make Sure your Phone is Unlocked and TWRP is Installed...
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    Thread Difference between CN and EU Rom?

    did anyone find any tools to decrypt the firmware and see where is the big difference between CN and EU so we could flash the global to the CN
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    Thread Really Bad Software Issue Please Help!

    Since yesterday when i took a video of mine with the Front Camera inside Instagram , most of the apps like Whatsapp are Freezing The Camera App wont open any kind of videos , images inside Whatsapp wont load properly anymore idk what to do i did already try to delete the videos from last night...
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    Thread Realme X2 Pro x Osmo Mobile 3

    Did Anyone tried it yet ? i was reading only good reviews about it
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    Thread Huawei P20 Pro Bootloader or Root Possible ?

    is there not known any exploit ? which can bypass the Bootloader Issue ? does any one know if there is any service still selling ?
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    Thread Sound Issue ( Cracking , Noise)

    Hey Peeps i really got a bad problem with my sgs2g idk why but my sound keeps crackin and something noise like when i listen to my mp3s over my headphone is this normal ? becouse the crack really sounds bad eq and dsp all turned off problem runs with power amp and normal player. I USE 4.1.1...
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    Thread [Port] Mupen64Plus Armv6 [N64 Emulator] UPDATE 15.9.2011

    Mupen64Plus ARMV6 I Didnt Make That Projekt All Credits Goes to Paul From Ngemu Forumz This is a Pre Alpha Tutorial if u want to change games go to app- folder then into the mupen folder than into roms , then delete mario.n64 but every rom that u got u need to rename it to mario.n64 or it...
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    Thread psfreedom for lg p500 ?

    is there anyway to add this to the clockwork recovery of lgp500 or to amor ra recovery ?
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    Thread [BigProblem] Since p500 repair over lg

    hey people i did send my lg p500 to repair becouse something went wrong the change my mainboard and the ime well done , then i got the 2.2.1 as stock rom good then i did upgrade to Noijins megatron then the problem starts sometimes if i just use power amp and want to go to the facebook app...
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    Thread PSFreedom on LG P500?

    hey can somebody port it it would be nice since i want to downgrade my ps3
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    Thread Anyway to port meizu m9 to optimus one ?

    is there a way to port meizum9 android or the themes from meizu to the optimus one ?...
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    Thread Anyway to Port Meizus Android OS ?

    is there any how to port meizus android to our phone it would be very nice :)
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    Thread HTC Hero Have Flash Why We Dont ?

    hey i saw the htc hero playing flash on adobes website now i want to know why it dosent support my p500 coz the hero is slower as our phone. is there no way we can create our own flash plugin , like the guys have done for the iphone ?
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    Thread anyway to port htcs gingerbread to lgp500

    hey guys alot htc phones got a gingerbread support custom roms and more is there anyway to port the gingerbread from htc to the lgp500 ?
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    Thread Samsung Wave Android Port Any Chances ?

    hey now that the bada zone is finally open i just wanted to know if there is any chance to port android to the wave i mean bada runs on linux so there must be a way. i just want to know it for a friend that hate hes phone now coz of bada haha :D i mean i have lgp500 with droid so i am happy...
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    Thread APP > Boot Animation Installer [P500]

    Just For All Of You That Want to Change The Bootlogo of the p500. You Can Get the software Called Boot Animation Installer via the market for 99 cents. How To Use it > Start it then load the new files then press in the bottom at the blue screen then select the bootscreen you want press...
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    Thread Psfreedom

    Is there any that i can flash on my phone? I did try the one for the g1 but then my phone freeze Sent from my LG-P500 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Anyway To Change LGs Bootimage ?

    hey guys is there anyway to change the lg bootscreen logo. and can u please post some custom android boot images for the p500 :D thx
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    Thread [Q] How to Enable Stagefright on LG P500 ?

    i saw it for the optimus s but not for mine lg 500 any news about that ? Jig and HW already turned on , on my phone