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    Thread Extremely slow and lots of lag

    Hello My wife has this smartphone that never excited me very much (it has several apps that are just bloatware to me). A couple of months ago I did a factory reset because it was going very slow... the situation is back almost like before: slow, a lot of lag, apps freezing... if you have to...
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    Thread Bluetooth "media audio" issue

    Hello I've had a problem with my 5T for several months now and can't find a solution. I have Oxygen 9.0.9, when I connect my 5T to the car radio, the "media audio" stream is always enabled. Even when deselected (before connecting), it remains active. The only way to exclude the stream is to...
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    Thread Miracast + Oreo

    Hi I have a N5x with Oreo 8.0.0 (OPR4.170623.009, Oct 2017). I have added persist.debug.wfd.enable=1 in the build.prop, I have enable "Wireless display", something happen with my miracast dongle but... it will fail and it doesn't works. Any suggestions?
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    Thread GPS ntp server and toggle

    Hi I have a 5x with android 7.1.1 1. I have used FasterGPS for changing the ntp server with Marsmallow and it works fine. Now it can't change the ntp server for a fast fix... what app should I use? Should I change manually the ntp server? 2. Is any way to switch the GPS from "low...
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    Thread [Q] HTC_ime on GingerDx29

    How can I install htc_ime mod on gdx 29? I have tried several zip from the orginal post but none of these works...
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    Thread GingerDX .23 and wifi loockscreen

    Hi I have this little bug with the wifi. On the loock screen i see 1 dot and in the wifi options is 4 dots (my x8 is near to the router)
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    Thread [Q] Menu Key & LauncherPro

    Hi I have gingerdx v 13 on my x8. after some settings changed by myself, i cant use launcherpro with long pressing on menu key. i have changed someting in cyanogen mod>input>long press menu key i cant find launcher pro in the applications list... how can i launch the menu of launcher pro...