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    Thread Screen Freeze K33a42 (Resolved)

    Device Lenovo k6 power k33a42 running stock 7.0 last stock build. Issue Device would work fine as long as I am on lockscreen, I can put password type every thing, but the moment I enter the correct password and start using it, it would freeze on the homescreen, I would lock and unlock again by...
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    Thread Wechat crazy security hack titanium backup [Root]

    Well, wechat has always been a problem for me since I change ROM, device many times, sometimes even with a clean flash of the same ROM, or just a reset. I always have a nandroid backup and a titanium backup, unless I am faced with a bootloop issue and lose system partition. ( I still recover my...
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    Thread Sony Music App(Unlocked)

    Sony Music App version 9.3.11 (with Walkman Logo) That you can install like any other Normal app for any device running Android 4.2 and above. Root or No Root. I have just made only one change that is removing the restrictions for compatible devices and unlocked it for all devices, there...
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    Thread [Root][Cwm Recovery] Zen Ultrafone u303 3G

    For Rooting the device use kingoroot app either from pc or device. follow the app instruction. once rooted, you should take a backup using SP flash tools Refer to this guide for a detailed instructions for taking a backup. Now installing cwm recovery using fastboot method 1. you must have...
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    Thread ROM Reviews By XDA Members

    The Development on Samsung Tab 2 has been EPIC, all thanks to our dedicated developers specially Android-Andi CCD Markox89, we have so many Roms till date that it's really a hard time for anyone to go through all of them to check which one will suit a users need. General Guide for Choosing...
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    Thread [Index] Recoveries, Kernels ROMs for S duos gt-s7562

    How to flash a Custom Recovery from PC or Laptop using ODIN Instructions 1. Download Samsung USB drivers[skip if your device gets detected and drivers are installed] 2. Download Odin 3.07 3. Run Odin as administrator 4. Connect your device with a USB cable 5. Browse PDA and select custom...
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    Thread [SUPERGUIDE][P51xxP31xx] Installation Troubleshoot Guide

    The SUPER Custom Rom Guide and Troubleshoot Dealing with most of the trouble making bugs and useful insight into cornering them like a rat 1. Tab is Stuck on Charging Screen. Tab is not turning On, battery completely depleted/Not charging, Nothing is Working 2. Stuck On Samsung Logo Screen. 3...
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    Thread [ROM][S7562] CM 10.1 and 10.2

    CyanogenMod (CM 10.1) Android 4.2.x & CyanogenMod (CM10.2) Android 4.3.x Note: This is build from source for the device s7560 jellybean Rom, this is the same rom that also works on s7562 device, which is, same as our device in everything except it's a single sim phone. I tested them on my...
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    Thread [Discussion] An alternative for Tab 2 emmc bug & brick backup

    Well, I have been going through many tab owner problems on this forum who have tried everything on the book to get their tab back running. this experimental process is only for those people who have no option left than to throw away their tab as a dead glorious paperweight or play with it as a...
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    [P51xx]13.0-12.1 DOLBY SOUND + DOLBY SOUND PLUS + VIPER4ANDROID + SONY WALKMAN & MORE This is Not a Complete Rom thread, rather it's an addition for your P51xx Lollipop based roms running cm12.1, Omnirom, SlimLP, Candy5 and other 5.1.1 Rom. (Except Stock) For CM13.0 and more updates Head over...
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    Thread [Mods] [Theme] [Bootanimation Collections] & More [GT-s7562]

    Collection of Bootanimations NEW and Updated Regularly Bootanimation converter from qmg format to zip format for s7562 Themed-Modded SystemUI for stock Rom s7562 Screenshot FACE LOCK MOD Screenshots Requirement 1. any device running 4.0.4 without facial recognition lock system 2. cwm...
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    Thread [Troubleshoot] PIT FILE Bootloader CSC Modem, firmware and Debrick Image for s7562

    I am not responsible for any damages that happen by using this guide to you or your mobile or your pc. this guide is only meant for samsung s dous gt-s7562 which might had been bricked and have no other option to get it back, can try this guide to bring it back to life or return to a factory...
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