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    Post Chromecast with Google TV ad blocking

    I have a raspberry pi with AdGuardHome and it works on apps, but not on YouTube since they're served from the same domain. Casting from phone to TV will show up ads no matter what. So the best alternative is to use smarttubenext, which is great and updated frequently. I wouldn't root it even...
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    Post ADB Magisk Module Mod Installer

    Thanks for updating! Keep it up man i can't live without invisible power button haha!
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    Post ADB Magisk Module Mod Installer

    standard base + invisible power button working well thanks a lot
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    Post [UPDATE/KEEP ROOT GUIDE] MAR 2021 (RQ2A.210305.006) "CORAL" Magisk/Stock Boot Images

    Booted my old ssd with windows 10 just to update from feb to march. Everything fine so far using your files (y) no idea whats wrong with my new Windows ssd tho lol
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    Post [KERNEL][11.0.0] Sultan Kernel [May 6, 2021]

    You have to flash stock boot image
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    Post [UPDATE/KEEP ROOT GUIDE] FEB 2021 (RQ1A.210205.004) "CORAL" Magisk/Stock Boot Images

    this method no longer works after i use a new windows installation. All seems normal except phone gets stuck in "Phone is starting" and i have to format userdata for it to work again. It was working previously and i use the same magisk modules. Ill try from ubuntu next month Maybe someone...
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    Post ADB Magisk Module Mod Installer

    Great! Time to update! Thanks a lot
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    Post ADB Magisk Module Mod Installer

    Hello. Is this updated for Nov build?
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    Post after root no face unlock

    same here bro 1) execute the flash-all script without the -w option and set the face data 2)reboot to bootloader and fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img 3) profit. all is working again
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    Post ANdroid 11 + Bubbles + Whatsapp

    Hopefully they upgrade their app for 2021. Telegram already has it btw
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    Post "ctsProfile: false" in Magisk Manager after August update

    It's hardware based so nothing you can do about it
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    Post Root or Not Root that's the question

    Again. If you are going to use a limited system why choose android over iOS? I don't understand your reply:confused:
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    Post Root or Not Root that's the question

    Why choose android if you are going to use a limited system? If i could live without root i would just go iPhone way
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    Post [Kernel][09.06.2021][4.14.235][A11/A12 BETA 1] Kirisakura 7.4.4 for Pixel 4/XL aka FLORAL

    Kernel module backend v1.0.20200623 Included in July is not working properly. Just so you know, i just disabled it and using it in normal mode until next month Tested with multiple devices and kernels
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    Post [Guide] Update and Retain Root

    It's not edxposed related. My CTS profile fails since some days ago and i don't use xposed
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    Post Kernel/mod for 60/90hz control

    Use a kernel with cleanslate goods like fsociety, kirisakura or cleanslate kernel itself. All of them can be configured for it
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    Post Android 11 Beta 1 (Jun 2020) For pixel 4 XL patched with latest magisk canary You need to wipe all your data. I had to flash the image with -w twice because face unlock wasn't working so i had to go to stock recovery and wipe from there...
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    Post Android 11 Beta 1 (Jun 2020)

    For Android 11 dp and beta yes
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    Post Android 11 Beta 1 (Jun 2020)

    Yes just patch the boot image with the canary magisk and flash it via fastboot. Google Pay seems hard, im with latest magisk manager. Enabled the following packages in magisk hide. Safety net is ok And the database patched with sqlite3 but still i cant add cards
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    Post ADB Magisk Module Mod Installer

    June update working great. At least invisible power button and active edge
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    Post Best overall kernel for Pixel4/XL

    Same here, that's why i currently use stock. I agree with ex, it's probably the best one after stock one (No micro lags)
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    Post Root, EDXPOSED & Custom Recovery

    If you don't want safety net surprises don't use exposed, it's red more than times than it's green
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    Post [KERNEL] [September 8] Pixel 4 ElementalX 2.04 (Android 11)

    Hey, i was about to try the motion sense gestures but I can't unlock it as shown in screenshot. Any workaround? Looks really promising
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    Post Issue when reverting back to Apr factory image from Android 11 DP3

    I didn't have any problem going back from dp3 to April. Maybe you didn't flash the full rom?
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    Post Easiest Way to Return to Stock Kernel? (Retain Magisk)

    Flash boot and dtbo too just to avoid potential issues
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    Post ADB Magisk Module Mod Installer

    Still working well in April update
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    Post Get Google Pixel 4XL case for free [ad]

    I wouldn't use this even if they paid me
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    Post ADB Magisk Module Mod Installer

    This module works wonders! White and dark theme shows the date and the carrier label:laugh: What's causing this behaviour within the ADB mod installer? Or how can i generate it with it in the future? Thanks a lot Tulsadiver
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    Post ADB Magisk Module Mod Installer

    Thanks a lot for this! Really appreciate it. Btw is there any invisible power button mod available? I think i read it in XDA but I can't find it and flar2 gestures from custom kernels will cause phone not do deep sleep Edit: it was here! Truly awesome Edit2: Tulsadiver I have tried some...
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    Post Paranoid Android Pie Beta - Xiaomi MI 9

    No, android 9 is better. Next version will be so good android 6.7 :cowboy:
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    Post [APP][MOD][4.4+] Instagram without ads and annoyances

    Did anyone have problems with instaXtreme? I mean, blocked account
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    Post Amazfit GTR and MI FIT APP

    Thanks, working fine here too! Using Mi9
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    Post Why the love for the Xiaomi Charger? Did I miss something

    Charging at 4600 mAh is nice
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    Post [ROM][9.0][Xiaomi Mi 9][UNOFFICIAL]Pixel Experience [AOSP[2019/09/27]

    Urnyx gcam. Xtreme one also can use all lenses
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    Post Unlocking bootloader immediately

    Alek Dev can OC miflash tool so you can unlock it instantly... 50€ or pocophone screen per unlock! Seems fair but i don't know him, is he a respectable developer? I don't know how to contact him i just read it on the internet
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    Post GSI roms

    I installed aosip GSI today and im amazed, i thought it was going to be a mess but everything is working fine, i have LTE, receive calls, sms, GPS, Bluetooth, fingerprint, ambient display...
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    Post [APP][MOD][4.4+] Instagram without ads and annoyances

    Thanks a lot for this, been waiting for something like this since long ago. Also very good explanation...
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    Post Why is Mi 9 Support from Devs is very poor?

    It took almost 7 months for custom roms to be usable on OnePlus 6 Just chill
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    Post Unlocking bootloader immediately

    i unlocked my mi 9 before waiting 360h, i dont know why.... only****** waited 13 days
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    Post Instructions for installing CarbonROM for Oneplus 6?

    Where can i find blue star twrp?
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    Post [Reviews] [Feedback] Comparison of the different CUSTOM ROMs (features, exp, bugs)

    Three branches right now: Urnyx05 4.4 Arnova 1.4.032219 Xtreme 20...
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    Post [Reviews] [Feedback] Comparison of the different CUSTOM ROMs (features, exp, bugs)

    AEX introduced a good notch hider (The same as POSP is using), added it to the table as well as a bug