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    Thread [SOLVED from FRD-AL00 to FRD-L09] Soft-bricked honor 8 FRD-AL00

    I've an honor 8 FRD-AL00. I've fastboot installed and I'm able to access it. I'm also able to access eRecovery. I've used SRK Tool to change the oeminfo and custom.bin. After trying to install the official L09 I think I bricked my phone. Here are the steps I've done: - Unlock bootloader -...
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    Thread FRD-AL00 without OEM Unlock option?

    Just got a FRD-AL00, whoever there is no OEM Unlock option in the developer menu. What does this means? I'm still waiting for my Huawei codes since I don't have the phone registered to the Huawei ID in more than 14 days. So I don't know if the bootloader unlock will work without that option.
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    Thread [Q] Battery drain, who's the guilty?

    Hi guys, I've a XT1068, does anyone have the same problems with the battery? I was not using my phone where the battery started to drop like that. I charge it, then unplug it and then went to bed. Yes, I've wifi, bluetooth and 2 SIMs with one of them with data always on. See pics attached.
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    Thread What am I supposed to do with this?

    For the record I was an android user a few years ago, switched for an iPhone (not because I wanted) and after a year and a half I'm now Android. So I bought Moto 360 and Moto G 2nd (since nexus 5 is out of stock) . After receiving the package here I was thinking about all the cool stuff I can do...
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    Thread [Q] Stock SE camera (conversations.apk) installed on [ROM] MiniCM7 Pro - V10

    Hey guys, i'm trying to substitute the default sms app from cm7 by the se stock apk because I can't send more than 60 characters with accents and that stuff. I was able to install after modifying some files from the paul-xxx roms but still doesn't work "The application Messaging (process...
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    Thread Roms review 99% done =)

    [ROM] Cyanogen Froyo CM6-Latest (based on MiniCM) - v6.01 - created by slade87 I didn’t have any problems with this ROM, slade87 tried to take out the Sony’s stuff and it works. The camera app it’s different from the other ones (I couldn’t figure it out but I think it’s the default android app?)...
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    Thread SOLVED [Q] Phone doesn't vibrate when receive a SMS

    Hey guys, weired question... My x10 MP doesn't vibrate when I receive a SMS. Yes, I know there is an option in the SMS app that enables the vibration, it's on :( Also, is it possible to receive a notification of a new SMS without showing the first 50 letters of the SMS on the notification bar?
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    Thread [Q] [REQUEST] Using google to write text messages

    Is possible create something that uses google gesture to write messages?! Or maybe the google voice? Tks