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    Thread Heytell

    I have a problem with heytell, when I try to use it he says to me: "A mistake has arisen on having sent audio to the servant"
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    Thread Force close in widgets

    Hello, when i go to widgets the launcher fc, Why it does it?
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    Thread [Q] vibrating the mobile in recovery

    vibrating the mobile when I enter the recovery, they have some solution?
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    Thread [Q] To increase volume in notifications

    The sound of the notifications is low, they can increase it like, thank you.
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    Thread Calls

    The calls are cut often, it has happened to someone more?
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    Thread loudspeaker

    The loudspeaker of the telephone has stopped sounding, only I can listen to it with the speaker. help.
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    Thread Lcd density

    Hello to all, someone can change as the density to 180 or 200 and that does not make you FC with the calls, thank´s.
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    Thread Help Force close in calls

    Hi, i have many force close in calls, SOS.
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    Thread Lcd Density

    Hello, I have installed in my Streak the application Lcd density and have put the value 200 and it works of marvel, has increased the icons, the text and everything in general. One sees quite now of marvel.